Guest Request 27John’s next request was nothing too special, as it only involved one person, Sam Mikulak. However, what was quite interesting about it was that his real life persona wrote the script, instead of the Celebworld writers. They had input on the script, but it was mostly his.Sam walked into an empty room, with absolutely nothing around. John enjoyed the view, especially of Sam’s skin-tight unitard and extremely short shorts. Sam’s brain was rewired a bit differently for this fantasy. He was mostly back under his own volition again, but emotionless and still able to be controlled by John. John, of course, loved to humiliate the poor studs of Celebworld. “Double Biceps!” barked John. Sam obliged. He was then forced to do some bodybuilding poses, before returning back to the double biceps position. “Now, bounce your pecs for me, slut.” The skintight fabric left nothing to the imagination as Sam’s pecs bounced around in his uni. “Now, turn around, bend over, and touch the ground with one hand.” Sam did so. “Now take your left hand and spank yourself for me, boy.” Sam switched hands first, and then followed the orders. He had never spanked anybody before, so it wasn’t as intense as some of John’s other fantasies, but it was still fucking hot to see someone do it to themselves. “Now, get up and strip completely for me, slut. And do it erotically, too.” John watched as Sam snaked down his shorts as if they were underwear, slowly but surely revealing his bulge, before dropping it completely. He then grabbed the straps of his unitard, and slowly brought it down, waiting on each pec and ab to give John the time of his life. When he reached his treasure trail, he pulled down the rest of the unitard to reveal an ample sized cock, ready to be controlled. “Get down on your hands and knees, and face your ass towards me, boy.” Despite it only being an one-way mirror, anybody could figure out what wall it was on, and so Sam got into position. “Now spread your legs out so I can see that fine ass of yours.” Sam did this as well. “Now bow your head and use those supple hands of yours to spread your asshole wide open, slut.” Sam did that, and John had one final request right now. “I want you to repeat exactly what I am about to say.“Please, Daddy, fuck me! I need to feel your big dick in me! Please fuck me rough and hard for hours! I’ve been a very bad boy, Daddy.”“Please, Daddy, fuck me! I need to feel your big dick in me! Please fuck me rough and hard for hours! I’ve been a very bad boy, Daddy,” repeated Sam, much to John’s delight. Not too many guests had engaged in this sort of play before, so even Trevor was enjoying it. John then issued his next command.“I want you to moan as if I am fucking you, as you move your ass around.” Sam did so, looking like a himbo moving his ass back and forth while moaning erotically. “Keep moving those hips!” John barked, as Sam switched up the style to make it even more obvious. “Good. Now stand up and walk over the wall. Daddy has a surprise for you.” Sam walked over the mirrored wall and received a duffel bag from a slot in the wall, brilliantly covered so that even a person staring acutely at it wouldn’t even notice it was there. Trevor was very proud of that. “Now take the dildo out of the bag, boy.” Sam did so, and placed it on the ground. It was quite the large dildo, almost as long as his biceps. Sam was also told to take out a ball gag, collar, and leash. He put all three on, as per John’s orders. “Now do a split for me, slut, but on the dildo.” Sam’s flexible body was able to accomplish that, and John could see just some of the dildo that remained on the ground. “Now do it with a double biceps pose as well.” Sam obliged, and held it for quite some time, displaying some strong muscle strength. “Now take the dildo out of your ass and hold on to the handlebar being lowered in.” Sam did just that, as the material was that of the uneven bars, an event he had loved to do, before coming here. “Continue to do a split for me.” Sam flexed his arms some more and pulled his legs up into position. “You’re so flexible, boy. But let’s get you back down and get that dildo in your hole.” Sam dropped down, thankfully not in split form, and inserted the dildo back in his ass. “Now fuck yourself with it,” commanded John. As Sam did so, John noticed that this was causing him to get hard. “Sam, boy, I see you’re getting hard. No touching your dick, slut. I want to see you cum hands-free!” Sam nodded in agreement, and continued to fuck himself silly. After a few minutes of intense thrusting and a steady drip of pre-cum, he came with an explosion of cum. Because of the angle of his cock, it ended up mostly on the floor, but in quite a small area. “Wow, boy, that was fucking amazing! Take out your gag, and repeat this after me as you spread that cum all over your body: Thank you for using me, Sir, as a toy today. I really enjoyed being used as nothing more than a living sex doll. If you ever want to use me again, I will be happy to do so. Thank you, Sir, for using me.”“Thank you for using me, Sir, as a toy today. I really enjoyed being used as nothing more than a living sex doll. If you ever want to use me again, I will be happy to do so. Thank you, Sir, for using me.”That statement made John cum as well, after edging himself throughout the whole performance. “I will definitely be back for you, boy,” announced John, as he cleaned himself off. Back in the booth, Trevor had blown a load as well. “That was so fucking hot!” he thought to himself.Main idea and some text provided by @wnedalpahsRequests are open. | Patreon

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