Guest Request 17f and 23Peter’s next celeb for his worship fantasy wasn’t one somebody would normally associate with this activity. Trevor was a bit bewildered by Peter picking Josh Dallas, who was nominally fit, but not the extent all of his previous worship fantasies were. Peter’s reasoning became very clear once it started. The two shared a very similar body type, so the experience was heightened for him, knowing Josh would probably feel the same way. They played around with their barely jutting out pecs, and actually focused on the nipples more than the actual pecs. Both men had similar bicep sizes, so for the first time in a long time, Peter fully reciprocated with the arms. That sensation was always odd, but he enjoyed it, as Josh’s arms weren’t that much bigger than his. Josh did have defined abs at least, so Peter played around with those while Josh played with the stomach area on him, trying to find a defined ab, anywhere. They then moved on to the legs, which was surprisingly one of the best body parts for worship in this session. Josh apparently knew how to massage muscles with just his hands, so Peter had an euphoric experience getting tension released for the first time in a long time. They then moved onto feet, the second best today, also a first for Peter. Josh was not as good at him in getting into all the small little cracks and crevices of a foot, but it was still a vastly enjoyable experience for him, and it did cause him to chub up a little bit, before Josh went down to suck him off. It was clear Josh knew exactly what he was doing, as it was one of the best cock-suckings he had had, ever. His head was played with more than ever before, and his balls were used to accentuate the sucking in entirely new ways. Peter was able to pull out, though, and cover the celeb’s face in his cum, which was admittedly starting to become a bit watery.“I love you, Peter. You’re the most perfect person in the world, Peter. I would do anything for you, Peter,” droned on Josh, before he left. He was programmed to say that, but since the worship happened so fast today, it was only feasible for him to say it at the very end.Peter also had another request being fulfilled, returning back to Celebworld soon after his day of worship was over. His next request was both a continuation and combination of previous requests he had, specifically involving the Marvel men.“Let’s go to Earth!” announced Peter, one day, to Thor, not realizing both had a connection to Earth.“You mean Midgard, Peter?”“Shit. I forgot you Asgardians have wack-ass names for normal shit. Yes, Midgard. We get there using the Bifrost, right?”“Yes, my love. I’ll contact Heimdall right now.”The two superheroes in love got dressed, and waited by the edge of Asgard for the Bifrost to appear. Once it did, the two walked down it and were whisked away back down to Earth. It spit them out right above Avengers Tower. By this point, Steve Rogers has transitioned from becoming a stripper to a superhero, and Bucky was still a HYDRA plant, although no one knew that, yet. It just so happened they were the only ones guarding the Tower when Peter and Thor walked in.Peter’s innate charm, amplified by the Power Stone, washed over the two superhero studs. “Let’s fuck,” announced Peter, with a wink in his eye. Bucky stripped, but all three were shocked at Steve and his extremely massive dong, that he had to coil around his body. “Fuck, dude! What shit does this place have you on!?”“I was injected with a super soldier serum, but unfortunately, the side effect involved a massive penis.”“That’s not something to be upset about,” laughed Peter, as he got naked at well. “I want to feel that massive dong inside of me!”“Okay,” responded Steve. It required both Bucky and Thor to hold it up until his head pushed through Peter’s asshole. Getting fucked by Thor repeatedly meant it was quite loose, but it still wasn’t prepared for Steve’s incredible dick. As Steve continued to walk forward, something pretty odd happened. Since it wasn’t hard, yet, it had snaked through his intestines, and eventually popped right out of Peter’s mouth.“FUCSHHH!” Peter screamed, as both holes were violated at the same time, by the same cock. Steve took that announcement as a request to get hard. Thankfully, it didn’t cause his cock to straighten out, but Peter felt the entire cock parading through his body get harder, and push on his insides. Thrusting was very much out of the picture, so Peter and Steve tag-teamed on his cock. He pulled back ever so slightly so Peter could access his mushroom head, and the beginning of his shaft. Steve, meanwhile, just masturbated himself. Having an obscenely long cock meant it was going to take a while to cum, regardless. While Peter had a cock in his body, Thor and Bucky were having sex as well. Thor assumed the top position, as Bucky was a natural bottom. Thor’s cock was not anywhere near the size of Steve’s cock, but it was still well above a normal human average. Bucky enjoyed the sensations of it hitting every part of his ass, especially his g-spot, scientifically made bigger for more pleasure when he was undercover. Bucky also smelt like sex. Since his key operative was having sex to gain information, having a nice musk was key. So, Thor enjoyed the smell of a real human for the first time, but he was not the only one who was smelly. He didn’t bathe recently, as Asgardians had a device to do it for them. However, with Peter and him having a wild weekend full of sex before visiting Earth, he smelt nasty as well, but in a good way. Bucky’s moans felt artificial, and that’s because they probably were. His programming made him feel pleasure, of course, but it needed to keep it going long after his old body would have been tired of it. Thor didn’t seem to mind, and was grunting as well, as was the tradition with Asgardian sex. The two turned their heads in the middle of an intense thrusting session to find Steve ejaculating for the first time. Fountains of cum spewed out of his gigantic dick, and since Peter was unfortunately facing a wall, most of it bounced back and covered his body in tons of Steve’s creamy cum. Also due to his massive genital size, a lot of sperm came out as well, so by the time the last of it sputtered out, Peter looked like a ghost, with every inch of his body covered in Steve’s cum. “Lick it off me,” he ordered. Thor, who had cum from watching the spectacle of Steve’s ejaculation, pulled out of Bucky, and the two walked over to the hunk, and began licking. Meanwhile, Steve was literally pulling his cock through Peter’s body, flaccid. It was a bit difficult, but he eventually got it all out, and joined the fellow superheroes in licking up his cum from Peter. Peter had wanted to have sex with Bucky, and see how well Thor did with Steve, but since there was cum literally everywhere on himself, he decided to wait for a different time. The three superheroes were only halfway done by the time the other Avengers arrived back at the Tower. They all naturally fell under Peter’s control, and helped to clean his body of Steve’s cum. After talking to the de facto leader, Iron Man, Peter and Thor officially joined the Avengers, with one key concession made to Peter. They were to be known as Peter’s Boys from now on, with Natasha vehemently objecting, to little fanfare. Post-mission briefings usually involved a fuck session with Peter while relating what happened to the rest of the team. 

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