Guest Request 17a and 18Peter’s last requests before he left all centered around the same fantasy, but with a bunch of different celebs. Trevor, being the capitalist he is, decided that another full-blown fantasy could take place at the same time, as long as there would be no interaction. So, Wa returned, with a name change as well. He now went by John, but his fantasies were still sick and perverted as ever. Peter will go first.Chris Hemsworth showed up in Peter’s room, nude, as requested. Peter was nude as well, and the two walked over to each other, only to sit down on the couch. The two men then started worshipping one another. Peter was of an average build, but to Chris, he appeared to be a god. Peter had fun fondling Chris’ meaty pecs and sensitive nipples. They then took turns flexing, so each could experience the pleasure of worshipping. Chris went first, and Peter was shocked his whole hand couldn’t make it around the biceps. He held on to the muscle as Chris contracted and flexed it, revealing its massive size even when contracted. Peter then flexed on his end, but it wasn’t too spectacular. Chris, however, looked like he was a kid in a candy store, feeling all over Peter’s arms and enjoying the sight of barely visible biceps.“I love you, Peter,” proclaimed Chris, before moving on to Peter’s abs, which were faintly visible, if at all. “I love you too,” responded Peter, as he flexed to get his abs somewhat visible. The new area of the body was once again better for reciprocation. Peter got to play with an actual eight-pack, and had fun in the deep crevices of Chris’ abs. Next up was the legs. Peter didn’t reciprocate, as it was weird, but he greatly enjoyed watching the celebrity fawn over his legs like they were his cock. The worship wasn’t half-bad, either. It was like the arms, except much more meatier naturally. “You’re a perfect human being,” said Chris, “and I wouldn’t want to have you any other way.”“Stop! You’re making me blush!” responded Peter, playfully, knowing full well he programmed Chris to say that. The two then moved on to feet. Peter was a big fan of feet worship, and had jacked off to more times then he could count. Worshipping a celeb’s foot, even in a gonked out, not really him state, was a dream come true. Even Chris didn’t take the time to go between every toe and under every toenail. The first of quite a few foot worshipping sessions for him made him rock hard in under 30 seconds, quite the record for a grower. It stayed erect the whole time, so after he called it quits, he naturally had Chris suck him off. His lips were impeccably soft as they caressed Peter’s cock, and the intensity of the foot worship and sensual lips caused him to prematurely ejaculate, big-time. Chris was forced to swallow it, as it came on much too quickly for him to react. Once he was done, he thanked Chris and cleaned himself off. Quite a few men would be visiting his room today, and Chris was just the first one.John’s first request back was actually a more public one, but with his flair attached. All the very muscular men on the island so far, like JJ or Kellan, were in his fantasy, wearing a very particular getup. It consisted of tight black bike shorts, literally leaving nothing to the imagination. You could easily tell their genital region was shaved, and exactly where their asscracks were. They also had on knee-high boots, like the ones in Kinky Boots. These were black, to match the getup, but the connotation of the boots added to their humiliation. They were also forced to wear a bowtie, much like the sexy waiter who only wears that and wrist cuffs. Leather harnesses were also in the pectoral region, but the laughably small size of them made them look like bras on the men. Finally, they had a ball gag in their mouth, with a very unique shape. It had a hole in the middle, so men could still get their dick sucked. This had a very specific size limit, as expanding the mouth too much had much more dire consequences than expanding the ass. The men were put into the middle of the town square, with John plopping down on a bench in front of them. He focused especially on JJ, who seemed to bear the brunt of other guests’ perverted fantasies. People actually paid attention to the ball gag sign, and found either a mouth that worked for them, or an ass. Thrusting also couldn’t be intense, but John enjoyed watching the hunky men’s mouthes fill up with sperm after a mini bukkake session in their mouth. Fucking them in the ass was also fun to see. The bike shorts had an asshole slit, which was surprisingly not substantially bigger by the end of the day. Cocks of all shape and sizes penetrated the men’s holes, and deposited cum that way as well. John especially enjoyed when guests teamed up to fill his two holes at once. The men weren’t just passive cumdumps, however. After John made some minor adjustments, the males’ cocks were freed from their black cages, and free to fuck whomever they pleased. Many guests wanted to get their ass fucked by a hunky muscular men, like JJ, and he often was using all three holes at once. The guests also serviced JJ and the studs. This was geared more towards submissives, who loved the mini-fantasy of a muscular stud bossing them around. Of course, they couldn’t talk, but their hands guided the way. John enjoyed this part immensely, as it showed how adaptive their programming was, while still staying in specific parameters. At the end of the day, John was pleased with this fantasy. It was certainly the most unique fantasy Celebworld had ever fulfilled, and Trevor thanked John for the increase in foot traffic in the main plaza. He got to work on his next request he wanted fulfilled on his trip, as Chris Evans arrived at Peter’s room.Requests are always open!

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