Guest Request #16Peter’s final full-blown request once involved Chris Hemsworth as Thor, but in a way that was distinctly different than anything Celebworld had seen before. Reginald Peterson was an odd mix of full-on nerd, but with a fuckable body. He was currently driving through the desert on the way to SDCC. He bought tickets for nearly everything he wanted to see, but that meant plane fare was out of the picture. He drove an electric car, so gas money wasn’t an issue. In the middle of the desert, his car’s electronics went haywire. Luckily, it forced the car to a stop, but the damn thing wouldn’t turn back on. There was nothing around for literally miles, but Reginald’s eyes were drawn to a depression some ways away, that seemed to be emitting lightning. He knew that running in the desert would be a bad thing to do, but this electricity might be his best bet to get to SDCC.When he arrived at the depression, he saw a hammer was emitting the electricity. It looked vaguely like Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. He laughed to himself, as he knew that was a fictional character whom he would see at SDCC. Still, it was emitting electricity, so he picked it up. He then felt a weird sensation throughout his body. There was a bright flash, and when Reginald woke up, he found himself situated in a palace. “What the fuck happened to me?” He then looked down, and realized he was now in an insanely jacked body. “FUCK!” A person then materialized into his room.“Shit!”“Oh, dear,” said Odin. “You’re not my son.”“Damn right I’m not! Did you fucking kidnap me?”Not helping his case, Odin blew a powder from one of his many pockets onto Reginald’s face. His eyes became vacant, and he started drooling. “You are Thor Odinson, not whatever puny human you were on Midgard. All memories of Midgard will leave your mind. Heimdall will restore the memories of the real Thor to you. You are an Asgardian warrior, and are sworn to protect it from harm.”“Yes,” Reggie-as-Thor sleepily responded back.“Good.” Odin pressed a button on a device from another pocket, and Thor’s face lit up like a rocket. Heimdall was restoring his memories, so that Reginald Peterson would never exist. He stayed until the process was over. “What is your name?” he asked, once Thor’s face looked normal again.“Thor Odinson, father? Are you starting to forget?”“No, my son. I just like to say your name sometimes.”“Okay, Father.”Odin’s plan worked. Reggie-as-Thor acted no differently than Thor did before, but with one slightly big difference. Reggie was a chick magnet as well, attracting the people attracted to nerds and hot men in general. Thor also had that effect, so the two combined into Thor becoming more of a womanizer he already was. Odin couldn’t banish him again, so he decided to send him to Tony Stark, who was collecting powerful heroes. Loki was planning to do something anyways, but his visions could only tell him so much. Meanwhile, Thor, in Chris Hemsworth’s body, never found his hammer, as someone else had taken it. He was taken in by the Chippendales, who happening to passing by after a desert shoot. Thor lived out most of his life on Earth as a stripper, barely aging because of his Asgardian blood. He especially enjoyed the Avengers, including the one who shared his name. He thought the two of them looked fairly similar, but never questioned it further. Requests are always open!  

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