Guest Request #14Peter’s next request was not so much story-based as it was fulfilling a personal fantasy of his. The newly arrived Chris Pine was the last piece needed for the fantasy.For the first time in a while, there was no terraforming involved. All four Chrises would go directly to Peter’s room, which was actually one of the hotel’s penthouses. Trevor kept an insane number of rooms open, but since the costs of fantasies were so exorbitantly high, it balanced out in the end. As requested, the four men walked into his room completely nude. Peter had an ecstatic grin on his face as the four men lined up in a row, waiting for their commands. “Let’s start off with a massage,” Peter said. “Evans, shoulders. Hemsworth, back. Pratt, butt. Pine, legs and feet.” Peter laid face down on the room’s gigantic bed, and the four Chrises began their massages. Each one had a different form of sensuality attached to them, which Peter got to experience. Evans’ meaty but soft hands squeezed his shoulders ever so gently, and created a pleasant sensation as the pressure was released. Hemsworth was more focused on releasing tension, so his approach was more direct, with chops and other attacking methods. His slightly calloused hands created a paradoxical soothing effect, in which the pain was offset by a release of pleasure. Pratt knew exactly how to service a butt through a massage. He squeezed it in all the right places, and actually caused Peter to have a mini-enema from how relaxed it was. Finally, with Pine at his feet, Peter felt clean. Pine was a very much in the middle person, so Peter made sure he had the least erotic body part. However, Pine was the only one who sent tingles up his spine, after rubbing his feet in such the right way.After Peter was sufficiently relaxed, he sat up and ordered the Chrises to feed him. The refrigerator was stocked with all sorts of delectable treats, including chocolate-covered strawberries, the only food Peter specifically asked for. The men started with those, taking turns placing the strawberry on the tip of Peter’s tongue. He would then erotically lick all the chocolate he could off, before biting down and chewing the strawberry. They had gone through the whole bowl by the time they were done, and Peter estimated he ate over 100 strawberries. He made sure to limit his consumption of all the other foods, including grapes and his favorite food, Goldfish. Peter especially enjoyed eating off of the Chrises’ bodies, all immaculately clean for his fantasy. Next up, he brought out some submissive gear. While he still wanted to have sex with the men later on, Peter found it incredibly erotic to look at four muscle-bound studs helpless and not in control of their sexuality. Chastity cages that were extremely tight and butt plugs that were in bright, garish colors were put on the men, followed by equally colorful collars. Nipple clamps were also applied, and Peter even found some rubber hoods for the men to put on. Peter recorded the men doing various activities in this submissive getup, and their pitiful attempt at masturbation. Only Pine got even a dribble out, and that was only because his cage had actually broken a little bit from how huge his cock was. Once he was done with that part of the fantasy, he helped them to take it all off and get ready for the next part of his fantasy. Peter then had the men pose for him. They, of course, weren’t wearing posers, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t strike a pose. As they did, Peter went around feeling muscles, especially the biceps and the pecs. He paid special attention to those, and the fact all four had them very well defined. He also paid close attention to their ass, with all four Chrises having a bubble butt. Hemsworth’s was the most pronounced, though, with a distinct flat surface large enough for Peter’s hand to rest comfortably without falling off. The final body part he enjoyed during this part was the abs. All four men had an eight-pack, which was very surprising. Evans had the most defined abs, with distinct and deep ridges between his muscles. Peter then mentally prepared himself for the final and most exciting part of the fantasy: the sex.   He was to stay in the middle while the four cycled between fucking him or getting their dick sucked by him. First up was Pine in the ass and Evans in the mouth. Peter mentally prepared himself for the massive dong that was about to infiltrate his ass. It went in with an audible pop, and even on the first thrust, it showed signs of bulging from Peter’s abs. Evans, on the other hand, had a nice and sweaty cock that tasted vaguely like oregano. Peter didn’t ask any questions as he sucked Evans off, making sure to enjoy the sensations. The sensations from Pine were totally different, with his ass being rocked and colon being stretched with every thrust. Despite Pine’s monster dick size, the balls hadn’t really caught up yet, so the banging of them against Peter’s ass was not as loud as one might have thought. The two Chrises came within seconds of each other, coating two of Peter’s holes with their thick and creamy cum. Pine then moved up to the mouth and Hemsworth got a turn in the ass. Peter audibly choked on Pine’s donkey cock, so he had to manually adjust it so that he could breathe easily. His dick didn’t taste like anything weird, but Peter did enjoy licking a thin sheet of cum, from his prior ejaculation. Hemsworth did not have as big a cock as Pine, but he made up for it in speed. The sounds of balls hitting ass was much louder with him, and the intensity was much higher. Peter found this experience the least enjoyable, as it required more manual labor on his part, as to not die. However, the end result was one of the best, with Pine being the only one to have his cum dribble down the sides of Peter’s mouth. Hemsworth then moved up to the mouth, while Pratt got ready to fuck his ass. Hemsworth’s cock was nice and sticky, just like Pine’s. His also had a glistening layer of sweat on it, as Hemsworth put in quite a bit more effort than Pine had in the fucking department. Besides the taste, Hemsworth also had a strong musk about him, which Peter breathed in every chance he could get. Pratt was no slouch in the cock department either, being slightly longer than Hemsworth, but definitely not as long as Pine. That meant his fucking experience was the most average, but it certainly wasn’t terrible. He combined Hemsworth’s intensity with Pine’s colon-pushing thrusts to create an extremely pleasurable experience for Peter. Hemsworth came first, and Peter adored the taste of everything of his mouth, all at the same time. Pratt came not much later, also with a middle-of-the-line cum. It definitely wasn’t weak, however!Pratt went up to Peter’s mouth, and it finally wrapped back around to Evans, this time inserting his cock in Peter’s ass. Pratt’s cock wasn’t anything special, as was the theme with him, but Peter devoured it. Since there was nothing to dote on, he could focus all of his attention on sucking the hunk, without worrying about accidentally choking or the taste of the cock. Evans, on the other hand, had a slightly longer cock than Hemsworth’s, not rivaling Pine’s in length, but getting pretty fucking close. His balls were also full to the brim, so Peter’s best fuck was given by Evans. His was also the loudest of the day, with three batches of cum floating around in Peter’s ass, causing his thrusts to sound like something pushing through jello, and the loud reverberations from his balls slapping against Peter’s ass. Surprisingly, Pratt came first, and the amount that came out was pretty decent. Evans lived up to his best fuck of the night by having an explosive ejaculation. His was the only one with cum leaking out of Peter’s ass, but there was a lot mixed in now, so he wasn’t sure all of that was his. Peter then sent the four Chrises away so he could relax. He had a fucking great day, and couldn’t wait to show the video to all of his friends.Requests are always open!

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