Guest Request #15Another one of Peter’s requests involved Chris Evans, but this time it focused on him solely, in his defining role as Captain America.Dr. Erskine was getting annoyed at his work. He was trying to perfect the Super Soldier serum. He had all the results he desired, but they came with a very awkward side effect: the drinker became quite horny. The mice showed this behavior as well, but whenever he thought he took out the part of the serum that caused it, it failed miserably on the next test. He had to work over from scratch, but wanted to see if this serum would have the same effect on humans. He got a call from the Army recruiter soon after he had put the message out there. They were sending over a scrawny, asthmatic young man who would never made it past basic training. Dr. E made sure to exaggerate the Super Soldier portion, and not the side effect he intended to see. Steve Rogers arrived at the address given to him. He rang the door, and an older man in a white lab coat opened it up.“You must be Steve Rogers. Dr. Erskine. The Army tells me you’re a promising candidate for my Super Soldier trial.”“Because I’m weak and scrawny.”“I’m not denying that, but it’s also because of your positive demeanor you have, despite being denied the ability to serve your country.”“That is very true.” By this time, the two men had reached Dr. E’s vast underground lab. In the middle of the room was a coffin-like machine, opened up to reveal a web of wires and other doohickeys. “What’s that?” Steve asked.“That, my boy, is my patented Serum Dispersal Unit. This serum is poured over you for it to work, so a machine can do that much more efficiently than a human can.”“I see. So, should I step up in there now?”“If you would. And once you’re inside, please strip off all your clothes. That way, the serum covers every part of the body.”“Of course.” Steve stepped inside, and once he locked the door, he took off all his clothes. The device wasn’t too spacious, but he didn’t have too much trouble taking off his clothes. He flashed a thumbs-up to Dr. E, and he turned on the device. Steve felt and saw a golden liquid drip from all corners of the machine and on to his body. There was then a large flash, and Dr. E could only see white emanating from the machine. When it finally cleared, the machine noted Steve had received 100% of the serum, and the door opened.Steve tumbled out, much more muscular than before. Everything was well-defined, and he had abs now! What was most shocking to Dr. E was the size of Steve’s cock. While he didn’t measure it beforehand, he would have bet his life his cock didn’t reach down to his kneecap, completely flaccid. He had noticed genital increases in the mice as well, but the human ratio must have been much larger. Steve then noticed it too.“Shit! My dick’s a foot long, and I’m not even hard!”“I know, Steve, that came as a shock to me as well. Does it still work?”“How the fuck would I know? I don’t know how to jack off with this thing!”“Let’s just try.” Steve then used both hands to grasp his cock and rub up and down, like he did when his cock was normal-sized. It surprisingly worked, and he started to get hard. He watched as his dick went up higher and higher, until he was rock-hard, and staring at the head of his dick straight-on.“What the fuck am I supposed to do with a giant pecker?”“I think I have an idea.” Dr. E brought out another, smaller device. “Let’s input 2018 into this. And flash!” The device shot out a beam that transmitted Steve into the future. “I’ll have to thank Doc Brown for this nifty device.”Steve, meanwhile, woke up in the future. Dr. E’s building had been turned into a porn studio in the future, specifically Kristen Bjorn. One of the videographers stumbled upon him in the supply room. He showed his director, who called up his contact at They flew Steve out to LA, where he and his monster cock were on camera for the first time. He turned into a porn star overnight. Even the New York Times had an article about this massively dicked man, who quickly forayed into straight and bi porn as well. There were contests to find a person who could safely get all of Steve’s cock into a hole. No one even came close, but it only cemented his place as the world’s sex god. Quite a few porn stars had scenes with him, including big names like Zeb Atlas and Johnny Rapid. He quickly opened up his own production company, that focused on people just jerking him off, and the hilarity of it all. Scientists were baffled by him. Dr. E had lost the serum’s information, so nobody knew about the odd particles that kept showing up in Steve’s blood. One of Steve’s favorite scenes that he did is transcribed below. We begin with Steve and Stormy walking up to Stormy’s parents’ home. The camera pans to reveal her parents are Zeb and Mia Khalifa, out of retirement for a scene with Steve. Steve rings the doorbell.“Hello,” gruffly answers Zeb. “So, you must be my daughter’s next fucktoy. Please, come inside.” The two enter her home, to find Mia pleasuring herself with a dildo. “Um, Mom, what did I say about doing that when I had guests over?”“But he’s Steve fucking Rogers, honey! I want to fuck him too!”“And you know I fuck all of your boyfriends as well, to see if he’s a real man,” adds in Zeb.“Then let’s do it!” announces Steve, ripping off his pants. It was painfully obvious to see where his dick had been, and the three fellow family members quickly followed suit. They team up on sucking on Steve’s massive dong, and Stormy even sits on her boyfriend’s dick while still stroking him off. He spews a mountain of cum all over their couch, and his ridiculously muscular body, which all four lick up. They then take turns getting down as far as possible with Steve’s giga cock.Zeb is able to get down the farthest, and it is actually Steve who is in the most pain, as his cock is starting to bend at a very odd angle. Both the women correctly decide anal would be better for them. They don’t get as far as the man of the house did, but they both use their asses to rub Steve’s cock and make him cum again, covering Zeb in another load of massive cum. “He’s fucking great for you, honey,” says Zeb, in between licks of Steve’s load.“And your father’s massive dong is big enough for me,” adds Mia, getting herself situated on the ground again. The young couple then kisses, and the camera fades away.Requests are always open! This include photo manips as well!

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