Dr. Chris was excited to meet the final Chris today, Chris Evans. They had received confirmation Chris was actually coming, and so they got ready for their first double session. They greeted the brothers as they entered the office.

“Hello, Scott. Chris, nice to meet you.”

“You as well. So, Scott here told me you wanted to talk to me? Is it about his mental health issues?”

“It is. He requested you be here before he tells your parents. Please, let’s take a seat in my office.” The three entered the office, and Dr. Chris made a loud SNAP! Scott slumped on the couch, and his eyes turned bright orange.


“I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Chris, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.

“5, you are starting to go under.

“4, you’re getting deeper.

“3, I control you now.

“2, no one else matters but me.

“1, I am your master.”

Chris opened his eyes, and like his brother’s, they were a bright orange. They got Scott awake, and then told them both a statement: “You two are sexually attracted to each other. You will now act on it as you see fit.” Chris got comfy in their chair as he watched the two brothers passionately make out. Eventually, they were unbuttoning each other’s shirts, and slipping their pants down. Dr. Chris was shocked by the actual girth of Chris Evan’s cock. It had to have had silicone injected into it, as it was fucking massive. 

The brothers started with a 69 on the couch, which surprisingly fit both of them comfortably. Dr. Chris watched as the Evanses expertly maneuvered their tongues on the other’s genitalia. Scott seemed to like the balls more, while Chris paid close attention to the head. In what could only be described as brotherly love, the two of them came in each other’s mouths at approximately the same time. Chris then got into position to be topped. 

Scott did a surprisingly good job, especially when comparing the two very distinct muscle masses of the two. Dr. Chris was eating it all up, and had already cum once. Scott also went pretty damn hard, and the sounds of balls against skin was almost ear-piercingly loud. Scott came after a few minutes of fucking, and then they swapped positions. Dr. Chris enjoyed this way much better, as Chris was much more believable as a top. The two brothers collapsed in a sweaty mess a few minutes later, once Chris had cum in his brother’s ass. Dr. Chris then decided to just kill two birds with one stone, and decided to do the Celebworld script.

“Chris and Scott, you will no longer remember that you should not be in Celebworld. You will always think that is your home. While you are on the island, you are to remain nude, unless a guest wants you clothed. If a guest does not want you, you will remain in the celebrity village, and stay there until you are needed. If you leave, there will be dire consequences. You have the right to refuse extreme desires, such as death or self-mutilation. Anything else that would not cause serious or irreversible damage is fair game. Your new sexual identity is polysexual. You will not care who you have sex with. You will also consume pills with your breakfast daily. These pills will stop the spread of most diseases to you. I lock this in with the word, ‘Snave’. Wake up.”

The two brothers did, and Dr. Chris sent them off to Celebworld, still enjoying each other’s presence. Processing would take care of that quickly. They went back to work, further adjusting their schedule. All the random hypnotisms implemented for guest requests was screwing with their schedule, but they kept their eyes on the money. 

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