Guest Request 17b and 19While Peter’s day of debauchery continued, John had another fantasy to fulfill, but not as hands-on as yesterday. He also was the pioneer in the watching room option Trevor now tacked on to non-personal fantasies as another perk. This was a terraformed room with a massive one-way mirror that gave guests a much more closer approach to the action, while still not participating in it. Meanwhile, Chris Evans made his way over to Peter. He learned that standing up while muscle worshipping was the quicker route, so the two began that way, with the pecs once more. Evans definitely had meatier pecs than Hemsworth did, so Peter was practically in heaven feeling them up, and cupping them. His nipples were also insanely long hard, almost a full inch away from his body erect, practically unheard of. The celeb’s erogenous zones still didn’t change, so Chris physically felt the same sublime sensations of playing with one’s rock-hard nipples. Peter, of course, didn’t gain any muscle since the last session, but it still didn’t stop Chris from playing with his, pretending they were slabs of meat. Even his nipples were lackluster, with a barely noticeable raise to them. “I love you so fucking much,” said Chris.“I love you too!” announced Peter, as they moved to their abs. Chris also had very defined ones, so Peter had quite a bit of fun tracing all around them. He enjoyed Chris’ valiant attempts to create even the basic semblance of a six-pack on him, but kept failing miserably. Thankfully, that was fairly short, and they moved onto the biceps. Chris’ were fucking huge, larger than Hemsworth’s, even, and Peter also enjoyed this portion of the hunk. Biceps was about the only area he provided any solid form of reciprocation in for the celeb, but Peter was so entranced by how Chris’ biceps reached above his shoulders when flexing with a straight arm, he really didn’t care how small they were. “You’re the most perfect human being in the world,” announced Chris.“Thank you!” replied Peter, as Chris moved to the legs. This was still the weirdest out of the worshipping pieces, but Peter actually enjoyed it. He had those strong runners’ hamstrings, so it was like a bicep, but in his leg. Even though he didn’t want to reciprocate, Chris’ legs were just calling out to him to be worshipped, and so he did so. This also applied to the feet, but since Peter loved them, he put a lot more effort into it. Chris did as well, almost mirroring Peter action-for-action, including his signature under the toenail lick. This got him hard once again, but this time the celeb had something to say before sucking him off. “I would do anything for you, Master!” he announced, with such a large grin on his face. Peter knew this reaction was only fleeting in his mind, but he greatly enjoyed the validation, and the cock-sucking. Chris was excellent at it, once again doing exactly what Peter would have done. It was a bit freaky, but then he realized he was responsible for the celebs’ parameters, and Chris must have been a little too close to the realistic end of the range. It really didn’t matter, as the blowjob was fucking awesome, and he was able to give a celeb a facial this time. He sent Chris away as he cleaned up in preparation for the next celeb.John plopped down in his seat, and watched as his fantasy unfold before his very eyes.Luke answered the door.“Um, you have a package that I believe is a human male. I’ve left him by the curb. Sign here please,” explained the UPS guy.“No problem. And I think it might be. And, here’s a tip for lugging that thing to the ground.”“Thank you, sir!” As he drove away, Luke pushed the box all the way to the garage. There was an imperceptible incline, so it was a small struggle to get it into the garage, but Luke had barely broke a sweat by the time he shut the garage door. He ripped off the flimsy wrapping paper to find out it was his real-life sex doll, Austin Mahone!He had dyed blond hair, and all of his muscles were accentuated to make them pop. “Hello, Master. Do you prefer Master, or shall I call you by another name?”“Luke, please.”“Luke it is. Please refer to my instruction manual for programming. My eight-pack functions as buttons connected to various nerves to create the perfect experience for you.” Luke got to work adjusting Austin’s internal settings to his liking. First and foremost was restoring natural cadence to his voice. Then began the fun part of making sure he couldn’t say no to anything not already programmed as no. His desires included strong kinks like scat and intense BDSM. Luke wasn’t planning on using them, yet, but it was nice to know Austin would be fine with it if it were to come up somehow. Another key change was natural body movement. Despite the fact Austin was a doll, his internal anatomy was exactly the same. “Suck me off,” Luke commanded. Austin went down on his knees and began the process. These sex dolls’ lips were specially made for sucking on cocks of all sizes, which meant their resting position was akin to duck lips. However, most got past that when they felt the incredible sensation of those lips on their cock. Luke also enjoyed the fresh out of the box smell, something one normally wouldn’t associate with humans. The trained lips also meant sucking could be noiseless or noisy as you wanted. Luke loved for it to be silent, so the only thing he heard from the sex doll was swallowing spit. “I’m going to cum!” he screamed. He despised that cliché, but it actually had a real effect this time. Austin’s body adapted to the deluge of oncoming cum by creating a near instantaneous path to the stomach acid, where most of the sperm would be dissolved. This was achieved by a vacuum-like machine in the place of the larynx, with their voice being made by a complex machine lower down than usual. Back to Austin, he changed quickly enough and was able to consume all of Luke’s cum, of which there was a lot. Luke then decided to fuck his sex doll. Another great thing about them was their pliable holes. The hole itself was only slightly larger than usual, but it could expand fit at least five fists comfortably. That meant there was no initial plop, but the sensation of the loose-ass hole slowly adapting to his cock circumference was heavenly. Most of the noise came from balls against the ass, as Luke knew Austin liked it. He also wasn’t worried about hitting his g-spot, as the cavernous ass meant it was very unlikely for him to do so. The smell of something new was quickly combining with the aromas of sex, not the best smell. However, Luke was euphoric, entering a trance-like stance while inhaling it. He was hoping to cover Austin’s ass with his cum, but his cock quite literally got lost coming out to attempt it. After he finished cumming for the second time in just a few minutes, he had to carefully guide his dick out. The moisture created a pop sound on the way out, however. Luke didn’t reciprocate, as it was a toy, at its most simple level. However, Luke quickly got used to it. He found out the long and hard way that the dolls didn’t naturally clean themselves, so once Austin’s musk became too unbearable, he programmed in some cleaning sessions. Austin’s base was still him as a singer, and the intense brainwashing they gave him carefully avoided the male’s intrinsic talent. The two acted like a normal couple most days, albeit not in the bedroom. There, Luke was always on top, as he didn’t want give a doll control. John then called it quits. He had cum quite a few times to the fantasy, and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see his next one fulfilled. Meanwhile, yet another Chris, Mr. Pratt, arrived at Peter’s door. 

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