Guest Fantasy #9Peter was the next guest to have his fantasies fulfilled on the island. His were very hands-off, but quite elaborate. He sat back and relaxed as his first fantasy was fulfilled.Chris Hemsworth was relaxing at home, after a well-deserved break from shooting all the Marvel movies. He was about to enjoy some me-time when his doorbell rang. Elsa had the kids for the whole week, and the cast knew he wanted some alone time. He begrudgingly went up to open the door, only to find Liam standing there.“I, um, need a place to stay for a bit.”“What happened, bro?” Chris asked, walking him inside.“Well, Miley and I had a bit of a big fight, and she fucked a call girl in revenge. Now she has herpes in her mouth.”“Oh,” said Chris. He wasn’t expecting that.“So, can I stay here until she gives me the okay to go back home?”“I guess, Liam. Couldn’t you just ride it out there?”“It’s the doctor’s orders, fuckhead! It could spread virally.”“Oh. Well, you know where your bedroom is.” Chris watched as Liam walked upstairs. He was all ready to watch porn on his 3DTV, but he had to opt for his iPad instead. At dinnertime, Chris walked up to Liam’s room, as Liam hadn’t walked downstairs at all. He was in charge of making supper, so he wanted Liam’s opinion. He opened the door to find Liam jacking off, with a dildo up his ass.“FUCK!” Chris screamed, and slammed the door. The brothers had seen each other naked before in their adult lives, but never in such a sexually explicit manner. The door then creaked open from Liam’s side. “What the actual fuck, Liam? This is not your goddamn house!”“I saw the porn queued on the TV, bro. You were going to do it too.”“Touché. Well, I’m cooking soon. What do you want?”“Whatever you want, bro,” Liam replied, with a wink. Chris scoffed and went to the kitchen to make some chicken marsala. He called Liam done to eat, only for Liam to come downstairs still naked.“Liam, we’re eating!”“It’s just the two of us, and we live on top of a hill, Chris. We can see people coming. Why don’t you try it yourself?”“I guess. It would save me from doing laundry this week.” Chris stripped out of his clothes, and the two conversed naturally throughout dinner. While Chris was cleaning, Liam popped the question.“Do you want to watch together?”“That’s a bit weird, Liam. And I have pretty eclectic tastes.”“In gay porn, like me?” Chris dropped the plate he was washing. Thankfully, it landed in the water-filled sink.“I’m not gay, Liam. It just gets me off.”“Hey, it works for me as well. So, what do you want to watch?”“Johnny Rapid just put out a new feature-length film with Why don’t you find that?”“On it!” Chris was a bit shocked. Liam was always the straight-laced one out of the three, only changing with them after going through puberty, as it “felt awkward being around males of a different stage in their life”. He seemed to have grown out of it by now. He finished cleaning up and plopped down next to Liam on the couch. He pressed play on “The Adventures of Twink-Boy!” After some plot, they got to the first sex scene, with Johnny tied up and getting fucked against his will. The two brothers started jerking off together, something they hadn’t done in a very, very long time. Liam slowly began inching his hand over to Chris’ leg. When he finally touched, Chris looked at him, but continuing masturbating. Liam’s hand slowly got closer until he was able to touch Chris’ balls. Now he spoke up.“Liam, bro, I thought we were just jerking off together.”“Do you know why you had so many shirtless scenes as Thor? I fucked around behind the scenes so I could jack off to you in character.”“You have a fucking crush on me?”“Who doesn’t? Is it reciprocal?”“Well, I’m really not that g-” Chris’ statement was interrupted by Liam passionately kissing him on the lips. This was much more than brotherly love. Chris found him instinctually turning the other way, much like Elsa liked to do. He also hadn’t pulled away yet. Liam did that first.“I guess you like me somewhat, Chris.”“Fuck,” he said. In response to that, Liam plopped down on top of his dick, bareback.“Is this what you meant?” he asked, coyly, knowing full well it wasn’t.