Brainpower, Ch. 9

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Clark had finally gotten in contact with his NASA friend, who pulled some strings behind the scenes, and got him cleared for space travel. The only issue was that there was space training that had to be done, regardless of who was sending a ship into space. SpaceX had to follow these same guidelines as well, but Harry, the friend, tried to speed up the process as much as he could. Even with it condensed, he was still looking at three days, three days he couldn’t go and rescue his brother and his dad. 

Clark had brought Ash along with him when he traveled to the Kennedy Space Center. It seemed as thought the Corinians had a field surrounding the whole earth, as no one batted an eye at a conked-out, vividly ice-blue-eyed fellow. When he arrived there, after a day of travel, he laid out his plan to Harry. Clark went into testing straight away, and Ash was entrusted into the care of one of Harry’s very close friends, who would not betray the two.

“Shit!” announced Jensen, back on Cor, after Ash’s connection fizzled out. “They’ve fucking got him again!” he screamed. 

“And we wasted our only pad on that shitbag,” said one of the men.

“I thought it was a good fucking idea at the time. It’s his fucking son that gave the extra brainpower to overpower even him!” exclaimed Jensen, quite angrily. 

“So, what’s our plan now?”

“We’ll have to wait and see. Our palace informant is getting promoted, because of the perfect attempt in Geyser’s Flow, so there will be even less contact with the castle now.”

There was now a collective moan, as the resistance patiently waited for their next step to be clear.

Meanwhile, in the castle, the Enslavatron was going to be turned on for the first time, for a prolonged period of time. King Cor and Jeff waited by their end of the machine, hoping that a hot, muscular man would come through first. Testing after the initial attempt showed that the Enslavatron used up massive power, and the discarded men and Jeff could not keep it running all day long, feasibly. So, King Cor instituted a maximum of two a day, which seemed quite low. However, considered all the hoops and red tape a spaceship expedition had to go through, it was quite an achievement on the castle’s end. 

The machine then lit up, and the first man came stumbling through the passageway. He looked up at the human and purple-skinned humans, only to have his brain blasted with a ray from the machine.

the man said. Corinian guards stripped the man, and King Cor and Jeff did a preliminary assessment. He certainly was not at a sex worker caliber, but he had enough muscles to serve as a manual worker. Guards escorted him away, and the two went back to the throne room, while the machine cooled down. 

As Jeff stood by the king’s side as he heard the problems of his citizens, a fight was brewing in his mind. His intense brainwashing made him 95% obedient to the Corinians, but that 5% was trying very hard to break free. However, it wasn’t getting anywhere fast, but it had took some time to plant seeds in Jeff’s mind, so that when the time came, he could break free of that control. Jeff wasn’t even consciously thinking about this either, as it was such a small portion of his brain. 

A couple hours later, the machine was ready to send another man to Cor. The two quickly made their way to the room where the Enslavatron was housed, and waited patiently for it to spit on another guy. It wasn’t too long, but the victim was quite shocking. 

Acclaimed movie star back on Earth, Chris Hemsworth stumbled out of the machine. His eyes had glazed over and appeared white as usual, but even King Cor was shocked by this. 

“This human plays our Asgardian friend, Thor, is that correct?”

“Yes, Your Highness. Does the machine need to be adjusted as to not get famous people involved?”

“No, Jeffrey, that will not be necessary. Guard, press the button.” The guard nearest the machine did, and the light shot out again, and turned the Hollywood  star into a husk of a man, controlled by aliens.

“Oh,” said King Cor and Jeff at the same time. “That’s a bit awkward. Jeffrey, there are men who like other men on your home planet, is that correct?”

“Yes, Your Highness. Earth has one of the highest numbers of homosexual relationships in the galaxy.”

“Good. This Earthling here will be the new guard at the Enslavatron. He can seduce the homosexual men that arrive, and use our old method as to get more slaves quickly.”

“That seems like an excellent plan, Your Highness.” Chris was then stripped, and instructed on what to do when the time came. Even though they had a new method, the Enslavatron was still at risk of being overused today, so the new format would start tomorrow.

Back on Earth, Clark was showing excellent progress. He seemed poised to be ready to fly in just a couple days. After finishing up the day’s training, he went back to his room to freshen up and spend some time with his dad. He opened the door to find Harry’s friend, Eduardo, sucking off his robotized father.

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