Dr. Chris was quite relieved, as Mischa was able to make it today. They didn’t have to rush, either, so they cordially let him inside their office.

“Dr. Chris, it fucking worked! My workouts are so much better now! I can’t wait to tell all my friends about you.”

“That you will.” SNAP! Chris took Mischa’s phone and created a group text of his bodybuilder bros to come see Dr. Chris for more intense workouts, all while speaking the Celebworld script.

“Mischa, you will no longer remember that you should not be in Celebworld. You will always think that is your home. While you are on the island, you are to remain nude, unless a guest wants you clothed. If a guest does not want you, you will remain in the celebrity village, and stay there until you are needed. If you leave, there will be dire consequences. You have the right to refuse extreme desires, such as death or self-mutilation. Anything else that would not cause serious or irreversible damage is fair game. Your new sexual identity is polysexual. You will not care who you have sex with. You will also consume pills with your breakfast daily. These pills will stop the spread of most diseases to you. I lock this in with the word, ‘Cienaj’. Wake up.”

Mischa woke up, and Chris escorted him away. They kept his phone, as they would pretend to be him. Identity fraud was the least of Chris’ worries at this time. They then waited for their next celeb, football star Joey Bosa. He had practice earlier in the day, and he insisted on time to shower and clean up before he arrived. And it paid off, with him coming in looking snazzy as fuck.

“Hi, Dr. Chris. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“You as well. Please, come on in and have a seat. What brings you to therapy today?”

“I’m seen as the epitome of a dumb jock. The coaches and my teammates simplify plays for me, but I’m studying fucking microbiology!”

“So, what exactly do you want from me?”

“You’re a hypnotherapist, right? So I can have triggers and shit?”

“Technically, yes, but that is not my approach. How about being a dumb jock permanently?”

Before Joey could object, Chris started. “I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Celeb, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.

“5, you are starting to go under.

“4, you’re getting deeper.

“3, I control you now.

“2, no one else matters but me.

“1, I am your master.”

Joey’s eyes fluttered open, and the orange matched his handkerchief.

“Joey, you will now behave the way people see you. When you are around people who think you are dumb, you are dumb. When you are around people who think you are smart, you are smart. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master, I do.”

“Good. Now take off your top layers. I want to see that meaty chest of yours.”

“Yes, Master.” Joey was the first to wear a suit here, so undressing took a while. It was worth it, however, when Chris laid eyes on Joey’s meaty pecs and abs.

“Flex for me.”

“Yes, Master.” Chris watched in amazement as his muscles suddenly became defined during his posing, only to lose it after he finish.

“Take off your bottoms for me.”

“Yes, Master.” Chris didn’t see the need to add one at a time, as suit pants were much different than regular pants. And it appeared Joey had changed his underwear as well, showing Chris boxers before revealing his cock. It was above average, but what alarmed Chris was that it was locked up.

“Who did this to you?”

“I did, Master. I can channel my sexual energy into playing better.”

“That certainly makes sense,” noted Chris. They did want to ply it off, but it looked to be a specially made metal one, so they just took pictures for their records. “Start getting dressed,” they began, as they launched into the ending script.

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

By this time, Joey was fully clothed again.

“Wait! What just happened?”

“It’s what you desired, Joey. Now, off you go!” They escorted Joey out, and then got back to their paperwork. It never ended.

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