Guest Request #13Peter’s third request dealt with the male Defenders, and Kilgrave. David Tennant had not been brought to Celebworld, so an actual actor was used for Kilgrave, instead of his “true” one. “Are you sure this is the right place, Danny?” asked Luke. The three men were investigating a call in an abandoned warehouse.“Yes, I saw this place in a vision.”“Oh, must be nice to have those,” quipped Matt. “There seems to be no one here.” The three men rounded a corner to find even more boxes. However, Luke noticed something odd about this set.“RUN!” he screamed, but it was too late. The pipes he had seen started emitting quite a bit of gas, which knocked all three superheroes out. They were then transported to another location, one deep underground.Luke was up first, given his resilient body. He tried to escape from his bindings, but they wouldn’t budge.“It’s no use, Luke,” said an all-too familiar voice. “I had those specially made from vibranium. It would take a Herculean effort even to move them an inch.”“What do you fucking want, Kilgrave?”“Oh, I just want to have some fun. Ever since Jess put me away, I couldn’t stop thinking about superheroes. I gave in to one set of desires, so why not the other?”“You’re bisexual?”“Pan, my dear, but I wouldn’t expect to know that.”“I’m not fucking stupid, Kilgrave!”“I never said that. The distinction between bi and pan is still contentious, even in the LGBTQ community. But look! Your other two friends are waking up!” Kilgrave gleefully walked over to the two other superheroes.“Matt, I know you can’t see me, so I’m telling you that I captured you! And Danny, my good sir, no amount of Asian magic will get you out of this jam.”“What do you fucking want from us?!” asked Matt.“Oh, you’ll soon find out. Your minds belong to me, now.” With that, Kilgrave switched into his controlling voice. “You three will all be incredibly attracted to each other. You will act on it once I release you from your binds. Once I have allowed you to finish, you will go your separate ways. However, if you hear the trigger word, ‘moon pie’, you will listen to my commands fully, and like men, until you hear it repeated again.” Kilgrave then pressed a button attached to Luke’s machine. The three cages all opened up. Kilgrave didn’t move, as he watched Luke and Danny walk over to each other and start passionately making out. The juxtaposition of the two caused Kilgrave to have a good laugh. Matt was on the floor, as he was in an entirely new place, and his echolocation sense was being overpowered by the desire to fuck his fellow Defenders. He actually found their pants quickly, and pulled them both down to reveal ample sized cocks on both of them. Luke’s was naturally longer, and it was also bulletproof, as Matt found out quickly. Danny still had a very impressive 7 inches, but it wasn’t as spectacular in Matt’s opinion, especially for someone who couldn’t actually see what they were doing. Up top, the other two men had ripped off each other’s top. Only Matt would ever wear a button-down to crime-fight, but that’s besides the point. Danny had moved to worshipping Luke’s muscular body. Luke flexed as much as he could without moving his lower body. He still remembered Matt was blind, and moving around too much meant his awesome blowjobs would take even longer to happen. Danny paid special attention to his mountainous pecs and massive biceps, squeezing them and telling Luke how hot he was while doing so. Luke couldn’t really reciprocate with Danny, so they let Matt finish on their cocks. Both came at about the same time, but Luke was holding it back to do so. They covered Matt’s face with cum. His acute senses meant he could sense all the cum on his face, but his tongue could only reach so much. He didn’t want to move his hands yet, so Luke and Danny collected the rest and fed it to him. Danny then put his ass up in the air, and Luke and Matt got ready to fuck him.Matt put his cock in first, guided by Luke. Luke then stuffed his sausage inside Danny’s hole, and the two men began thrusting back and forth. Danny enjoyed the sensation of two cocks in his virgin hole, and especially the noise the two cocks made when rubbing against one another. Luke’s dick was already coated in some cum that had leaked out, so that transferred to Matt’s cock. All three men put in effort to deposit cum in Danny, which happened very quickly on Luke’s end. Since his cock was longer, he deposited his cum in Danny’s ass, while Matt’s ejaculation only covered Luke’s cock. Once they pulled out, they made Danny lick Luke’s cock clean. “It’s my turn now,” gleefully responded Kilgrave. “I am the object of your sexual desires.”“Yes, master,” the three said in unison. Kilgrave then used all three holes on his body for sex. He was sucking off Luke’s massive cock, which was still coated in his sticky and sweet cum. He had Matt sucking him off, after he guided him onto the cock. He finally had Danny fucking him. Kilgrave laid back as his genitals were being used, and focused all of his effort on sucking Luke’s monster cock. The room distinctly smelled of sex by now, and Kilgrave was enjoying it. There was also the cacophony of different noises that each Defender was making as they serviced Kilgrave. He came first, being the only male not to cum today. Matt expected it, thanks to the pre-ejaculation twitch, but he was not expecting the massive amounts of cum that spewed out of Kilgrave’s cock. Matt was dribbling cum as he pulled his mouth away. Danny came next, in a moderate fashion. It didn’t go far, or was intense as the others, but that befitted his personality. Finally, Luke came for a third time that day, coating Kilgrave’s mouth with his sweet cum. Once he swallowed it, he had some commands for the male Defenders.“Ugh,” replied Jessica, a couple days later. Kilgrave had taken over a local news station, and broadcast his message to the world.“Citizens of New York, your precious male Defenders are all mine!” The camera panned to the three in full pup get-up, with tight chastity cages on their dicks. “No one can stop me now!” The rant continued as Jess called up Nick Fury.“Hey, Nick, we have a Code Purple with Matt, Danny, and Luke.”“On it!”This has been another Peter request! I hope you enjoy it!

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