“It clearly wasn’t, but you’re there now, so let’s do it.” Chris had never assfucked anyone before, but he quickly learned an ass was an easier vagina, at least in the number of holes. Liam also put in a lot of effort, bouncing up and down like a power bottom, helping to keep Chris’ dick hard. He was grabbing on to the couch for support, but had to stop, as his hands were turning red from the intensity. The smell in the air quickly turned to that of sex, as the sweat and precum started to mix in the air. That only made Liam bounce up and down harder, and it caused Chris to come just before he could say it out loud. Liam felt it however, with large wads of cum being deposited into his ass. Once he felt Chris’ cock stop twitching, he pulled out and then licked the rest of the cum from around Chris’ cock. Elsa had never done that, and Liam’s tongue felt so fucking good on his sensitive cock. “Suck,” Liam commanded.“Whoa, bro, I just-” Once again, Chris was cut out, but this time it was Liam jamming his cock into Chris’ mouth. Chris had never sucked a cock before, but he had seen it done in porn many times before. He began by using his tongue as lube, and then he was able to deepthroat it farther. Liam continued to thrust back and forth, knowing full well Chris didn’t have a gag reflex. He enjoyed watching his cock bulging out of Chris’ neck, before pulling it up for a nice tongue bath. Liam knew that he was about to cum, so he pulled and covered his brother’s face with his cum. Chris licked up all that he could, and Liam collected the rest and had Chris lick it off his fingers. It was then Chris’ turn to get his dick sucked. This was not going to be a new experience, except for the fact a guy was doing it now. Liam also applied lube by means of his tongue, but he did it in a much more sultrily fashion, causing Chris to be rock-hard before the actual sucking off even started. And when it did, it was euphoric. Liam clearly knew how to suck a cock, reaching erogenous zones Chris didn’t even know he had! Liam was enjoying himself as well, as he continued to taste dried bits of cum that he missed, as well as deeply inhaling his brother’s aroma. Chris was able to know when he was about to cum this time, and also pulled out. Liam quickly repositioned himself so the cum would land all over his chest. Neither he nor Chris cleaned it off, as both enjoyed the sight of Liam’s slightly hairy body covered with random splotches of white. Liam then motioned for Chris to put his ass up in the air. Chris was a bit hesitant, having never been fucked before. Still, the sex he was having with Liam was fucking awesome, so he got into the position. Liam tried to insert his cock, but found Chris’ hole was very tight.“Fuck, bro! Why’s your ass so tight?”“Elsa doesn’t like sex toys. I haven’t stuck something up my ass in years!”“Where’s the fucking lube then?” Chris directed Liam to it, and came back with a lubed-up cock, ready for insertion. It worked this time, with a loud plop as Chris’ hole expanded to let Liam’s cock through. Liam enjoyed thrusting in and out of his brother, as it was not a pleasurable experience for Chris, yet. He knew he would have to get used to anal, so he lost himself in his senses. By this time, the living room reeked of sex, with a strong mixture of sweat, cum, and lube in the air. Chris breathed that in as he focused on the noises his ass was making. Liam’s cock was expanding his rectum with every thrust. He felt euphoric when Liam hit his prostrate for the first time. The only sense he couldn’t experience was taste. However, he thought back to the taste of his brother’s cum, and orgasmed before Liam did. Chris’ ejaculation caused Liam to do the same, depositing all of his cum in Chris’ ass. He also collected the cum still on his cock, once he pulled out, and Chris ate it all up. “Fuck, bro,” Chris said, lying down on the couch. “That was fucking awesome.”“I know, man! Gay shit can be really fucking fun!”“Let’s just keep this between us, right?”“No shit, Chris.” Chris scoffed as Liam got up to help clean the couch. Liam and Chris had quite a few more fun sexual adventures throughout the week. Once Liam had the all-clear, he moved back to the States, but always made sure to get a fuck in with his older brother whenever they were in the same location.This is a request by a person who wishes to remain anonymous as well. Their posts will be marked with the name Peter. As always, send in your requests!

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