Guest Request 26John was back with yet another request, this time involving the newly arrived Anthony. He also requested a private viewing booth, another one of his many namesakes on the island. Today’s fantasy involved the island’s two baseball studs, Mike and Anthony, and a very Dom Chris Pratt.“Get in here, you dirty fucking baseball players!” sneered Chris. He showed no attempt to hide his contempt at these athletes, as the two crawled into the room. Anthony and Mike were both completely nude, sans a chastity cage on both of their dicks. The room itself was sparse, with only a chair, bed, and trunk of toys inhabiting it. The two men continued to make their way towards Chris, until both were at his feet.“Mike, over my knees,” he commanded, as he himself got into position. Once Mike did that, he was locked in, and Chris began to spank him. He did not start off easy, with even John being able to hear the piercing sound of flesh hitting flesh quite easily. Both athletes also had quite meaty asses, so Chris had a lot to work with. He shifted from cheek to cheek, and location to location. He could only use one hand, because of balancing issues, but that hand had a lot of power to it. Slowly but surely, Mike’s ass started to turn red. Being a total Dom, Chris didn’t stop there. He continued to spank Mike until he bled. As he was not gagged, all the men heard his cries of pain as it got more intense. By the time Chris let him down, his ass was black and blue, but thankfully only bleeding in one spot. “Now it’s your turn, Rizzo,” crooned the movie star, as the jocks switched positions. Chris began the spanking, and it was still loud and painful. Anthony had more meat to his ass, so it took more intense spanks to get all the way down to the core, where the real pain happened. He only focused on one cheek for a prolonged period of time before switching, so his progress would not go to waste. Eventually, Anthony’s ass turned beet red as well, but that didn’t stop Chris. He actually didn’t cause the poor jock to bled, but all of his ass looked like a cartoon weight had fallen on it when he was finally done with it. Even the sadistic Chris knew these two were in a shitton of pain, so he let them rest, for a little bit, as he unpacked the chest. First up on the docket was dildoes. He had picked a small one that would not cause too much more stress on their holes. They were forced to get it all the way up to the flared end, and then twist it around. Once Chris thought it was well-rounded, he helped to take them out. He then exchanged the dildoes, covered in ass juices, and said, “Suck.” Both him and John took great pleasure in watching the jocks devour and lick the other’s ass juices off a dildo. For men in intense pain, they did a pretty damn good job of sucking them off. Once Chris was done with that, he then brought out a 16oz water bottle. He didn’t pour it over them; rather, he drank it himself, in preparation for the next stage of the jock’s humiliation. This gave them a bit more time to rest their asses, and for all the liquid to travel down to the bladder. Once he was ready, he had them lay down on their backs, with their mouths wide open. He then pissed all over them, covering the front of their body in a thin layer of it. Most of it was directed into their mouths, and the jocks were forced to swallow it all as well. The piss that was congealing on the floor caused even more pain for the athletes, but they had to push through it. Trevor called up his med team and put them on stand-by, just in case. The next item Chris pulled out was quite small. They were nipple clamps, and just long enough to pinch the men’s nipples, with very little slack. Once those bad boys were put on, Chris paraded them around the room for a little bit. This was also ass relaxation time, but John especially enjoyed the terrified faces of the athletes as they were dragged around by another equally muscular stud. With ass stuff being definitely out of the picture, a message Trevor relayed to John from the med team, there was a large jump in the program to the final event. The two were going suck Chris off, simultaneously. The three moved to the bed for this, which allowed the jocks to lay on their stomachs for a prolonged period of time, which would help to speed up the recovery process. Anthony went first, as he at least had experience in sucking off cocks. Chris was not expecting it to feel so natural, and so let out a carnal moan of pleasure while Anthony got the party started. Mike took over soon after, and while not having the finesse of Anthony, made up for it in heart. He was a much more voracious sucker than Anthony was, but it didn’t have the fine nuances he had. The two switched back, and Anthony motioned for Mike to play with Chris’ balls. He did that, and the two jocks tag-teamed the same genital, only different parts. After a little bit, the two switched positions again. Mike was actually better at fondling, as it wasn’t an exact science, unlike what Anthony was used to. There was a final switch, as the only words Chris had spoken throughout this ordeal was that he wanted to cum in Anthony’s mouth. The only other sounds were carnal moans, and the jocks willingly obliged to the switch.Chris came, depositing loads of thick and creamy cum down Anthony’s throat. He thought that would be more erotic and humiliating than cumming all over his face, especially when it wasn’t for an audience. Mike wasn’t left in the dark, however, and was forced to lick up all the cum that had leaked out of Anthony’s mouth. There was a lot, as Anthony’s head was perpendicular and upside-down, when compared to Chris’ dick. With that, the fantasy was then over. John was instructed to leave the viewing room while the med team finally went in to check on them. Despite the shortened experience, he always did enjoy his visits to Celebworld. Requests are open. | Patreon

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