Guest Fantasy #6Wa was excited for his next fantasy to be fulfilled. The land was already terraformed into one large room, with various props also materialized as well. He noticed a box by the door, and he assumed that contained his outfit for this fantasy. He was correct when he opened it up to reveal a football uniform. He put it on, and it was the just the right amount of tight on his body. He made his way to the teleporter. Trevor, being obscenely rich, created a transporter to transport guests to their terraformed location, as to not wear out the land that directly connected to the hotel district. Wa materialized in the room where all six football jocks stood, nude, waiting for Wa’s command. He first went over to JJ. He commanded him to flex and pose while worshipping himself at the same time. Wa was transfixed at the sight of the muscle-bound hunk posing while simultaneously rubbing his muscles. Wa snaked his cock out of his uniform and began wanking. He commanded JJ to do the same. He came first, but that was only because JJ sometimes worshipped himself with both hands, instead of masturbating. Wa then ordered him to lick all the cum up. The floor was very clean, as per Wa’s instructions, so it wasn’t really a health hazard for JJ to do so. Next up was Luke. Wa commanded Luke to lie on his back on the floor. Wa then pissed all over him. He coated Luke’s body in a shiny layer of his piss. He then told Luke to get on his knees. Once he did so, Wa aimed a stream right into his mouth, which was actually one of his longest of the session. To add more insult to injury, Luke was then forced to suck Wa off. The sensation was pretty awkward, but Wa thought there can’t be pleasure without some pain, and so enjoyed his cock servicing to the best of his ability. Once he had finally cum, he moved on.The third jock was Ryan, and Wa had a special treat in store for him. Wa would be sucking him off, but also edging him. He started by lubing up Ryan’s cock with his spit, and even got the balls involved. After he made sure it was adequately lubed, he started to go to town on it. His cock expertly maneuvered around to create a highly pleasurable experience for Ryan. However, when Wa sensed Ryan was about to cum, he quickly pulled his head away. Ryan watched as his cock slowly became flaccid again. Once it was, Wa went back, and continuing to edge the jock until a whole hour passed. Ryan was on the verge of cumming about eight times during the hour. The next jock victim was Jake. Wa lugged over a box located near one of the walls, which contained BDSM gear. Jake was forced to wear a chastity cage and a butt plug. He also had on a ball gag and nipple clamps. Wa then brought out a feather, and began to tickle Jake’s feet. He also held on to Jake’s nipple clamps, so Jake couldn’t move without being in searing pain. His laughter quickly turned to crying as he forced himself to be as still as possible. Wa finished tickling him only a few minutes later, but he wasn’t done with him. His butt plug was replaced with a tail, and his ball gag with a horse-riding apparatus. Jake was forced to carry him to the next two jocks, in humiliating fashion.Jake brought him over to see Jimmy next. He brought over a chair also located by the wall, and sat down on it. He then motioned for Jimmy to lay face-down across him, as he positioned him to get ready to be spanked. Once they were ready, Wa spanked Jimmy’s ass as hard as he could. Jimmy yelped in pain, but Wa didn’t stop. Trevor was monitoring Jimmy’s health to make sure nothing bad would happen to him. Wa eventually stopped when Jimmy’s ass was beet red. He then called JJ over, and ordered him to fuck Jimmy, intensely. Trevor paid extra attention as JJ’s dick and balls consistently slapped Jimmy’s red ass. He made it through all right, if a bit sore. Jake then took Wa to the final jock, Trevor. He was having a hard time deciding exactly what to do with Trevor, so he thought, why not do it all! He commanded Trevor to flex and pose while masturbating at the same time. He was quicker than JJ, but not by much. Wa then pissed all over Trevor, in a greater quantity then he did Luke. Trevor was visibly coated in a layer of piss as he sucked off Wa. He was then forced to endure an edging by Wa. His was even more intense, as Wa waited until the very last second to pull away. Trevor had six ruined orgasms by the end of the hour. While Trevor couldn’t do horse play, he did have to wear everything else, including the ball gag. Finally, he was spanked to the same degree Jimmy was. Wa would have liked to push the limits here as well, but it was a health issue. He left a completely used Trevor standing there as Wa walked back to the transporter.

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