Guest Request 17e and 22Peter’s fifth celeb was one of his favorites. Kellan walked through the doorway, in all his meaty glory. Peter had actually specified instructions for Kellan only, in that he was not to reciprocate physically. He would still say the same things his four predecessors did, but he would not partake in the worship itself. Peter didn’t fucking mind as he began to play with Kellan’s monster pecs. Being two slabs of meat, cupping wasn’t in the picture, but Peter greatly enjoyed rubbing his hand all around the gigantic pectoral muscles. Quite humorously, Kellan’s nipples and areolae were not the same size as his pecs, and so appeared very small. Peter then shifted to Kellan’s massive arms. He couldn’t even get his hand around one side of Kellan’s arm, let only the entire thing. His bicep itself was fucking bigger than Peter’s hand, and he took it all in while continuing to worship the hunk. He also added in a new step, also just for Kellan, of sniffing his pits. Kellan was the bulkiest out of all his personal worship fantasies, and so his armpits would be the most odiferous. Peter was not wrong, and actually got hard inhaling the sumptuous aroma Kellan’s pits were giving off. “I love you, Peter,” exclaimed Kellan, turning his head for the first time this session. “I love you too!” he replied, as he moved onto Kellan’s abs. Abs were the one thing Kellan was not the best at, but there was only so much one could do here. Peter still enjoyed tracing the grooves and ridges, and he did enjoy the fact Kellan had an eight-pack, not just a six. Since Kellan was not worshipping him, legs were skipped, and so Kellan said his next phrase quite a bit sooner than everyone else had.“I would do anything for you, Peter,” Kellan said, but Peter was in no shape to respond. He had already moved on to Kellan’s toes, also the stinkiest out of all the men. Peter began to drip copious amounts of pre-cum as he licked both of his favorite celeb’s feet, making sure to get in between them, one of the best parts. To keep it going longer, Peter also did the bottom of Kellan’s feet, something he had never done before with the celebs. That taste wasn’t as unique, owing to the fact he had smelt it mostly every day, but it did blend nicely with Kellan’s stench. “You’re the most perfect human being in the whole entire world,” said Kellan, before pouncing on Peter’s cock. The stimuli overwhelmed Peter, and he came within seconds of Kellan’s mouth touching his cock. “Shit!” he screamed out loud, and put all of his effort into pushing Kellan back on to his dick. He eventually succeeded, and Kellan began sucking him in earnest, once he was able to get hard again. Kellan was a surprisingly good cocksucker for someone that large, and his large mouth meant he could fit more in easily. Peter certainly didn’t have a monster cock, but it wasn’t too small. Once he felt himself about to cum for the second time with Kellan, he pulled out and covered the celeb with his cum. His second ejaculation soon after a first always provided more cum, so Kellan walked out of Peter’s room the messiest of all the celebs as well.John’s next request was a bit weird in the execution of it. While it fulfilled a fantasy of his, all it was just two celebs fucking. So, Trevor, capitalizing on yet another way to make money, opened an amphitheater, in which two celebs just involved in having sex would partake in it there. That way, the main walkways and concourses would be less cluttered, and he could charge extra admission to see them fuck. The request involved JJ, a perennial favorite at Celebworld, and Ryan Kerrigan, an equally bulky stud of a man. Once Trevor gave the two celebs the okay, they began to passionately make out. It was evident they were French-kissing, and the two studs were feeling each other up while doing so. That naturally ended quickly, and Ryan dropped to his knees first to suck off JJ. JJ’s monster cock actually fit in Ryan’s mouth, but he couldn’t thrust further. Still, JJ enjoyed the sensation of his entire cock resting in one man’s mouth. Ryan took advantage of that, and made sure to cover every single part of JJ’s cock with his spit. After only a few thrusts in and out, JJ’s dick was glistening from Ryan’s spit. He also paid close attention to JJ’s massive mushroom head. It wasn’t Toad-shaped, but it was still an erotic zone for the football jock. JJ audibly moaned in pleasure whenever Ryan licked around there. The sounds of the sucking were one part the audience enjoyed very much. The wet and slimy cock made a bunch of sounds as it was pushed in and pulled out of Ryan’s mouth. JJ’s moaning, both from pleasure and accentuating his thrusts, caused the audience to erupt in applause. There wasn’t a strong aroma in the air, but JJ was starting to work up a sweat, and Ryan was dripping a lot of spit and pre-cum. The taste of JJ’s cock was much more enjoyable, with Ryan feeling like he was sucking on a wet thumb. The cock itself had some sweetness to it, unlike anything he had experienced before. JJ then got ready to cum.