Guest Fantasy #8Wa was excited for his final fantasy before finally leaving the island. However, he would not be taking part in this one, directly. He would be watching from afar (in his room), as his final fantasy was fulfilled. He watched as the ground terraformed into a small cape style home, and the three celebs entered the house. Justin walked in nude, followed by two other men in full-body rubber suits. Their faces were visible enough for viewers to ascertain they were Austin and Jake, but it was still mostly covered. The only other opening on the suit was a slit in the back lined up with the singers’ assholes. This time, Justin would do the bossing around. He was programmed to act like a dom for this session. He started by having the men lick his feet clean. He had just walked barefoot through some grass, and he also hadn’t washed them in over a week. Justin enjoyed the sensation of the tongues between his toes. Austin and Jake kept cleaning, their minds fully entrenched in the submissive mindset programmed into them. Once Justin thought they were fully clean, he forced the two singers to French-kiss, transmitting all the dirt and grime to each other. Trevor had done extensive testing with the pills to make sure this wouldn’t make them sick. Justin was hungry, so he ordered Jake to sit down in bridge position, while he sat on top of him. He ordered Austin to feed him various foods, some of which were quite messy. Those scraps landed on Jake, and Justin made no effort to clean them up. Once he was done, he had them lick his face clean. Justin was also a bit horny, so he commanded Austin to lie down on his stomach, while Jake held his hands. Justin then fucked him, without lube. He came in strong, and he heard Austin’s stomach plop as his cock went up his rectum. He continue to thrust rapidly, with the sound of his cocks and balls pushing up against rubber being pleasure to his ears. Once he was ready to cum, he pulled out and flipped Austin over. He came all over his rubberized chest, and then smeared it all over him. It was then Jake’s turn to have something terrible happen to him. Justin had the post-cum piss encroaching, so he decided to use Jake’s body as an urinal, and not just his throat. He made sure to get all of Jake’s body wet, but not his feet. As much as Justin would have enjoyed him slipping all over the place, he had more to cum, literally. After the last drops trickled out, he commanded the two to lick his asshole. The two went in together, as Justin had a loose asshole already. The two tasted Justin’s succulent ass, but while they were doing so, he let one rip. The two didn’t skip a beat, just breathing in the noxious fumes and continuing to lick. Once he was satisfied his ass was clean, it was time to fuck Jake. Jake was the more muscular out of the two slaves, so Justin had Austin sit on him, while he fucked him. He positioned him in just the right way so that his ass was exposed, while still weighing Jake down. Jake’s ass was a bit bigger, so Justin didn’t get to go as far up, but the sounds of flesh slapping against rubber was still loud and clear. This meant he was hitting Jake’s g-spot much more than he did with Austin. In the midst of fucking, he felt Jake convulse. He couldn’t flip him over yet to confirm, but Justin assumed he had cum just from getting his g-spot pressed. Once he was ready to cum, he pushed Austin off and flipped Jake over. Justin then put his whole load in Jake’s mouth all at once, causing some to dribble over on the ground. Austin was forced to lick those up. Justin then decided the last thing he would torment his slaves with a good, strong spanking. Because of the rubber, he couldn’t tell how red the ass was, but Trevor had put a special sensor in the suit to alert him when it was too much. Jake, having the bigger bubble butt, was up first. Justin felt odd slapping rubber, but he could tell that Jake was in pain the longer he went on. Eventually, the tailbone area of the suit flashed bright red, noting Justin that he needed to stop. For the final torture, Jake was forced to sit on his ass, which was quite painful. The same thing happened with Austin, but he surprisingly went longer than Jake. After Justin felt he had enough with his two fellow singers, he pressed a button, and the fantasy ended.(That concludes the bevy of fantasies by our Anonymous reader. Requests are always open, but please note you will be put at the bottom of the list.)  

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