Guest Request #10Peter’s next few requests involved changing the plot of Marvel movies to suit his own twisted fantasies. Trevor was also very excited, as the terraforming would finally be put to good use.“We have successfully captured Bucky Barnes, sir,” said a HYDRA foot-soldier. “Very good,” said Armin. “What program do we have him scheduled to?”“The Winter Soldier program, sir.”“Ah, but I just received reports that our team of scientists have made an unbreakable brainwashing program for that one. Bucky Barnes is a threat to that, because of his strong bond with Captain America. Let’s put him in Program XXX.” “As you wish, sir.” Program XXX was another brainwashing scenario, but it brainwashed people into becoming submissives, who would use that juxtaposition to attack victims when the time was necessary. Bucky was forced to endure a whole week of watching porn, with a focus on bottoms listening to their tops without question. The program was laced with subliminal messages as well. After Bucky was successfully indoctrinated, he underwent some physical changes. His raggedy hair was changed into a nice short buzz, and he was injected with fast-acting steroids. He wasn’t skinny before, but the steroids added some well-needed muscle mass. He also had silicone injections in his genitals. Once again, they didn’t go overboard, but there was a drastic difference in the before and after pics in his file. After undergoing a post-change psych eval, he was ready to go out into the world.His first case was with T’Challa, from Wakanda. HYDRA had been monitoring the country for quite some time, and knew T’Challa wasn’t exactly straight. Bucky played the long game with him to build up enough comfortability for the king to let a white man into Wakanda. His silicone-infused genitals helped with that. T’Challa sent a private jet to come and pick Bucky up. He was even more excited, as he wouldn’t need to worry about smuggling his weapons through the airport. He touched down in Wakanda, and was greeted by his phone lover.“Welcome to Wakanda, Bucky. I am King T’Challa.”“Can I just call you T? Saying that’s going to get fucking annoying after a while.”“As you wish. Let me escort you to your dwelling for the time being.” The two men got into a car, and T said, “Lower Castle, Gate C.” The car then locked its doors and drove away.“You have self-driving technology here already?”“Wakanda is very much ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. My sister, Shuri, is quite talented with technology.”“I see.” The car then pulled up to the gate. The driveway snaked around to a barely visible house from the road, but clearly situated under the castle.“T’Challa, Wakanda forever.”“Access granted. Welcome back, King T’Challa.” The gate swung open, and the car continued to drive until it reached the front door. “We have arrived at the destination.”“Thank you, CAR.” The doors unlocked, and T brought Bucky inside. The house was a bit bare-bones, but it had all the essentials, and then some. “I’ll see you later tonight, Bucky. I have some business to attend to upstairs.”“That’s fine, T.”“Please, make yourself at home.”“I will.” T exited through the back door, and Bucky caught a glance at the intricate series of tunnels under the castle. Once T was out of sight, Bucky unpacked his gear. He made sure his pills were safe. HYDRA had come up with a knockout solution that was activated once sperm left the host’s body. This was a Program XXX exclusive, but it worked pretty well. This would be Bucky’s main chance to get T and bring him back to HYDRA. They had an exfil plan in place already. Bucky then unpacked his small weapons, like knives and syringes, and scattered them throughout the house. He was a bit tired from his flight from the US to Wakanda, however, so he decided to jerk off. The silicone implants created a more pleasurable experience, as he had more to hold on to while he was rubbing one out. He came just a few minutes later, experiencing it under his own volition for the first time. After that, he just looked around the cabin, trying to keep himself busy until T came back. In the middle of reading an e-book about Wakanda’s history, he heard a buzzing noise. That was the sensor he had put up, indicating T was walking down the hallway. He popped a pill, and stood up in anticipation of the king arriving. “Today was quite the long day, Bucky. Can you suck me off?”“Of course.” T stripped down from his formal wear to reveal a massive dong. Bucky, of course, knew about it from sexting the king, but he had never seen T completely nude before. “Wow! That dick is down to your thigh! Are all Wakandans this horse-hung?”“From what my health board tells me, yes. Vibranium seems to have an odd effect on genital length.”