Brainpower, Ch. 7

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“What in the actual fuck!?” announced Ash, over breakfast. Today’s top headline, from the News app on the Corinian phone, announced another Earth expedition, but for a different purpose.

King Corianiolaus is proud to announce the next expedition to find suitable slaves for our planet. However, as the new crop of slaves has proved to be excellently valuable, due in part to Jeffrey, our King’s majordomo, this expedition will be the first of its kind. The process will be the same process, but the men will not be brought aboard a ship. Rather, they will remain frozen until needed. The same rules apply for non-affecteds as they would on any normal trip. If you are interested on being on the ship, contact the Exploration and Enslavement Office at ext. 69.”

He showed Jensen when he woke up.

“Oh, shit,” replied Jensen. “Let me get in contact with my palace informant to see if he was any additional information.”

Meanwhile, Cor was discussing why they were sending one final ship to Earth, when the Enslavatron was proved to work just fine. “As you all know, human and Corinian bodies are vastly similar. However, one key difference is in our diseases. Thankfully, our antibodies adapt quite quickly when a new disease is introduced, but we do not want another Bubonic Plague incident on our hands. In case an infected male makes it through and infects other males, we have another crew on back-up.” Everyone applauded, partly for it making sense, and since he was the king. 

Cor and Jeff then did a walk-and-talk on the way to the public throne room, where citizens would have one-on-one time with Cor. “Our analysis shows that Geyser’s Flow is the next suitable town for our endeavor. However, further analysis has indicated you have a biological relative there, either your son or brother.”

“Brother, my King.”

“I see. Then we will need to contribute some brainpower to that town’s machine. I fear the same thing might happen to your brother as it did to you.”

Back at the hideout, Ash was hyperventilating after hearing the additional information.

“Geyser’s Flow!? My son lives there! I can’t have this happen again!”

“Wait. I thought Jeffrey was your son,” said one of the men.

“He is, but I have another. Clark moved there to pursue his dream of being a male stripper. It was the only joint like that for miles around Allentown.”

“And you let him do it?” asked another man.

“Fuck yeah I did! He was rolling in the dough after his first year, and he sent me quite a bit of money over the years.”

“That’s great and all, Ash,” started Jensen, “but you forget the point that Clark’s about to be enslaved.”

“Fuck! What can I do to rescue him?”

“My informant is traveling on this ship as the palace ambassador. He can be your master until you get back.”


Meanwhile, Jeff has been escorted to the Brainpower room. He noticed a line of men going past the gigantic orb in the center of the room. Once they got past it, it looked they had no brains left.

“That’s right,” explained the guard. Corinians did have mental powers, but it still caught Jeff off-guard. “Once a man is no longer suitable for any task, he gets sent here. After his brainpower is used for fuel, he gets a new lease on life as a sex slave. A lifeless husk of a man that can’t reciprocate, unless you pay the really, really big bucks to get him a brain back.”

“Oh, thank you,” responded Jeff. “I just need to contribute some of mine for the GF mission.”

“Of course! Use the keypad by the orb to type it in, and the specific piece the spaceship uses will pop out. Instructions for self-draining are on the side.”

“Do you do it often?”

“It’s a form of punishment for us guards.” Jeff kept that in mind as he walked over and inputted Geyser’s Flow. A small orb popped out of the gigantic one, and he followed the instructions for a brain drain. It surprisingly filled up more than halfway with only half a billionth of his brain gone. He certainly was something special. 

Jensen had called all the men at the safehouse for a meeting. “Men, as you all know, Ash here is leaving to save his other son from the Corinians. I and the other leaders have elected to use our one and only protection pad on Ash. Is there any dissent?” Nobody raised their hand. “Then it is settled. We will work on procuring another one, and finding a suitable way to get more easily. Dismissed.” Jensen then brought Ash to his room.

“What in the flying fuck is a protection pad?”

“It’s the only cure for Corinian brainwashing. A Corinian scientist banded together with some of our own, but all three were assassinated when it was found out. Only one was made prior to it, and the scientists burned all the evidence, including instructions on how to make it. Our scientists have been working diligently to recreate it, but unfortunately, our palace connection isn’t in the science field, and all scientists are now on a strict embargo. It provides everlasting protection, so as long as you have it on you at all times, you will be safe.”

“And how does that work?”

“We tattoo it on the inside of your body.”

“Will it- I know it will fucking hurt. Let’s just get this over with.”

Sorry for the delay between Ch. 6 and 7! I hope to be writing this a bit more frequently now!

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