Guest Request 17d and 21

Peter’s new celebrity was Stephen Amell, without his cousin. He walked into the room, and they immediately started worshipping each other’s pecs. Peter’s, of course, were a bit lacking, but Stephen had that toned quality to them. They weren’t fucking massive, but they were tight, and it turned out they were quite the erogenous zone for the celebrity. Stephen was the first celeb to actually cup Peter’s pecs and worship them that way, but that was just a start. They then moved on to the biceps. Stephen’s arms were much more muscular than his pecs, and Peter could barely fit his whole hand around them. He found Stephen actually enjoyed when he pushed on the bicep to touch his fingers together. He continued to do that until his hands started to hurt.

“You’re the most human being in the whole entire world,” announced Stephen, before moving on to Peter’s abs. He smiled back as he began to worship the abs of a superhero actor. They weren’t as defined as other abs were he had seen today, but much like the pecs, they were tight. Peter could easily figure where each of Stephen’s abs began and ended, even without looking. Peter had found out that by clenching his abdomen, it would get hard, so he strained himself to get the worshipping experience both ways. Stephen then moved on to the legs. Peter had come to the conclusion this was just their programming, and so enjoyed the visual sight of a muscle-bound stud rubbing his legs.

“I love you so very much,” said Stephen, as he transitioned to the feet. Peter got down too, for this was his favorite part of his worship sessions. Stephen was surprisingly up to his level in getting the most of the feet, including his under toenail trick. It created an euphoric experience for both of them, and for the second time, Stephen got rock hard just from toe stimuli.

“I would do anything for you!” Stephen got out, before Peter’s hand pushed his face onto his cock. He enjoyed the sensations Stephen’s tongue had on his cock, which was mixed with his toejam. For most people, that would be vomit-inducing, but Peter fucking loved it. Stephen’s cock was not too shabby as well, but by the time he had noticed it, it was time to pull out and cover the celeb in his cum. For his fourth cumshot of the day, a lot of sperm still came out, and quite a bit was dripping off of Stephen’s face when he stood up to leave. Peter’s day was only half over, and he couldn’t wait for the rest of it to happen.


For John’s next fantasy, the viewing room was once again terraformed, but this time a gym was visible through the mirror. Zac was in his workout attire, which consisted of sweat bands, leather bands around his ankles, and ridiculously tight spandex underwear. His trainer was JJ, who was covered up more, but not by much. His spandex shirt left nothing to the imagination, and his tiny short shorts were visibly straining to keep his massive cock inside.

“Welcome to Day 1 of your new training,” gruffly started JJ. “Celebworld Gym has a special incentive to make sure you work out. A remote-controlled vibrator is stuck up your ass. If you are not performing to my standards, it will be turned on until you are back up to caliber. Is that understood, maggot?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good! Let’s start with push-ups. One hundred of them.”

“Yes, sir!” Zac got into push-up position and started them. Once he got to about seventy-five, his form took a dramatic drop of quality. He then felt his ass buzzing, and realized JJ turned the vibrator on.

“I need to see 100 of these in perfect form! The vibrator won’t go off until you’re done!” Zac made a conscious effort to adjust his form, and after some more prodding from JJ, got to 100.

“Good. Now let’s see 200 crunches, boy. I want those abs to pop when I’m done with you!” Crunches were quite easy, but even bodybuilders would have trouble with 200. Zac started to show signs of slowing down around 150, and so the vibrator went on. What made this experience exponentially worse was that it was caused his whole body to shake. JJ had screamed he wouldn’t turn it off until Zac was done, so he spent even more effort controlling his body and his form.

Once he reached 200, he got a quick water break. “Then meet me at the bench press.” Zac did so, to find JJ putting the final weights on the bar. “500 pound deadlift for you, Zac. I don’t want to kill you, so only two.” Zac laid down on the bench, only for the vibrator to be turned on.

“Oh shit,” he thought, as he grabbed the bar for the first time. It took a whole lot of effort to not shake too much while bringing the bar done, and bringing it up required a Herculean effort. He persevered, though, and completed it in record time. Unfortunately, JJ didn’t shut it off as they walked over to the weights. He grabbed the 150s and gave them to Zac.

“10 times, buddy boy, and then you get another break.” Zac couldn’t wait for it to be turned off, so he powered through the lifting. He could focus a whole lot more on his form now, so he didn’t have to do any extra. He was then granted another water break, and came back to find JJ’s pants down.

“Your tongue is a muscle, Zac, and it needs to get trained.” The end of the statement was accentuated by the vibrator turning back on. Zac dropped to his knees and began to suck off his trainer. His focus was on his tongue, and how well JJ was getting pleasured. He quickly found out that under JJ’s head was the sweet spot, and licked there as much as possible. The smell was intoxicating, as his smelly sweat combined with JJ’s sweaty and stuffy cock created a musk so strong, Zac forgot he was straight! The taste was also enjoyable, as the sweat mixed together to create a tangy but delicious taste in Zac’s mouth. The sound JJ’s cock made thrusting back and forth only added to the erotic appeal. All of the liquids being moved around led to a cacophony of different noises, culminating in a massive cumshot by JJ.

“Your throat has muscles too!” announced JJ, as he had not pulled out yet. Zac was forced to swallow oodles of cum, and quite a bit leaked out of his mouth.

“Good job,” said JJ, after he had finished ejaculating. “I want to see you back here tomorrow bright and early!”

Requests are always open!

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