Guest Fantasy 17c and 20Peter was still enjoying his day of worship, while John had yet another fantasy he wanted to see fulfilled. Chris Pine arrived at Peter’s doorstep, ready for a worship session. He escorted Chris inside, and then they started the worship. Both men did not have insanely muscular chests like the other Chrises did, so that experience was nothing too fanciful. Chris’ were slightly bigger, but his areolae were massive. They weren’t really erogenous, but Peter was entranced by the massive size of them. They looked like fucking pepperoni! They then moved onto the biceps, which Pine at least had defined biceps, if not jacked ones. Peter felt comfortable reciprocating with him, as his weren’t too much smaller. It felt odd getting touched in that area for the first time today, but the sensation was euphoric. The feeling of touching such a small arm was wildly different, as his fingers and hands touched more often than they had done before. “I love you, Peter,” Chris said.“You as well,” replied Peter, as he moved down to Chris’ abs. After his ginormous cock, his abs were the best thing about Chris. Once again, they weren’t as defined, but there was a solid six-pack there for Peter to enjoy. Chris tried his hardest to worship Peter, but it was truthfully getting nowhere very fast. After he finished with the abs, they transitioned to the legs. Peter was slowly getting more comfortable with this kind of worship, and actually moaned in pleasure for the first time when Chris hit a kink in his leg. Chris’ legs definitely had meat to them, but not enough that Peter felt comfortable reciprocating. “You’re perfect,” then added Chris.“Ah, thank you!” responded Peter, as they moved to their favorite part, the feet. Peter enjoyed rubbing Chris’ feet, getting into all the cracks and crevices. He could tell Chris wasn’t really into it on his end, with Peter getting barely any action. That only made him go harder, and brought his tongue down to elevate the feeling Chris had. It actually worked, as Chris put in more effort on his end, and was visually enjoying the new sensation on his feet. “I would do anything for you!” exclaimed Chris, before sucking on Peter’s cock. Peter really wanted to reciprocate with that monster cock, but he had quite a few more guys to get through today, and he didn’t want to spend the day in the infirmary. Chris, however, was doing a damn good job on his cock, owing to the fact he could probably practice self-fellatio. He knew exactly where his tongue needed to be at all times, and even used his hands to play with Peter’s balls to accentuate the feeling. In throes of ecstasy, Peter came, once again depositing cum in the celeb’s mouth instead of on their face. However, he didn’t mind, as Chris was a fucking good sucker, and he hoped someone could rival him back home. He got cleaned up and ready for his next celeb to walk in. “Mike Trout to the headmaster’s office, Mike Trout to the headmaster’s office.” Everyone was laughing as Mike made his way there. It certainly wasn’t for his get-up, which consisted of red spandex pants, knee high socks and boots, and just a red tie on his chest. Most of the muscular men in school looked like this, but it was the situation that caused the laughs. Headmaster David Beckham notoriously only brought seniors into his office when he wanted to have fun with them. His last victim, Brooklyn, couldn’t walk normal for the rest of the day. “Hello, Mr. Trout,” said David, towering over the stud as he entered.“Hello, sir. Did I do anything wrong, sir?”“You did, Mike. You are a very naughty boy. And you know what naughty boys get? Spankings!”“Yes, sir.” David spread his legs, and then Mike got into position over his knees, and David locked him into place. Normally, he would have taken off their clothes to spank the ass directly, but the skin-tight spandex would only add to the torture. He began, and he did not start off easy. The sounds of Mike’s spanking reverberated through the halls, loud enough that the classes on that floor of the building all heard it, plain as day. David never stopped, always going back and forth from cheek-to-cheek. After a solid ten minutes of spanking, he did roll down the spandex, to see how much pain he had caused Mike already. It was red, but he could certainly do more. He continued spanking the hunk, but this time bare skin to bare skin. This accelerated the process nicely, so by the time David applied lotion to his chapped hands, Mike’s ass was deep red, verging on black in some places. “Now it’s time to continue your ass torture,” gleefully announced David, as he unlocked a drawer in his desk. It contained various dildoes, all of which he would be using on Mike. First up was a regular dildo, just to see how wide Mike’s ass was. It fit that dildo no problem, so David moved up the line until the dildo had a lot of struggle going inside. He put a few dildoes back in the drawer, knowing those would definitely hurt his student. He then placed a small dildo in Mike’s ass, smaller than his palm. However, what Mike couldn’t see was that it was inflatable. David turned it to automatic, and watched Mike’s reaction as the dildo ballooned to full length. He stopped it when he saw it poking up at Mike’s abs. He then turned the vibration function on, and watched Mike’s entire body vibrate, before taking it out. Next up was a double ended dildo. It was long enough for Mike to suck on it while David played around with it in his ass. That part was a bit boring, but then David switched ends, so Mike was now sucking on a cock filled with his ass sweat and other liquids. His face showed it was horrible, but he knew his punishment would be even more severe if he didn’t do what David told him to do. His ass actually wasn’t too bad, as it was mostly the dildo’s texture combined with it that created that taste. David then took that dildo away and brought out a third. This was a scraper dildo, albeit with soft edges, as to not cause internal bleeding. Mike winced in pain as that one was inserted, and David pushed it back and forth, reaching all the way up to his g-spot. That didn’t last for too long at all, but it now mean both the inside and outside of his ass fucking hurt. The final dildo David used actually wasn’t a dildo at all. It was Ben-wa balls, and there were a shit-ton of them. He took maniacal pleasure shoving all that he could in Mike’s ass, and watching through the strained skin on his abdomen how far they were going up. He stopped at the final ball, a massive one that was used like the flare at the end of a dildo. “Get them all out,” ordered David. Mike complied, pushing out tons of balls like he was shitting. They just kept coming and coming, most of them covered in ass juice, and liquids from the intestines. David had a lick to see if Mike’s reaction was justified, and in his opinion, it most certainly was not. Mike’s ass tasted fucking fantastic, and even his intestinal juices weren’t half bad. Finally, Mike pushed out the last ball, helpfully marked as one. Then, without any warning, David rammed his cock into Mike’s ass.“OW!” he fucking screamed.“Shut the fuck up, you dirty fucking fairy, or your punishment will be even more severe!”Mike nodded as David continued his assault. He prided himself on his over-sized dick, topping in at 11″ hard. He was always the talk of the locker room, and that was the real reason why Victoria married him. It also meant he could hit most of the places the scraper dildo already did, causing Mike to wince in pain every few seconds. David also pulled out completely and then forced himself back in, causing Mike’s hole to widen every single time. By this time, the smell of ass juices were lingering in the air, and David used that sensation to plow into Mike even harder. The verbal abuse also continued, adding another outlet for David’s intensity. After a few long hard minutes of fucking, he ordered Mike to flip around.“Yes, sir!” He then sprayed Mike’s chest and face with his cum, of which there was a lot. He had been in self-imposed chastity this week, just for this reason. “Eat it,” he commanded. “Fucking eat all of it.”“Yes, sir!” Mike got to work collecting and eating all of David’s cum. It had a distinctive flavor to it, more bitter than most other cum he has tasted. That unfortunately made the process even more difficult. David, noticing he wasn’t eating it fast enough, force-fed him some of it, to speed up the goddamn process. Once it was finally all swallowed, he dismissed the poor hunk. “Oh, and when you get back to class, tell JJ I need to see him.”Requests are always open!

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