Guest Request #12Trevor was piloting yet another program that he thought would rake in even more money. A guest could select an avatar as themselves, and interact with the storyline they created with actually being there to do so. Peter was the first guest to partake in this, as his next fantasy required a body which he did not have. It was a fantasy revolving around the men from Magic Mike, but in a more twisted fashion. Alex hated his dead-end job as a roof thatcher. The pay was shit, and moving up in the company was a joke. He always scoured the classifieds, looking for a high-paying opportunity. One day, he read an intriguing ad.We are looking for in-shape men above the age of 18. Must still have their penis, and are open to pretty much anything. If you are interested, call this number.Alex called up the number, and went through some initial robocall stuff, until he got to an actual person.“So, you must be pretty interested in our Magic Mike business to reach me. What is your question?”“What’s the pay like?”“After our initial screening, we will set a minimum price for you. For most men, it’s no less than $1,000.”“And how much of that do I actually see?”“All of it. Our buyers pay a bit extra than the actual bid, to cover costs on our end.”“I see. So, what do I need to do to apply?”“Come to this address later today. Tell them Rodrigo okayed the audition.” Rodrigo then relayed an address to Alex.“Thanks, man! Bye!” Alex hung up, and then called his boss to call in sick to work today. He pulled up his resume, and put it in a folder. He then got in his car and drove to the address he was given. It wasn’t for a while, but L.A. traffic was so brutal, he sometimes waited an hour to even go one exit. He made it to the address with minutes to spare, noting to himself that if he had left any later, he wouldn’t have made it. The address was a nice cape style house, but with a massive warehouse behind it. The rest of the houses in this neighborhood had expansive backyards, so the owners must have had some good reason for building it.Alex entered the house, and was greeted to an office set-up.“Name?” asked the perky blonde receptionist.“Alex Pettyfer. Rodrigo said to tell you he okayed the audition.”“Noted. If you would, please wait here, and fill out this form. Your audition will start in about thirty minutes.”“Okay!” Alex sat down and started to fill out the form. The beginning was a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, which he just glazed over and signed and initialed where he had to. The rest of it was a health survey, but a much more in-depth one than he was used to. It had a strong focus on his sexual practices, including his fetishes and kinks. He continued powering through it, as at the top of every page, a message saying how much the top male was going for at this time read over 1.2 million dollars. He finished it all up and gave it back to the receptionist. A couple minutes later, a middle-aged man poked his head out of the doorway. “Alex? We’re ready for you.” Alex followed the man inside the office, only to find out the warehouse connected with the house. The two men went off to a side room, still in the “house” portion. The interviewer then sat down across from Alex. “My name is Christian, and I’ll be doing your intake today. From what I can tell, you pass the body section swimmingly. Let’s start simple: What’s your current job?”Alex and Christian had a nice conversation, until Christian nonchalantly asked, “What are your favorite fetishes to indulge in?”“Is this something you should be asking in a job interview? I think it’s illegal.”“Well, the documents you signed clearly stated this was a male auction house, and men who can fulfill certain fantasies and desires get paid more.”“FUCK! I signed documents saying I could be a fucking slave?”“No, we call it temporary ownership. The man that buys you get for one week, and then can tack on another week for an additional fee.”“Um, thank you, Christian, but I think I’m going to leave now.”“You can’t do that, Alex. These forms you signed give us total control over you.”“Fuck!”“So, what are your fetishes?”Alex begrudgingly answered, and then was forced to endure a slew of measurements, including flaccid and erect cock size, and gape of his anus. Once all the testing was done, Christian did the math. “You’re looking at approximately a $5,000 starting point. I’ll send this off to my accountants to clear it.”“So, what do I have to do now?”“You’ll enter into the warehouse portion, where Hilda will take over. That will be your new home until you can buy your way out of the contract, or are released.”“Wait, how does that work?”“We have a cap set on you for 100,000x your starting price. Brock, the one making over a million a week, still has a ways to go before he gains freedom. A release can go one of two ways. Your current buyer can pay off your entire sentence, or they can outright buy for a reduced cost, which is still exorbitantly expensive though.”Alex just stared at him in shock. He then collected himself and made his way to the warehouse section of the house, guided by helpful signs along the way. He reached another desk, where he was told to strip naked. Alex did so, and then felt a burning on his butt.“What the fuck was that?”“That’s your brand. It’s a small triangle, to indicate you are property of Los Tres, the owners of Magic Mike. You are assigned to cell 6B.”“Cell? How fucked up is this place?”“It’s a commandeered prison. Deal with it.” Alex followed more signs to go to his new home. True to Hilda’s word, the cells were barely noticeable as cells, except for the bars. The toilet was in an actual bathroom in most cases, and the cells looked like a common area in a dorm. He arrived at 6B. He pressed his finger on a biometric scanner, which opened the door. He walked inside, and it slammed shut behind him.“Why didn’t you guys try to escape?” asked Alex, to the group of men already in the cell.“The brands have a chip in them that forces you to stay inside your cell, until it’s deactivated. And the biometric scanner only works for you once,” said the older man, who was quite a silver fox. “I’m Kevin, by the way. Channing, Joe, Adam, and Matt.”“Nice to meet you all. So, what exactly the fuck do they do here?”“Every week, half of us are put up for auction,” explained Channing. “The buyer has us for a week or two, and then we remain here the inverse of that time.”