Brainpower, Ch. 6

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Jeff was pushed inside by Cor, and the door shut behind him. It only opened on the outside. One of the king’s many guards, wearing an anti-enslavement get-up, forced Jeffrey in to the seat. 

“FUCK! LET ME FUCKING GO!” The machines then turned on. Countless spirals filled his vision, and a droning noise spoke to him.

“You are no longer a human. You are a drone. You will do whatever your masters tell you to do. You are worthless. You are not fit to have any control. Your cock is useless. Your only thought will be of serving your masters.” That message repeated itself over and over again. Eventually, Jeff just stopped fighting, and gave in. His body relaxed, and he realized his potential in life was to be a slave for an alien civilization. After Cor was sure the message had sunk in profusely, he broadcast another message into Jeff’s container.

“I am your master, King Cor. You will do whatever I tell you to.”

“Yes, Master,” Jeff repeated, in a monotonous tone. The machines then shut down, and Jeff was free.

He walked out of the room and to the palace, where Cor was patiently waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Ash knew he had to try to escape. He could only imagine what had happened with Jeff. Another human then approached his door. His eyes were blank as well, but he spoke in natural cadence.

“Are you Jeff’s father?”

“Yes, why?”

“Come with me.” Ash followed the man, who snaked his way around the castle. Eventually, they exited on to a small side road in the back.

“Follow me.” Ash continued to walk, until the two men reached an elaborate house at the edge of town. Ash entered to find a cabal of men lounging about, who all turned and looked at the new man. 

“Dylan, the device,” the man said. Another man brought over a syringe, which he promptly injected into Ash.

“Hey! What the fuck was that for?!”

“Our scientists have come up with a way for our speech areas of the brains to overcome our conditioning fully. Alas, no other part of the brain has that. I’m Jensen, by the way.”

“Are all of you people who could resist the brainwashing?”

“Yes,” responded Jensen. “We hide out here, away from all the Corinians.”

“Is that what those purple guys are called?”

“Yes, to an extent. The species is named after their current king, so we have the Corinians.”

“But how’d you rescue me in the castle?”

“We train men like us to act like a fully brainwashed man in public. In actuality, we scope out others like us, and bring them back here.”

“I see. I fear something terrible has happened to my son.”

“What’s his name?”


“Okay. Clark! Check the logs for a Jeffrey!”

“On it!” A few minutes later, Jensen’s phone buzzed.

“Those still work?”

“It’s a Corinian phone. But Ash, this is terrible news. Jeffrey was brainwashed today, and it was just revealed he is the king’s right-hand man.”

“Can we break out of this brainwashing completely?”

“Not yet. We are working on that. Do not worry, Ash. We will save your son.”

“Jeff, let me introduce you to the Enslavatron. It’s a fully operational spaceship, and incredibly human-like. It comes equipped with a transporter back to Cor. We sent our first copy to Earth already. Let’s see how his first victim is doing.” Jeff followed Cor to another section of the castle, not the one he was brainwashed in. “You might be wondering why we are in a different part of the castle. With this new method, the initial brainwash does not need to happen on Earth, so the effects can be even greater.” The two arrived at a glass screen overlooking a room similar to the one Jeff was in earlier today. It turned on, and Jeff saw a near instantaneous change in expression and posture.

“The new device turns the men into mindless husks, with absolutely no way to beat it. By the way, where is your dad? Usually I have my human come with me.” Cor gesticulated to a human who had been walking with him the whole day.

“I do not know, Master. When I go back to my room, I will tell him what he needs to do.”


Cor and Jeff watched as the husk of the man was taken away. “He’ll be good in the sex department, don’t ya think?” asked Cor.

“Yes, Master,” Jeff responded, as the two walked back to the throne room. 

Eyes edit done by the Spiral Master

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