Guest Request 17g and 24Peter’s penultimate celebrity had quite a few similarities to Josh, but Tom Hopper was more muscular, and taller. He walked in, and the two started on each other’s pecs. Tom’s were more well-defined in shape than Josh’s were, but they were nowhere near the extent of someone like Kellan’s, for example. The constant fidgeting of Peter’s pecs throughout the day were actually causing them to maintain a rounded shape towards the bottom, in response to the cupping most of the celebs did. He was quite thankful he only had one more to do after this. They then moved on to biceps. Tom’s were again, much more muscular than Josh’s, but still not on the insane level some guys were earlier in the day. Peter went back to him being the only one worshipping, but Tom deserved it. He had almost no fat on his arms, whatsoever, so all the veins and muscles themselves were quite visible while he was flexing. “I love you, Peter,” he announced, as they moved to the abs. Tom had well-defined abs, rivaling even Kellan in clearness. Peter’s skin had not molded into an ab shape just yet, so it was still mostly him worshipping the celeb. Tom’s ridges and crevices were some of the deepest he had seen today, and he enjoying tracing them again, after not being able to do so with Josh. They then moved onto the legs. Peter now had no qualms about getting them worshipped, and Tom did a damn fine job of doing so. Josh still did it better than everyone else, but Peter wasn’t hating it as they transitioned to the feet.“You’re the most perfect person in the whole entire world,” added Tom, as both men got down to worship each other’s feet. Tom had some massive feet, beating out most of the celebs today in foot size. That meant much more ground for Peter to explore, and the toes had much longer cracks as well. Much like before, this experience got him rock-hard. Tom was actually doing a pretty good job as well, even doing the under toenail trick before Peter had done it.“I would do anything for you, Peter,” finished Tom, as he went down on Peter’s hard cock. It wasn’t anything too special, but Peter was already fully erect by the time Tom started sucking. That created an odd, but highly pleasurable experience, as his cock remained mostly the same size throughout the entirety of the sucking. It caused the sensations of licking under the cockhead and lubing up his cock with spit to much more enjoyable. He was able to pull out with Tom, and covered his square face in a load of his cum. It was getting quite a bit watery, so he was much more thankful now there was just one left today. He had another request on his return trip back, involving the newly processed Benedict. For the first time in a while, a massive terraforming took place, and Peter watched comfortably from the safety of his room.Dr. Stephen Strange was a bit bored. After accidentally stumbling upon a spell in an ancient book that rid the world of all evil, and speaking it out loud, he was somewhat out of a job. He couldn’t really go back to surgery, as he was well-known around the world as Dr. Strange. So, he decided to have a bit of fun with his magic. He made a portal, and arrived in the basement of the convention hall hosting Man-Con.Despite the extremely sexist and binary-confirming nature of the event- only cisgender males were allowed in- it attracted quite a bit of money and sponsors, including companies specifically for men, like Gilette or Axe. Women and non-binary folk repeatedly tried to shut the event down, but there were no laws, except in Texas, that explicitly forbid something like this. Dr. Strange then cast a spell from the basement, and it wafted up through the vents to affect each and every male there. All the males Stephen found attractive already walked to the main convention hall, where they all stripped and patiently awaited orders from him. The men Stephen didn’t find attractive underwent a metamorphosis, changing into a man that Stephen would want to fuck. Once every man was suitable for Stephen, he portaled to the convention hall, and stood up on stage.“Hello, men! Some of you may know me as Dr. Strange. However, today, I will be known as Dr. Feelgood!” He snapped his fingers, which turned on a latent gay switch in the men’s minds. A massive orgy broke out on the floor, with cocks being forced into assholes and mouths left and right. Stephen stayed on stage and used mini-portals by his mouth and cock to have sex with people without even moving from his seat. The whole orgy was quite the pleasurable experience for all involved, and the floor was literally covered in cum by the time Stephen had ordered them to stop. He then made another portal, this time to a pocket dimension. “Please, make your way orderly through this hole.” The men did so, and Stephen made it so they had all the amenities that they needed to function properly. He now had a harem of men at his beck and call, and a very simple and easy way to access them. He showed them off to the Avengers at the monthly meeting, to see if any new evil had surfaced after Stephen got rid of it all. They all enjoyed it very much. It was nice having magic powers!Commissions | Patreon

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