Dr. Chris also called back Seth Rollins a bit earlier than anticipated. They hoped they could have at least helped him with the Shield stuff, but they had a job to do first. 

Seth arrived at the office, and there was an instantaneous SNAP. Chris’ next client had a very small timeframe to work with, and Seth couldn’t be infringing on it too much.

“Seth, you will no longer remember that you should not be in Celebworld. You will always think that is your home. While you are on the island, you are to remain nude, unless a guest wants you clothed. If a guest does not want you, you will remain in the celebrity village, and stay there until you are needed. If you leave, there will be dire consequences. You have the right to refuse extreme desires, such as death or self-mutilation. Anything else that would not cause serious or irreversible damage is fair game. Your new sexual identity is polysexual. You will not care who you have sex with. You will also consume pills with your breakfast daily. These pills will stop the spread of most diseases to you. I lock this in with the word, ‘Snillor’. Wake up.”

“Wha- what just happened?”

“You’re being shipped off to Celebworld. Your car is waiting for you downstairs.”

“Yes, Master,” Seth replied, as he went down the back staircase. Chris had to cut the niceties because his next client was Tim Tebow. With a major broadcasting gig for ESPN, and his minor league baseball stuff, in addition to his new book coming out, that all meant his time was very limited. He arrived minutes before the session started, also dressed in a three-piece suit. However, his attire suited him more than Rollins’ did.

“Hello, Dr. Chris. Thank you for squeezing me in at such short notice. My schedule is quite hectic now that football’s back.”

“No problem, Tim. So, why did you want to come in today?”

“I’ve been having these feelings recently, and I want them to stop.”

“I’ll need a bit more, Tim. Suicidal, homicidal, negative in general, purging? There’s a lot to cover.”

“Homosexual feelings.” For the second time in such a short time period, Chris did a spit-take.

“Oh, okay. And these are troubling to you, why?”

“I shouldn’t have them. I’m a Christian boy; other men’s junks shouldn’t be fascinating to me, but they are.”

“I see. And you hope that therapy will help you to beat these negative thoughts?”

“I do.”

“Very well then. This is probably subconscious in nature, so hypnotherapy would be our best bet. Are you open to it?”

“Anything to rid me of these thoughts, doc.”

Once again, Chris stifled a laugh as they began to say, “I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Tim, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.

“5, you are starting to go under.

“4, you’re getting deeper.

“3, I control you now.

“2, no one else matters but me.

“1, I am your master.”

Tim’s eyes opened up, and revealed the orange Chris was sincerely hoping for, as they would be having the most they had with a hypnotized client in ages.

“Tim, your new sexual orientation is gay. You will be a ‘flaming’ gay, as some call them, and wear outlandish clothing, and have excessive mannerisms. You will be part of the gay hook-up culture until your return back to me, and you will have a fetish for your old football uniform, and football uniforms in general.”

“I am now a flaming gay serial philanderist who loves American football.”

“Perfect. Now take off your tops, hunny.” Tim obliged, and revealed the muscle-bound body his fitted suits hinted at. “Flex for me,” they then commanded, and Tim did so. Chris greatly enjoyed watching the ex-football star become a bodybuilder for a little bit. “Now take off your bottoms for me, slowly.” Chris added the last part as they wanted to find out if he still wore jockstraps for everyday stuff. Their suspicion was correct, as Tim revealed that before dropping trousers to show off his monster cock.

Chris was not expecting it to be that big, but they had no qualms about it. “Masturbate to completion for me,” they ordered, and Tim got to doing so. They made sure their cameras were rolling, as Tim’s video would also be released to the public after his session, in yet another parallel to Seth. Chris watched as this white man had an erect cock that reached the very tops of his abs, an astounding feat for any person. The masturbation was quite intense as well, using both hands quite rapidly. The ejaculation was also a spectacle, with cum splattering all over the place. Chris declined to ask Tim to clean up after himself, to add to his new humiliation.

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Tim woke up, and his eyes were bug-eyed before his new programming set in.

“Thanks, doc! I really needed this session!” Tim got up to leave, and Chris reminded him they weren’t in a nudist colony. As he left, the jerk-off video of the star Christian was being sent to TMZ and the Times as we speak.

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