Guest Request #5Wa finally had a request that was not hands-on. Trevor was excited to finally put the expensive terraforming software to use for a paying guest. Guests watched as part of the landscape transformed into a gym, with a large wrestling arena located on the ground level. The cameras went through the walls and focused on the next two celebs of Wa’s fantasies: Ryan Kerrigan and JJ Watt. Both of them were clad in extremely tight spandex briefs. There was absolutely no question on the size of either man’s genitals. Ryan was in a red pair, while JJ had the blue. Of course, the two were going to wrestle. It was Greco-Roman style, but there was an interesting twist involved. Nobody, not even Trevor, knew who was going to win. The jocks’ brains had been filled with Greco-Roman wrestling knowledge, but they had to put it to use. Trevor was excited, as this meant a spike in live-viewing, and on a more calculated business side, it meant the “free will to a specific extent” module would be tested for the first time. JJ was the one kneeling down first. Ryan got on top of him, as he should, and a bell noise, issued from some speakers, sounded. Ryan immediately rolled JJ over, but JJ’s muscle advantage meant he was able to escape the hold and get up. The two circled each other, waiting for a time to strike. Ryan made his move, focusing on disrupting JJ’s equilibrium. JJ was a bit heavy, but Greco-Roman wrestling forbade anything below the waist. So, he went for just above the groin, which caused JJ to keel over in pain. Ryan naturally took advantage of that, and was able to pin him. The pills the celebs ate meant JJ wasn’t in true pain, but the pain module was very realistic, Wa noted. After a quick water break, it was Ryan’s turn to be on the bottom first. The same thing happened at the beginning, only it took Ryan a bit more effort to escape JJ’s hold. JJ had adapted to Ryan’s tactics, and so his stance was adjusted so that his chest was not as much of a target as before. There was no timer in this match, so JJ decided it would be best just to wear Ryan out. A series of quick attacks followed by a long break tired Ryan out quite a bit, to the point where one of the easy attacks made him crumble to the ground. This was the opportunity JJ was hoping for all along. He, of course, pinned him, and the match was all tied up. It was a nail biter, for sure, and Trevor saw a large spike in viewership for the third and final match. It was once again JJ’s turn on the bottom, and the same thing happened as in the first match. However, each jock knew they needed to win this, unless they wanted to face the consequences of losing. JJ was hoping to tire Ryan out again. He was refreshed quite quickly, and could feasibly do it again. Ryan, on the other hand, was looking for a different way out. He thought about other weak points on JJ’s body. His stance meant most of his body was protected, but not his neck. The neck was the highest you could go in Greco-Roman wrestling, so Ryan used his lower weight to his advantage and ran straight-on into JJ, clasping his hands around his neck. He didn’t want to break JJ’s neck, so he quickly moved his hands down JJ’s back, and transferred some of his running momentum into flipping JJ over. JJ was pinned for the second time, so he lost. Wa had something special in mind for the winner, but something equally good in mind for the loser. JJ was to be Ryan’s slave until bedtime. The two jocks had special permission to roam the normie part of Celebworld freely. JJ’s most frequent humiliation throughout the day was as an urinal. Countless people pissed on or in him, and he visibly had turned more yellow when he arrived in the celebrity village later that night. Ryan also alternated between fucking him and getting his dick sucked, for all the public to see. JJ had a lot of strangers’ dick touch his body in some way that day. Of special note was a visitor who used to work for the Texans. He took maniacal pleasure as he forced the slave to suck him off, which had always been a fantasy of his. JJ was also forced to wear his extremely tight pair of briefs, but in actuality, they were almost never on. After eating off of him for dinner, Ryan left JJ, as workers escorted him back to the celebrity village. As the winner, Ryan had to spent more time with Wa, doing whatever he pleased. “Hello, Wa. I am finished with my humiliation task. What shall I do next?”“Go lie on the bed and get your ass up in the air.”“As you wish, sir.” Ryan assumed the position as Wa lubed up his dick. Without warning, he shoved his cock into Ryan’s hole, making a loud “plop” noise. Ryan’s pain module was turned off, per Wa’s request, so he had a stoic look on his face as his ass was ravaged. Wa did not hold back, with the sound of balls hitting flesh happening every few seconds or so. He eventually commanded Ryan to respond naturally, but with no vocalization, so Ryan helped to thrust his ass up and down. The smell of sex quickly overtook the room, and it was only exacerbated when Wa came. He had hoped to pull out, but the ejaculation came very quickly.While he was waiting for his refractory period to finish, he stuck a finger up Ryan’s creamy hole, and extracted some of his cum. “Eat it,” he commanded, and Ryan did so, with no hesitation. He tasted the bitterness of the cum and the particles in his ass his daily enema didn’t clear out. To a normal person, the taste would have made them heave, but Ryan was programmed to have no other reactions. Wa did it again, but by the third time, he was starting to get hard again.“Suck it,” he commanded, and Ryan obliged. Wa’s cock tasted of his pre-cum, and some caked on cum that had been stuck on since he had pulled out. The taste, combined with the sensation of skin, was pleasurable to some, including Ryan. He expertly sucked Wa off, making great use of his tongue. Wa moaned in carnal pleasure as the bottom of his head was licked, and then smiled, noting that his pleasure center must be in their database. Ryan went all the way down to the balls. His mouth wasn’t large enough to fit everything, but his tongue was long enough to give Wa another carnal moan sensation. Eventually, Wa came, holding it off as long as he could. This time, he was prepared to pull out, and nearly covered Ryan’s face with his cum. It had covered his eyes, so Wa was nice enough to clean that part off, before forcing Ryan to eat it. He then sent Ryan home looking like that, making sure both jocks suffered humiliation today, just in two wildly different manners.This is request 5 by the same Anonymous person. I have three more requests from them to fulfill, and then I will continue going down my list.

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