Brainpower, Ch. 8

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“Fuck!” screamed Ash. Tattooing on the outside of the skin was painful, but doing it in reverse was excruciating. He eventually got through it, and Jensen provided one final item before he left.

“These are green contact lenses that mirror what the enslaved males’ eyes look like. They should bond to your eye, so that you don’t need to worry about taking them off.”

“Thanks,” replied Ash, as he put them in. “You guys have been so helpful. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Save your son from this,” responded Jensen, as he escorted Ash out the door. His “master” was here to pick him up. The two traveled to the spaceship, and Ash blended in quite easily. They then took off, and then jumped into warp drive to make its way to Earth. On board the ship, Ash watched the mannerisms of the enslaved men, and tried to mirror them as best as he could. 

No one had noticed he was acting slightly unnatural, and he made the trip to Earth in record time. What he found out was the Corinians were not a super-genius species, as the machine that mind-wiped the populace had to be attached to a cell tower. Still, it was a technological marvel. Geyser’s Flow proved to have a bit more different execution than any other prior enslavement. The cell tower was literally on the outskirts of town, and was quite prominent. Purple-skinned humans would not be able to safely traverse, so a team of all slaves was sent down. Ash was included in this posse, and they were beamed down.

With the slaves’ one-track mind and no knowledge of unneeded external stimuli, Ash was able to slip away from the group, and make his way into town. Thankfully, the Corinians dressed somewhat similarly to humans, so Ash did not stick out like a sore thumb. He made his way to the strip joint, and asked for Clark. He was informed he was in the middle of a private show. Ash quickly improvised, stating Jeff, his brother, had died suddenly. The desk person knew Clark well enough to believe it, and he let Ash inside.

“Time to leave, buddy.” The middle-aged man Clark was servicing rushed out of the room.

“What the fuck, Dad? I was getting into a rhythm!”

“You need to fucking leave right now. Aliens are going to control your mind, and make you frozen forever.”

“That’s utter bullshit, Ash.”

“It’s not! I was captured by them, and I escaped from them to rescue you!”

“Sure, Jan.”

“Don’t you quote memes at me, young man. Let’s go!”

“Fine. But only if I can see an alien.”

“Let’s fucking go, then!” The two left the strip club, only to notice a crowd of people gathering around the cell tower, with five men climbing it with a large box device. The police were just arriving, but Ash noticed that they were going to flip the switch.

“FUCKING SHIT!” he screamed, as the mind-controlling waves spread throughout the town. The men staring at the cell tower quickly took out their phones, while the females lost interest. Ash watched in pure horror as he saw the town being enveloped by the same affliction he had undergone. The waves reached where he was standing. He then realized Jeff’s boost exceeded the power of the pad, as once again, he fell under Corinian control.

“Dad! DAD!” screamed Clark, who, like his brother, was not affected. He tried everything to snap his dad out of it, but to no avail. He looked around town, and saw all the men frozen, just like his dad was. He also watched as all the women and children left in droves, with none being left behind. The waves had prompted them to do that, leaving Geyser’s Flow as a ghost town, only with all the males remaining. 

Clark saw people that he knew needlessly frozen, for no reason, all around him. “I guess Dad was fucking right, then.” A few seconds later, he watched a spaceship brazenly take off, just past the vista. The Corinians didn’t think anyone would notice, but they were sorely mistaken. Clark knew he needed to find a way to Corinian, or whatever the fuck it was called. He called up a old friend of his, using one of the many payphones scattered around his town.

“Our plan appears to have worked perfectly,” noted King Cor, watching the footage from the event earlier that Earthen day. “Let’s get the Enslavatron plugged into permanent power, shall we!”

Meanwhile, the resistance’s informant, Lysander, arrived at the compound with terrible news. “Ash appears to have fallen under Corinian control, yet again. The bright side is that a man I believe to be Clark also escaped control, much like his brother.”

“Thank you, Ly,” responded Jensen, as he took in the news. Their only success thus far was totally wiped out, and the only new hope was stranded on Earth. 

“No,” replied Lysander, reading Jensen’s mind. “After the Jeff incident, spaceships are much more heavily guarded. I almost couldn’t get Ash on today.” Jensen just hoped Clark could find a way here. 

Photo edits done by The Spiral Master

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