Guest Request #11Peter’s next request actually involved a bit of space traveling. Trevor, of course, paid big bucks to also have space be programmed into the terraform device.“Fuck yeah!” screamed Peter Quill, as he and his fellow Guardians flew away. They had recovered the Power Stone, and secured it safely in the hold.“Peter, our fuel’s running low. Where’s the nearest station?” asked Gamora.Peter used his past as a scoundrel to immediately come up with an answer. “Salaxis is only a few thousand miles from here. We can fuel up there.”“On it!” exclaimed Rocket, and pulled a hard right to reorient the ship in the right direction. They safely touched down on Salaxis. Everyone got out, except Peter. “Peter, why aren’t you exploring with us?” asked Drax.“I’m not, um, welcome on this planet anymore, after Yondu and I pulled off a pretty big heist here.”“Figures,” scoffed Gamora. “Watch over Groot, okay?”“I will.” Peter waited until they were out of sight of the ship, and then he snuck into the cargo hold. The Collector had said some interesting things about the Power Stone, including that it amplified the holder’s strongest attribute. Gamora had warned him not to touch it with his bare hands, but he was Star-Lord. He touched the stone, and immediately felt a rush of confidence in himself. Peter’s attribute was his charm, so he know thought of himself as the most handsome and sexiest person in the world. The rest of the crew agreed, once they returned. Peter left them on Salaxis, even Groot, as the confidence was also a bit narcissistic. The Guardians only snapped out of it when Peter was too far away. He was exploring this corner of the galaxy when he came across the planet Asgard. It was weirdly shaped, but Peter was drawn to the grandeur of it all. Meanwhile, Thor was crossing over into Asgard, checking in on his father. Peter landed in one of their spaceports, without any clearance or regard for safety. Thor heard the distress signal being called, and made his way over to the spaceport. Peter had made a human staircase to step down, as the door on his ship seemed to have gotten lodged.“Who dares trespass on the world on Asgard?”“Peter Quill, that’s fucking who!” Peter turned to look at Thor for the first time. The Power Stone’s effect then washed over Thor, causing a peculiar reaction.“Peter Quill, you are one of the most sexiest fucking men alive!”“Damn right I am! Do you know if this planet has like a hotel, or something?”“Let me show you to my palatial estate.”“Fucking sweet, man!” Peter and Thor made their way to the castle. The Power Stone worked on all species, so no one batted an eye at their prince walking around with a commoner. The two men entered the palace, and Thor brought Peter up to his room. He alerted his guards that no one was to disturb him for any reason, other than the confirmed threat of imminent death. Once Thor was sure no one could get in his room, he walked over to Peter and kissed him passionately on the lips. Neither male was gay, but the Power Stone’s thrall was so strong, it didn’t matter. Thor then took off Peter’s shirt, and worshipped his upper body. He played with Peter’s nipples, watching them get hard. He sniffed Peter’s underarms, which were a bit ripe. He hadn’t been able to take a germ cleanser in awhile. Thor loved the scent, though, and mentally associated it with that of a real man. He then worshipped Peter’s muscles. They weren’t as well-defined as his, but he thought it the only natural thing. Peter also wanted his nips sucked, so he pushed Thor onto them. He gleefully sucked away. Once Peter had had enough, he asked Thor to take his pants and underwear off. Meredith, his mom, had bought underwear for him for all ages, as she thought one very large bulk purchase would be a good deal. His father raided their house when he kidnapped Peter, and so they were one of the few things he had left to cherish his mother. He wasn’t thinking about that when he pushed Thor’s face into his cock. It was all sweaty and smelly, and Peter rubbed Thor’s face all over it. Once again, Thor enjoyed the smell very much. “Suck on my balls,” ordered Peter. Thor did so, for the first time in his life. Peter hadn’t been able to cum for a bit, so his balls had plumped up in size. Thor could fit them in his mouth all at once, and it was now Peter’s turn to feel ecstasy. After Thor was done with that, he naturally moved onto Peter’s cock. He had never sucked anyone off before, but he did remember what quite a few Asgardian prostitutes did to him before. Before he started going full-speed, Thor got up and grabbed lube that he kept in his room. This lube was magical, and it tasted exactly like your favorite flavor, while still providing excellent amounts of lubrication. Thor actually tasted Peter, but that was because his brain was all frazzled. Normally, the taste of burnt meat enveloped his mouth when he used it. Thor was putting in all the effort, as Peter remain standing, but moaning in pleasure. He kept moving up and down on Peter’s cock, never having to pull out. A weird Asgardian trait that Thor and the royal family shared was a lack of saliva. The tongue and their teeth provided all the materials needed for the breakdown of food. So, Thor plugged away, not realizing he was supposed to be taking breaks. Not that Peter cared, anyway. Having a guy suck him off wasn’t completely foreign. Once he was old enough, Yondu started using him sexually in heists as well. He was what we might call today pansexual, but once he was freed, he knew that only women aroused him without any other catalyst. Therefore, his mind felt somewhat at comfort with it.Once he was ready to cum, Peter decided not to pull out. Why would some of his seed, which could be used to create more of him, go to waste? He also didn’t say anything as he ejaculated, causing Thor to go bug-eyed as sperm cascaded down his throat. He tried to pull out, but Peter’s hand stopped him from doing so. Once Peter had felt the last drop leave his cock, he then pulled out. He then ordered Thor on to his bed. “I’m going to fuck your brains out, Prince!” He tore off Thor’s clothing, and threw it on the side of his bed. What alarmed Peter was that Thor had no undergarments on. He was freeballing it everyday. He then grabbed some of the tasty lube and poured more onto his cock. He then rammed the cock inside Thor’s ass, with a highly audible plop. Thor was an anal virgin, so he felt both pain and pleasure as Peter repeatedly rammed his cock into his ass, until he couldn’t go any farther. The sound of Peter’s balls slapping against Thor’s ass was also very loud, and Peter actually had to get less intense after nearly causing himself some testicular torsion. The smell of sex in the air had only gotten stronger since Peter started fucking. Thor breathed it in, and then put a hand to his cock to jack himself off. Peter continued thrusting for a while longer. He had moved to another hole a bit too quickly, and so his refractory period was catching up to him. He was still moving faster than Thor on his cock, though, who was rubbing it methodically, hoping to cum at the same time as Peter. They actually did that, as Thor felt the ominous reflex that meant ejaculation was about to occur. He sped up his process as well, and the two superheroes came at the exact same time. Once again, Peter didn’t pull out, but this time it was because he came quite suddenly. He pulled out, and then ordered Thor to lick his cock clean. “Wow, you suck cock good!” laughed Peter. “What would your planet say about that?”“I don’t know. Let’s ask them.” Thor got up and pressed a button by the large bay window. He then stepped outside, followed quickly by Peter. Peter noticed a camera aimed directly at them.“Citizens of Asgard, I would like you to meet the new Prince-Escort, Peter Quill!” Peter waved to the audience, who all naturally became enamored with him. “This is going to be a great life!” Peter thought, as the two shared a kiss for the camera.This has been another request by the guest named Peter (not Star-Lord!).   

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