“Oh.” Bucky then walked over, and spit on T’s cock. He used his tongue to spread it all around, which did take about a minute or so. He was then ready to deep-throat the massive cock. His training prepared him for this, with one test dildo actually reaching the stomach’s acid. Because of the length, T actually did most of the thrusting, and Bucky focused on erotically licking his tongue. T enjoyed the sound of Bucky’s tongue caressing his cock, and seeing all of his spit dribble out. He was getting hard, so he pulled out a bit so that his cock was at a normal length in Bucky’s mouth. This caused a drastic change in how Bucky attacked T’s cock. He was now able to move up and down easier, and he could play with the head whenever it was above the tongue. Bucky savored the taste of T’s sweaty cock in his mouth, mixed with some pre-cum that had been starting to leak out. While in the middle of licking T’s head, Bucky felt the whole cock leave his mouth. He then watched as the king ejaculated all over him. As befitting for his cock size, the amount of cum that came out was ridiculous. Bucky was dripping with cum all over his face and upper body, with some places having literal inches of cum on them. Both men licked up all the cum they could. They enjoyed snowballing most of it, savoring each other’s tastes now. “Would you like to be top now, or shall I fuck you right now?”“You can fuck me!” screamed Bucky. He knew that prolonging the sex would make it seem more natural for T and him, instead of stopping quite prematurely. Bucky got his ass ready, and he felt T’s massive dong go into his ass. It was very loose, but as T’s cock was so large, there was still a loud “plop” as he entered. Both men worked in tandem to create a pleasurable experience for one another. They thrusted back and forth, and the girth of T’s cock meant he was pressing on Bucky’s prostrate. HYDRA had actually adjusted that in Program XXX members, so that the pleasurability was still there, but not the side effect of premature ejaculation. He moaned in ecstasy as the fucking continued. T was enjoying it on his end as well. He could never do this with a female, as his cock would be forced to go up one of her fallopian tubes. Even the men in Wakanda didn’t all work out for him. Some had asses so tight, they bled profusely when T’s cock finally broke through. He did have a few regular fucks that made it pleasurable, and safe, for him to fuck, but Bucky was the first white man to have that honor. The two also started to enjoy the stench of sex that was slowly forming in the air, from all the sweat and cum located in that one small room. T also did not warn Bucky of his cumming again, but Bucky was prepared when he felt the pre-ejaculation clench. T once again deposited huge loads of cum, and it caused cum to leak out of Bucky’s hole for a solid minute. The two enjoyed that cum, with the added taste and smell of ass added into it. Bucky then asked, “What do you want me to do with you now, King?”“Why don’t you fuck me now? I want to see if my ass can handle it.”“Okay.” Bucky got in position, and rammed his cock into T’s ass. It was close enough for it to go into easily, but T had incredible ass control, so it closed around Bucky’s cock. Bucky then began thrusting, and so began the reciprocal nature of their fucking again. Because of Bucky’s large ball size, the sound of them slapping against T’s ass was quite loud, which the two men enjoyed. The girth of Bucky’s cock also caused it to push against T’s prostrate. However, his refractory period was a bit long after cumming twice in such a short period of time, so he wasn’t worried. The two continued to smell the mixture of sweat and cum throughout the air, getting stronger by the minute. It actually caused Bucky to go into a trance-like state, which he quickly snapped out of when he felt he was going to cum. “FUCK!” he screamed, as he deposited his cum laced with knockout solution into T’s ass. They were very fast-acting, so T crumbled to the floor before he could realize anything was amiss. Bucky then called his exfil team.“Meet me by Gate C in the lower part of the castle.” Bucky then searched around the room for an invisibility beacon. Shuri had noted in the room’s manual that each room had them, for when foreign dignitaries brought their children over. That made hide and seek much more enjoyable. Bucky found it, and cloaked the country’s king with it. He then collected all of his weapons and props, and lugged both of them outside. He made it look like his bag was just heavy, when he was actually carrying both things in the same hand. The exfil team arrived moments after he had reached the gate. They stood guard as T’Challa was transferred into the back of the van. The HYDRA team then set off, to go back home.Back at HQ, Bucky took a well-deserved vacation in their immersive VR set-up. T’Challa, on the other hand, was brainwashed into believing HYDRA was something good for society, and that Wakanda could easily rule the world with HYDRA at their side. This has been another Peter request. Requests are always open!   

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