Guest Request 17h and 25Peter’s final request was yet another muscular stud. Mischa was not to the insane levels Kellan was, but he was still much more muscular than the two celebs before him. He walked into the room, and the two started on each other’s pecs. Peter’s had officially changed shape, and now had a strong curvature at the bottom. Mischa played with that new development as Peter worshipped the large and veiny pecs of the model. Even Kellan’s pecs weren’t like that, and it was an odd sensation feeling the hand move over those bodily ridges. The actual size of them jutting out was comparable to one of the Chris’, but all in all, this was shaping up to be one of Peter’s best sessions.They then moved onto each other’s biceps. Mischa once again shone through and had one of the strongest biceps Peter had experienced all day. It was not the biggest, but once again, it was the only one today that was veiny as fuck. Peter greatly enjoyed watching the veins move as Mischa flexed for him as well. They then moved on to the abs. By this point, Peter had just given up trying to get the celebs to find his abs, so he just focused on Mischa’s. Mischa’s abs were one of the most distinct he had worshipped all day, with a vein separating each and every one of them. That meant feeling the ridges was heavenly, if a bit odd. The abs themselves were criss-crossed in veins, and Peter was slowly starting to chub up again, greatly ahead of schedule. “I love you, Peter,” said Mischa, as he moved on to the legs. For only the second time today, Peter reciprocated in this section. Mischa’s legs were rock solid, and of course, veiny. It felt pretty odd doing it again, but Peter was in heaven. Mischa really didn’t add anything special to his worshipping, but then again, it was only the legs. The two then moved on to feet. Peter was surprised they weren’t veiny as well, but it actually created a better experience down there, as it was tongue worship. Peter got in between all the cracks and up and down Mischa’s massive toes. He did a pretty good job himself, mirroring what Peter did to his own. Even his tongue feels fucking awesome, remarked Peter.“I would do anything for you, Peter,” Mischa announced, before he went down on Peter’s cock. It was once again rock hard at the beginning of the sucking, but he had learned to edge himself, and so enjoyed the experience of Mischa’s tongue on another part of his body. He knew just how to pleasure a man, and it took quite a bit of effort for Peter to hold back. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled out and ejaculated all over Mischa’s face. The edging also gave more time for sperm to populate, so the cum leaking all over Mischa’s face was still watery, but less so than Tom’s. “You’re the most perfect person in the whole wide world,” Mischa then added, with cum dripping into his mouth while he was saying it. Peter then dismissed him. He laid down on his bed, and thought back on the crazy day he had just had. Eight celebrities worshipping him and loving him, and he was due to come back in a couple more days for even more fantasies involving celebrities. But right now, he took a well-deserved nap.A new guest finally arrived in Celebworld. Grant was quite excited for his fantasy to be fulfilled, which involved an elaborate set-up that temporarily made a celeb into a genie. He was going to have quite a bit of fun watching it. Ben Mudge was walking around, perusing yard sales. Today was an off-day from working out, and since he lived on a fairly busy side street, he enjoyed Saturday yard sales. One house in particular was doing grab bags for $5. These were trash bags, not plastic bags, and he recognized the seller as Elaine Doubtfire. Her husband recently died, and she had announced in the HOA newsletter she was moving. Ben naturally supported her, and brought one home with him. Nothing special was inside, except for some of Mr. Doubtfire’s old porno mags. When he finally reached the bottom, he found a magic lamp, like the one from Aladdin.“Does this shit even fucking work?” he asked, as he rubbed the side. To his utter surprise, blue smoke came rushing out of it, and when it all settled, a genie was standing before him. However, this genie looked exactly like Joe Manganiello.“You have awaken me from my slumber, human. What three wishes do you desire?”“How can I get infinite wishes? Is that even a fucking thing?”“It is, but we only tell it to specific individuals. You are one damn good-looking motherfucker, so I’ll tell you it. You fuck us.”“As in, I stick my dick up your ass? Do you even have an ass?”“We create one, dumbass. So, are you going to do that? The process fucking hurts, and I don’t want to go through with it if it’s just going to be a no.”“Fuck yeah I’ll do it, man!” screamed Ben, stripping out of his clothes. Genie Joe then created an ass, which made it look like he was pooping while trying to do so. Eventually, both were ready. Ben had never even thought about fucking someone in the ass before, but this was an offer he could not refuse. It felt fucking weird sticking his dick into a mass of gas, but it surprisingly caught, and he was in. Ben used the idea that this was just a different kind of pussy to get him through it. When he did come, Genie Joe changed colors to a pearly white, reminiscent of the sperm just deposited inside of him. Ben then watched as Genie Joe, still white, did some magic, and transformed his lamp into a ring, and put himself back inside. The ring magically flew onto Ben’s finger, just tight enough that it would take a good, strong effort to come off. Of course, Genie Joe was still a genie, which meant he had another trick up his sleeve. Fucking a genie did give a person the power for infinite wishes, but it made the person extremely gay. Ben quickly found this out when scouring through the porno mags he had just bought did nothing for him. With a simple snap, Genie Joe permanently made Ben gay. Ben had quite a bit of fun with his newfound abilities. Many men’s towels suddenly “dropped” in the gym locker room, or they were rock-hard. Genie Joe still had to abide by the no love-interference rule, but conveniently, attraction did not fall under that. Ben had quite a lot more Grindr matches than a normal individual would, and the men were always someone he found incredibly attractive, thanks to Genie Joe’s magic. Genie Joe enjoyed the time out in the world, and couldn’t wait to start this process all over again when he was done with Ben.Requests are open. | Patreon 

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