Sebastian Stan had a very busy schedule. Marvel kept him super busy, but that also meant mental health was a strong priority for their actors. Seb had his first session with his new therapist today. He had treated Chris Hemsworth, who had starred with him before moving to Celebworld. He noticed another person entering the same building he was supposed to go into. He looked vaguely familiar. Maybe he was someone famous? Sebastian went over what he needed to tell Dr. Chris as he walked to their office. 

The vaguely famous person was, of course, Jake Miller, who was in for their hypnosis check-in. Chris then began, after a SNAP, “Jake, you will no longer remember that you should not be in Celebworld. You will always think that is your home. While you are on the island, you are to remain nude, unless a guest wants you clothed. If a guest does not want you, you will remain in the celebrity village, and stay there until you are needed. If you leave, there will be dire consequences. You have the right to refuse extreme desires, such as death or self-mutilation. Anything else that would not cause serious or irreversible damage is fair game. Your new sexual identity is polysexual. You will not care who you have sex with. You will also consume pills with your breakfast daily. These pills will stop the spread of most diseases to you. I lock this in with the word, ‘Rellim’. Wake up.” Jake woke up, and then was escorted out the back door. Chris then let Sebastian in.

“Hello, Dr. Chris.”

“Hello, Sebastian. So, what brings you in today?”

“Today’s mostly a check-in. Kevin wants us mentally sound for the next slew of movies to come out.”

“I see. So my check would come from them?”

“Yes!” They both laughed.

“In all honesty now, is there something you would like to discuss?”

“Well, I’ve been having these strange homoerotic dreams about Evans, recently.”

“Chris Evans, Captain America?”

“That’s the one. Him and Bucky are so close, I feel as though I’m projecting my subconscious on to our relationship.”

“Interesting psychoanalyzation. Hypnosis can help to delve deep into the subconscious. Have you considered using that to help you?”

“I have not. Have you used it in this way before?”

“A few times. But I’m positive it will work.”

“If you say so.”

“Good. I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Sebastian, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.

“5, you are starting to go under.

“4, you’re getting deeper.

“3, I control you now.

“2, no one else matters but me.

“1, I am your master.”

Seb’s eyes then fluttered, revealing an orange spiral, to no one’s surprise.

“Sebastian, you will no longer hide your feelings for Chris Evans. Let the whole world know.”

“I will tell the world.”

Chris was not too attracted to Sebastian, as he was in to fulfill a fantasy. Instead, he commanded Seb to do this: “I want you to call Chris and tell him. You have control over your mind until the call is ended, on either end.”

“Yes, Master.” Seb brought out his phone and dialed in Chris’ number. He then put it on speaker so Dr. Chris could hear.

“Hey, Stan, what’s up?”

“Chris, I have something I need to tell you.”

“You have a romantic crush on me.”

“You knew?”

“You accidentally left a real-life fanfic open on one of your tabs when I was browsing. I’m not that nosey, but when I saw our names together, followed by a colon, I wanted to see what that was all about.”

“So, do you feel the same way about me?”

“Not in the slightest. But I will make sure we share a trailer for Part 2. That way you can see me naked everyday.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” said Sebastian, with a marked shift in tone. Chris Evans had hung up, so Seb finished his final sentence before reverting back to being under. Dr. Chris had a chuckle, as they knew both men wouldn’t make it to the first day of filming. He then decided to finish up.

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Seb’s eyes fluttered and revealed their normal eye color.

“How’d it go?”

“I’d call up Evans and see what he said. Tell him you were under at the time.”

“Sure thing, Dr. Chris! I’m so glad that someone was finally able to help me!”

“No problem,” responded Chris, to the very jovial Seb. Sebastian left as Chris finally had an afternoon to themselves. They then remembered they were on the video committee as well, and had to review the latest fantasy to cut it down to a viewer-friendly length. 

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