“Who normally buys us?” asked Alex, incredulously. “Mostly overweight white men wanting to fulfill a fantasy of theirs,” replied Adam, scornfully.“Do we all go together?”“Yup,” replied Joe. “It’s easier that way for the head honchos.”“And when’s our next auction date?”“Tomorrow,” replied Matt. “Good luck.” The six of them continued talking throughout the rest of the day. The food provided wasn’t half-bad, and a guard brought in an actual bed for him to sleep on, albeit with no bed frame. Still, it was better than the floor.The next morning, at six, one of the guards woke the whole crew up.“Up, maggots! You six have a special buyer waiting for you.”“All six of us?” asked Kevin. “Why?”“I don’t fucking know, man. I was just told to escort 6B to the exchange area.” The six then got up and followed the guards. Alex, behind Channing and his nice bubble butt, noticed the middle of the triangle brand was flashing. Trying to escape or cause a riot was probably not a good thing to do. The six were then turned over to an overweight, white male, probably in his sixties. “Come with me, boys,” he said. All six were throughly creeped out, but they were more shocked when he locked them in the car and went back inside. He came out a few minutes later, brandishing deeds in his hands. “That fucking bastard bought us!” announced Joe.“Fuck,” thought Alex. Now there was no chance of escape. He was stuck as someone’s houseboy, forever. The old man got back into the van, and started to drive away.“You boys know the movie Magic Mike, right?”The six all replied yes. “Good, because I’m opening up my own nude strip club, and you’ll be my first dancers.”The six all stared at each other, in shock. “Do any of you have stripper experience?” Channing meekly raised his hand. “Good. Son, you’ll be the teacher.” He asked no more questions until he arrived at what the men presumed was his strip joint, with his apartment above it. “Now, get to work.”“Sir, we will need some clothes to practice with, at least,” explained Channing.“Very well, then. The closet’s in the back.” He went upstairs as Channing raided the closet to figure out each stripper’s persona. Kevin had a Tarzan look going for him, so he was clad in just a loincloth. Joe had a Herculean build, so he was clad in a fur coat and a Roman skirt. Adam had the body of a baseball player, so Channing fished out a sexy baseball uniform. Alex had the pretty boy/frat bro angle going for him, so he wore a varsity jacket and some football pants. For himself, Channing picked out a sexy policeman’s outfit. He then instructed the men on how to dance erotically. It was all in the hips, making sure your thrusts were visible, and especially now, trying to get the penis visible at all times. He also taught them how to strip erotically. You went layer by layer, teasing it until it finally came off. Normally, he would stopped at the underwear, but he worked it in, as it was a nude strip club. His final instruction was for lap dances. He told the men the person paying for it wanted to enjoy it, so listen to them. Thrusting and moving the pectorals around seemed to be a big hit, Channing noted. The old man then came downstairs, and asked to see a performance. The six men performed to the best of their ability, and they were actually pretty damn good!“Very good, boys. We’ll open next week.” The rest of the week was spent practicing various routines. While the main costumes were solidified, the various other outfits were picked out, and routines made from those ensembles. All in all, there were over 100 or so different outfits and routines for people to see. Opening day, Matt was going to the bathroom, when he heard the radio on in the house next door. “Scanlon’s first 60+ strip club is opening tonight. All guests must be males over 60, or be the plus one of one. The owner, Louis Valcanito, tells us the strippers are all from Magic Mike, our town’s local male auction house. And now for the traffic.” Matt finished peeing and rushed to tell the guys.“Fuck!” said Alex. “So we’re going to perform for a bunch of old farts, and possibly their sugar babies?”“It seems that way,” replied Adam, dejectedly. The six dreaded the wait until nighttime, when the first show was set to start. Channing went out first, and warmed the crowd up. The six then launched into a carefully crafted routine, with dollar bills usually covering the stage by an act change. For the grand finale, they brought one lucky guest, a handsome sugar baby, on stage, and gave him a nude lap dance. The six were cleaning up backstage, when one of their stagehands, Lucky, came in.“Here’s the private room arrangements tonight.”“Wait, what?” The six all looked at each other, again. Louis had never said anything about private shows. They all went their separate ways, wondering what their experience was going to be like. Alex entered his room to find an older man sitting there, with his micropenis flopping around. “Suck it,” he ordered. Alex did so, and even getting rock-hard did nothing for its length. The ejaculation was laughably quick, and small, but then the man told Alex to sit in the chair. He jacked Alex off. He had never had a guy touch his dick before, especially not an old perv like him. But, he had to, and he thought of it as getting to rub one out without putting in any effort. When he came, the man gobbled all of his cum up, like some ravenous animal. He then told Alex he was free to go.The six met up back in the changing area, and exchanged horror stories. Joe was forced to be the object of worship, Channing was made into a toe freak, and Adam had endure a painful spanking while being called derogatory terms. There was nothing these men could do about it. This was their life from now on.The “Magic Mike” strippers, as they became to be colloquially known, consistently raked in large wads of cash nightly, sometimes literally. The six were able to see their contract after a long and lengthy court battle, and Alex realized he had made enough money to escape. The five wished him luck as he left the hellhole, but the five continued to strip, until they made enough money. Louis consistently bought new men to fill the spots that were gone, and quickly realized that the longer someone had been in the Magic Mike facility, the longer their contract’s costs were. Alex later optioned his story to be made into a major motion picture: Magic Mike: The Real Story.Another story requested by Peter. Requests are always open!

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