Brainpower, Ch. 4

Chapters: 1, 2, 3

Jeff was called in for his first meeting with Corianiolaus, to discuss what to do with the human males. They were reaching the aliens’ home planet of Bhfuboveugorir. Jeff decided to call it Bef, for short. Corianiolaus explained to Jeff that Bef’s atmosphere caused the human males to reawaken from their trance-like sleep. However, since they had almost no memories or thoughts of their own, adapting to a new planet was going to be even tougher.

“This seems like a fucking weird thing to ask, but have any of you tried engaging in coitus, to see if your biologies are compatible?” Jeff asked, thanking his viewing of the Big Bang Theory for the more scientific term.

“We have. Human males do not seem to have the same internal organs as some members of our species do.”

“Are you guys hermaphrodites?”

“To an extent. We have what you would call your male genitalia, but some of us aliens also have an reproductive system in what you would call your anus. No Earthen male has that.”

“That is very true. So, I brought that up, as some men would be highly suitable for prostitution, or something similar to that.”

“Oh, you mean when we stick our genitals into random strangers for fleeting pleasure?”

“Yes,” replied Jeff, with an awed tone of how he simplified such a complex thing into basic tenets. “Some men have attractive qualities on Earth, but I want to know if they are similar in your species.”

“Very well then.” Cor rattled off a list of attributes his species found attractive in a mate, most of the time. It was pretty much exactly the same as in humans, but with a human-like external appearance, Jeff wasn’t too surprised by the similarities. He and Cor went for a walk, where they made a mental note of who would be good for this line of work.

This person above was one just of the many the two males decided would be a good fit. Jeff made sure that Ash was not chosen to be one of them. This left a hodgepodge of random males for various other tasks. 

“You have school on your planet?” asked Jeff.

“Yes. But we age rapidly until we reach adulthood. Would that be an issue?”

“No, it’s actually fucking perfect. Then everyone will be at the same place in their learning!”

“I see.”

“What other professions do you have on your planet?”

“Space-faring is a big one, but human males are not suited for that. We employ the rest of our people in what you would consider ‘civilian’ jobs, like construction and the sort.”

“What about the academically-minded routes, such as teacher?”

“We just pick qualified people. From what I understand, we do not have a parallel to your degree program.”


“Well, this has been a pleasurable first session, Jeffrey. Let’s meet up tomorrow around noontime.”

“Okay.” Cor was glad to finally get away from Jeff. What he neglected to tell Jeff was that Earth people were like slaves on Bef. This had never really come up before, as no human had successfully made it on to their ship with their mind intact before. Jeff was going to be helpful to him, as his slave.

Meanwhile, what nobody knew was that the afflicted males were still very much alert, but only in their subconscious. Ash knew that something, and now someone, was controlling him, but he couldn’t figure out why, until now. He had noticed his son talking to a purple-skinned dude wearing a crown, and passing right by him. He was hoping his son would do the right thing, but he had no way of showing or telling him.

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