“I’m about to cum!” he fucking screamed. He did it for two reasons, not because of the cliché. The first was that he couldn’t pull out, as they didn’t have to clean up and wait in between. The second, related to that, was that meant JJ would be ejaculating in Ryan’s mouth, and it wasn’t obvious if he didn’t announce it first. When he did cum, he shot ribbons upon ribbons of cum down Ryan’s throat, coating it in his creamy baby batter. Once Ryan swallowed all of it, enjoying the tart taste of it, he stood up for his turn to get sucked. JJ got down on his knees, but because he was so tall, he had to bend them so his mouth was level with Ryan’s cock. Ryan’s was substantially smaller than JJ’s, but he was most definitely a shower. The audience got to see his cock expand in girth, as JJ’s mouth kept opening wider and wider. The shorter size of the cock meant Ryan could thrust more much intensely than his fellow football jock, and he used it to his advantage. For the first time fulfilling requests, Trevor saw balls hitting a person’s chin. It was both hugely erotic and hilarious. With Ryan’s cock being much girthier, JJ couldn’t coat the whole thing, but he made special attention to a specific spot on Ryan’s cock, directly linked to his pleasure center. The audience knew JJ had hit in when Ryan’s face went dumb momentarily, as he was getting a wave of pleasure on the inside of his body. Once again, the sounds were the highlight of this part. With the more intense thrusts came more hitting of skin, both inside and outside the body. The audience didn’t know how to respond when Ryan’s cock bulged out of JJ’s neck, with an audible noise attached. The moaning was also quite loud again, with Ryan being more intense than JJ. The smells were also getting much stronger now. The front row was just getting faint whiffs, but JJ and Ryan smelled of sweat, cum, and just plain B.O. That only turned on Ryan more, and JJ could barely keep up with the intensity of the thrusts.“I’m gonna fucking cum!” he screamed, and the audience watched as JJ swallowed most of Ryan’s cum. Almost, because not all of it made it down JJ’s throat, so some dribbled out of his mouth. Ryan collected as much as he could and ate it, while still ejaculating. Ryan’s cum was quite bitter, but very creamy as well. It was a mixture JJ had never experienced before, but certainly enjoyed it, judging by the look in his eyes while he was doing so. After Ryan’s cock sputtered out the last of his cum, he immediately dropped to all fours, so JJ could fuck him. The ground of the amphitheater looked like stone, but it was actually a soft malleable material that was solid, but allowed some leeway. JJ shoved it right into Ryan’s virgin hole with only spit for lube. A very loud pop occurred, and fans were treated to the visual delight of JJ’s cock nearly being swallowed by Ryan’s asshole. His ass was quite large, so JJ never even attempted to pull out fully. He just went back and forth inside the ass, but he quickly found Ryan’s g-spot. Since he was going a bit fast, it was hard to hit it every time, but whenever he hit it, Ryan let out a carnal moan, unlike anything the two had moaned today. That only further fueled JJ’s fire, and caused him to hit it more and more. The sounds of this part was somewhat different, but more audible to the audience. The favorite of balls against ass was in full-effect, with the added visual effect of JJ’s balls bouncing all over the place, once he picked up intensity. The fucking itself was also loud, as the spit provided lubrication at the cost of sounding quite squishy. By this time, the two studs’ smell was beginning to permeate through the whole arena, an even stronger mix of it, combined with more cum, especially. JJ too used that as an accelerant as well, nearly causing internal damage to Ryan from just how fast he was going. JJ didn’t announce it this time, as he was allowed to pull out and coat Ryan’s ass and back in tons of his thick and creamy cum. The two were given a special pill that did not decrease the amount of cum between repetitive cumshots, so this one had the same volume as the first one. Once he was done, he smeared it all around Ryan’s back, and then his front, including his meaty pecs and girthy cock. Once the thin layer of cum was caked on completely, the two hunks switched positions. Ryan also jammed it right in, but the sensations were quite different. JJ already had somewhat of a loose asshole, but Ryan’s cock was the biggest girth-wide he had even taken. Another fun visible sight occurred for the audience when JJ’s asshole visibly expanded to take on Ryan’s monster cock. The sound of that was a deafening crack of the skin, as it broke apart to allow the more flexible layers underneath to do their job. Ryan’s thrusts were quite intense, but since JJ had a bigger ass than even Ryan, the g-spot was out of the picture. However, JJ was experiencing an entirely new sensation, as Ryan’s cock brushed against the sides of his asshole. The sounds were once again quite audible, but quite different. Ryan’s dick was coated in a thin layer of cum as well, so that combined with the spit lube created an entirely different noise for the thrusts, unlike anything they had experienced today. Balls against ass was also much more common with Ryan fucking, as that meant he had pushed in as far as he could. At this point, even the people in the nosebleeds could smell the stench of the two men, a pungent but heavily erotic mixture of sweat, cum, B.O. and ass juices. Ryan was already going as hard as he humanly could, so it was actually JJ who enjoyed it more here. It was like his own nasal g-spot whenever he got a whiff of it. Ryan then pulled out and covered the jock in ribbons of cum, like before. His was much more intense than JJ’s, getting some of it on JJ’s buzzcut. Both men helped to spread it around this time, with JJ doing it before Ryan had finished. Once he was coated in a layer of someone else’s cum, the two stood up and started to passionately make out again, bringing it full-circle. Both John and Trevor thought it was a rousing success, and the amphitheater had paid for itself during its first show! Explaining the massive expense to Chris, however, would be an entirely different matter. Requests are always open!

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