The Summer is Magic – Dark Green


The dark green wisp experienced a little turbulence.

@cinaedefuri was having a peaceful monday. A day sitting in front of his pc binge watching youtube videos was a perfect way to procastrinate. Not that he had anything to do. His tumblr queue was filled till the end of the month and he definitely deserved a break. Going outside was also out of the question cause he was very nude, plus there was a huge storm raging outside. 

The dark green wisp finally found the house it was looking for. The dark clouds were very hard to look through and after a huge delay it finally found the small suburban house. It charged towards it when suddenly a gust of wind tossed it off course. It only had two options, either smashing into the ground and hoping Chris would come outside to check it out, or hit a nearby powerline and hopefully do something with it. Realising that there was a 0.1% chance of Chris hearing the splat, let alone come outside, the wisp steered towards the wires. The second it hit them, a loud sizzle was heard and it dissolved.

The lights inside flickered and Chris’s computer turned off for a little bit. Chris smacked it in the hopes of fixing it, and it worked miraculously. The screen only had a weird green hue, but his video had almost ended anyway. During the end card of the video, Chris notices that the hue wasn’t a still tint, but it looked like it was spiralling slowly. He dismissed it as just being tired since it was nearing midnight and he decided to go to bed. Before shutting off his computer though, he decided to quickly go to his blog to see if today’s story was posted. He opened firefox and started typing in his name, but for some reason his computer was still acting up. No matter how hard he tried, the computer kept changing “cinaedefuri” to “Cody Christian”? He decided to type it in so fast that the computer wouldn’t get the chance to change it, but the second he hit enter it was changed again. Chris sighed and decided to just let it load. At least he could jack off to the image of Cody before bed.

Finally the site appeared to be loaded, but it didn’t show Google. Instead it showed a completely black screen, with the spiralling hue on top of it. Suddenly a green mist spurted out of his webcam. Chris tried to dodge it but failed and hit him square in the face. He felt himself getting numb. When the fog cleared, his eyes were spiralling green and he was slack-jawed and drooling. The fog also cleared away Chris’s clothes, leaving him naked and entranced. His drool covered his cock and started to solidify, making a perfect tight cock cage around his flaccid dick. 

Suddenly content started to appear on the page again, in the form of flashing pictures of Cody naked. Chris felt his cock grow more and more with every flash, but it kept straining against the cage. The pictures of Cody slowly started to change, almost showing a video of Cody swallowing dark green goo and slowly melting into more goo. The screen turned black again and Chris felt his muscles burning, like he just had a 20 hour workout. They slowly started growing more and more and his hair turned darker and longer. Chris however couldn’t do anything else but watch his reflection in the spiral change. A small beard and some tattoos started appearing on his body. At this point he was a spitting image of Cody Christian. He quickly flexed his biceps and felt his cock twitch.

This was too much for the cage and it shattered, leaving no traces behind. His cock hit his abs and the slap was enough stimulation for his cock to start an orgasm. Chris shot 5 thick ropes of cum over his now picture perfect abs and with every shot he felt something change in his mind. After one shot he forgot his name. After the second he felt dumb, like he had a single digit IQ. The third rope learned him his new name and his history as a famous actor. Number four made him into a gay submissive bottom bitch. And lastly number 5 hit him in his face again, planting memories of a new job. He wiped his face with his cum rag and he laughed at the camera. “Fuck that was hot. Thank y’all for the money, I’m gonna take a shower and hit the hay!” Cody waved goodbye turned off the stream. Being the hottest cam boy of the moment was great for his wallet, but wow it took a lot of energy. Luckily he was permanently horny and ready to shoot. He’d probably shoot another load before bed. Cody took a deep breath and realised something was off. “Why does it smell like vanilla in here?”


My great friend @grant-spiraltf included me in his new series, and it’s so fucking hot, guys! Give him a follow as well!

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