Chapter 1

Jeff was freaking out. He went over to see if Hillary Hershwin, Carl’s wife, knew anything about this. He knocked on their front door.

“Hi, Mrs. Hershwin. Is Carl okay?”

“Jeffrey, dear, you know I’m not married. My name is Ms. Violatta. Is there a problem here?”

“No, ma’am. It’s just that-”

“Do I need to call a mental facility, Jeffrey?”

“No! Sorry!” he said as he walked away. From what he could tell, Hillary never went into the living room. To make sure he actually wasn’t losing it, he called up Karmi.

“Jeffrey, this better be good. You’re interrupting my-”

“Where’s your dad?”

“Honey, I hope you remembered that I was adopted and I never met my birth father. Is this some kind of trick?”

“No! I went fishing with Steven just last week!” Jeff went to Photos, only to find no pictures of any male over 18. 

“I don’t know any Stevens, Jeff. Are you feeling okay? Should I call 911!?”

“No! I’m not losing it!” argued Jeff, as he hung up. Was he actually losing his mind? He then felt a strong vibration reverberate throughout town. Allentown wasn’t close to any fault lines, and it didn’t really even feel like an earthquake. Jeff then noticed his father and Carl robotically walking and exiting their houses.

“Dad!” he screamed, but Ash didn’t respond. Both men were walking in the same direction, so Jeff decided to follow them to see if any of this could be explained. He watched in pure horror as all of his neighbors and friends exited their homes as well, all with the same bright white light in their eyes. Some were naked, while others, like Ash and Carl, were fully dressed. The main path the men were taking was leading them out of town to the farm section of the highway, which went on for miles and miles. 

During the walk, Jeff noticed a gradual shift in the men’s facial expressions. They were all originally slack-jawed, but some began to have a more goofy look on their face, like they had been hit with some sort of dumb ray or something. He watched as his own father slowly succumbed to the ray as well. Jeff was keeping tabs on the first man he saw afflicted with this. After about an hour, his expression changed from dumb to vacant. The irises looked down, and he began to drool, like in a cartoon. Jeff was freaked out. Were all the men going to experience this?

To his horror, he was right. All the men eventually had a vacant look on their face, including his own father. His group crested a hill when Jeff saw a very peculiar sight. An IRL flying saucer was just sitting in a corn field. He took out his phone to snap photos, but the signal was scrambled. He quickly began to move through the group, to get closer to the front. Once he was, he quickly moved over into the corn, and walked through it until he was at the flying saucer. The doors then made a hissing noise, and it lowered to the ground. At first, Jeff was afraid they found him, but he saw the beginning of the group starting to walk through the downed corn stalks. Jeff then watched as two beings got out of the spaceship. They looked remarkably human, if it wasn’t for their deep purple hue. From what Jeff could tell, they even had human-like genitalia! One of the beings obscured his view, so he moved to be directly in front of the ship’s opening. What he saw shocked him. Rows upon rows of humans in stasis, with large signs marking exactly where they had been gotten from. He saw Allentown’s containers being rolled to the front.  

Eye edit done by the Spiral Master

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