Guest Fantasy #7Wa’s seventh request was not as meaty as his other fantasies, but it was on or above par with regards to humiliation. He had requested Jimmy and Mike be brought to his room, where he was waiting with a box from the costume shop. He gave Mike a cheerleader’s outfit to wear. The skimpy top just covered his nips, and left most of his chest exposed. It didn’t even cover any of his arms. He was also forced to wear a extremely high short skirt. On a female, it would have provided the skimpiest of coverage, but on a man, it caused his cock to be visible. Mike also wasn’t allowed to wear underwear, so his cock was plainly visible, with no room to hide it. Jimmy didn’t get off much better. He at least had a male shirt that covered his pecs, but it only went as far as that. His was sleeveless, so it wouldn’t have made it down his arm, even if he tried. He was also forced to wear the same type of skirt as Mike. Mike could hide his cock horizontally, with some finagling, but Jimmy’s cock was too girthy to even hide it. Wa didn’t want to play with them in this state, however. He had elected these two men to be the walk-around celebs today. Walk-arounds had their original personality restored, for the day, and acted naturally, despite being nude and believing this was their home. Once the program activated, the two jocks looked at each other in disgust. However, their programming only allowed them to do that until they walked outside and on to the main concourse. Wa watched the security channel throughout the day to check on his humiliated jocks. Jimmy and Mike took a lot of photos today, not realizing the way they were dressed. After watching for a bit, Wa’s room phone rang. He picked it up, wondering who the fuck was calling? No one he knew knew he was here.“Wa, it’s Trevor, owner of the island.”“Oh, Trevor, sir, what an honor! Why are you calling me? Did I do something wrong?”“On the contrary. Having Mike and Jimmy dress up in these humiliating outfits has spurred much more foot traffic than we’ve seen before. I’m thinking of expanding it as a low-key payment option, for guests who can’t afford a lavish fantasy.”“Okay. But why does this concern me?”“I would like to have your name attached to it. After all, you have sunk quite a bit of your own money into Celebworld. We should at least give you the opportunity to leave your mark here.”“Fuck yeah, I’ll do it! What do you need from me on my end?”“One of the members of my security team will come and pick you up. Please be clothed and ready. He’ll escort you to the office area, where a notary public and I will be waiting to go over the forms and all the legal mumbo jumbo.”“Okay.” By the evening, Wa’s name was attached to “Wa’s Walk-Around Guest Fantasy”. There was no legal, or really any, way for him to profit from the actual fantasies, but he did get a royalty whenever the name was used in advertising or any other form of media. He had just one more fantasy to fulfill this trip, and he was already planning his next trip back!

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