Guest Request 28John had yet another request, very similar to the last one. However, this one involved Chris Mazdzer, but it still had tons of humiliation and shaming. Like the previous one, his real-life persona actually wrote some of it.John walked into the viewing room area, and was greeted by a soft chair. All of the previous requests had been terraformed with a folding chair as the viewer’s seat, so this was a nice upgrade. He looked through the window and saw his next fantasy all lined up. There was a row of dildos on the floor, permanently attached to it. They ranged in size from left to right as small to horse-cock sized, with a pretty sizable difference from the first to the last. Chris then walked into the room, wearing his skin-tight spandex luge suit. It was even tighter than usual, and John could easily see the hair follicles on his body. The genital regions of the suit were missing, however. In the front, it was to reveal Chris was also caged up, with his monster cock straining to break out. In the back, a slit was made so that he could easily sit down without straining more of the suit. John then commanded, “Go,” and Chris started his preprogrammed actions. This had always been an option for guests, but most enjoyed it feeling somewhat more natural. John could still give him commands, as well. Chris made his way over to the first dildo, squatted over it, and then impaled his ass on it. He began to fuck himself as fast as he could possibly go. John then asked Chris to smile, flashing those pearly whites that endeared so many people to him at the Winter Olympics. “Talk dirty to me,” he commanded, knowing exactly what Chris’ response was going to be.“Oh, yes, daddy! I’m just a dirty whore for you! I want to make sure you’re totally satisfied with everything. I’m nothing but a fuck-toy -a cheap rentable whore for your pleasure,” Chris said in his normal voice, while still fucking himself silly. After a couple more minutes on that dildo, John asked him to move on to the next one. The same process continued for the rest of the dildos, barring the last one. Chris had also switched up his phrasing at each dildo. John’s personal favorite from this part was, “Fuck, daddy! I’m just a muscle-bound faggot ready and willing to do whatever you ask of me. I need to have men like you tell me exactly what to do. I’m a slave to your desires, daddy!”Chris then got to the last dildo. It was the horse-cock one, and it was massive. Even the next biggest didn’t compare in size. Chris plopped himself down on it, without any regard for his ass. Thankfully, the multitude of dildos beforehand had loosened up his asshole enough, but even John was a bit worried. However, actually seeing the athlete do that willingly and unflinchingly made him blow his load again. He then commanded Chris to enter the viewing room and clean him all up. John got a nice view of Chris’ ass as he walked over to the door separating the two. His asshole had one of the biggest gapes he had ever seen, and it was dripping obscene amounts of lube. Cleaning up wasn’t at all great, comparing to the dildo spectacle, but John did enjoy it very much. For his next fantasy, however, it wouldn’t have the waiting room, a big change for him.Idea and some text provided by @wnedalpahsRequests are open. | Patreon

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