Brainpower, Ch. 3

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Jeff watched helplessly as the long line of men entered on to the ship. From what he could tell, these aliens spoke English somehow, but must have had a translator device somewhere, as Mr. Jésus Alcardí understood their instructions to step into a pod, even though he only spoke Spanish. Jeff saw his father be indoctrinated, and he decided then that he had to do something to fix this. So, he decided to sneak on board the ship. 

He pondered many different ways to do so, but the plan he felt most confident with involved a distraction. He took out his phone and put it into camera mode. That surprisingly still worked, but Jeff wasn’t planning on looking at the screen for a while. He put the timer on for a burst photo, and made sure his shutter volume was up all the way. And then he ran. The men were already making loud noises stepping on the downed corn, so the aliens weren’t distracted by that. They were, however, by the loud, obnoxious, repetitive noise. The two guards went to investigate, and Jeff snuck on to the ship.

Thankfully, the alien doing the “admitting” was very focused on their job, so Jeff was able to slip by them, unattended. He was going to hide out in the Freedville section, but an alarm suddenly sounded.


Jeff freaked the fuck out. A red dot suddenly appeared on his shirt, and it moved with him. He began sprinting to the exit, but saw the last male entering and the door closing behind him. The admitting alien saw him, and detained him. They sent out a psychic message that forced Jeff to sit until he was freed. This meant he was stuck like this until he went before the aliens’ ruler, King Corianiolaus. The name was emblazoned above the doorway in every language imaginable, including one that appeared to be the aliens’ native one.

“Ah, so this is the intruder,” said the king, in perfect English.

“I was only trying to save my dad!” pleaded Jeff.

“Do you think we care about one puny human? We feed off of REM sleep.”

“Excuse me, what now?”

“We are what you humans call psionically enabled. Telekinesis of the mind, in simpler terms. One unfortunate side effect, though, is the rest of the brain reverts back to a rudimentary state, due to the information the brain stores while in REM sleep.”

“That still doesn’t make any sense. W-”

“We use thoughts to power our machines. REM sleep is where thoughts are most prevalent.”


“So, what to do with you? We’ve never had a human prisoner before.”

“Can I make a deal? I’ll help you to understand humans more, and you can spare my life.”

“That is not a bad idea,” pondered Corianiolaus. “This human has a point. His insight will be invaluable.”

“Thank you, sir. I will not let you down.”

“Is that an Earthen saying? I do not understand it.”

“It means I will do my best.” Jeff realized a lot of this would be happening in the near future. He would also be safe for the near future. He was determined to find a way to save his father. It would be very difficult, however. Once a pod was sealed, it remained that way it was randomly selected to run tests on. Tampering with the selection would mean he would become a mindless male robot as well. 

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