Guest Request 29John’s final request, before taking a short break, was distinctly different from the last two. He would no longer be taking part in the fantasy, or even watching from the viewing room. He got to enjoy it in his room, much like most guests did. Jake Ryan was rushing through the streets of LA. Having overslept today, he had to rush to make it to practice on time, and not get kicked off the team. He was naturally speeding, and a cop car noticed and pulled him over. “License and registration,” said the cop, when he walked to Jake’s window. He was one hot motherfucker, with his uniform about ready to burst from the seams, and a nice buzzcut on top. “Of course, officer,” Jake replied. He took them out and gave them to the officer. Jake got a good look at his name tag: Officer Henderson. Henderson walked back to his car, ostensibly to check the license and figure out who he was. He, of course, knew that was Jake Ryan, football stud, but he still needed to run his name to see if he had any prior violations. He did not, and Henderson had a plan brewing in his mind.“Jake, I’ll need to keep driving, but take your next left and pull over once you hit the dead end.”“Of course, Officer,” Jake replied. What he was thinking was much worse. He was already late, and now the cop wanted him to go down some dusty side road? He had an idea of what was going to happen, but he dared not think about it. Jake drove that location, and pulled over into the grassy field. As he was driving, he noticed all the houses were dilapidated and empty. No one was around for a good mile, and there were a bunch of trees obscuring the main road anyways. Officer Henderson then arrived and exited his vehicle. “Out,” he commanded. Jake complied, and stood at attention in front of the beefy cop.“Please, sir! I can’t have another infraction on my record! I’m already late, and I don’t need to explain to the front office why I got a speeding ticket.”“Oh, I’ll drop the charge and give you a fucking police escort, if you do one thing for me: suck me off.”“Fuck no! I ain’t no fucking faggot, man!”“Then how about I add resisting a police officer to your record as well?”“Shit! I just need to suck you off, and then I can go free?” “Possibly.”“Deal!” Jake practically screamed, and then got on his knees. Thankfully, he wearing long pants, so the pain from the dirt and grass wasn’t as severe. Henderson then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, a massive horsecock that Jake was not expecting him to have. “Suck,” he said, and Jake went for it. He hadn’t sucked a dick since his freshman year of college, when pledging a frat, and none were this big. His mouth was wide enough to fit all of it in, though, and Henderson took full advantage of that. He thrusted back and forth, bringing his balls to Jake’s chin and back. Jake continually choked and was drooling spit the entire time, but it was worth it to get out of a ticket. Whenever he could, he used his tongue to further play with Henderson’s cock. Not having too much control over it meant Jake couldn’t suck him off as well as he would have liked, but he did the best he could.“Play with my fucking balls,” Henderson ordered, as he continued to ram his gigantic cock down the football jock’s throat. Jake brought his hands to Henderson’s balls and started fondling them. They were quite big, and there was a thin layer of hair on them, indicating he had shaved recently. There was no distinctive smell in the air just yet, but Jake could breathe in the fumes of Henderson’s giga-cock being locked away in his tight pants most of the day. The cock itself reflected that, with Jake tasting the sweat whenever it rolled over his tongue. “Fuck! I’m about to cum!” Henderson screamed, and to Jake’s utter horror, pulled out. He couldn’t move, lest he be arrested, so he watched as his face was sprayed with a boatload of cum. Some had gotten in his eyes, so when he could finally open them again, he could see streams of cum oozing down his face. Henderson ordered him to turn and look at himself in the car’s mirror. It was worse than what he could have imagined, with cum all over his forehead and in his hair. “Take your fucking pants off, jockboy,” Henderson announced, with Jake responding with a puppy-dog stare.“But you said I just needed to suck you off!”“Who’s the fucking cop around here? I could have you arrested for insubordination! And do you know what they do to pretty white boys in prison? They get raped, son. So, do you want their cocks up your ass or mine?”“Yours, sir.”“Good fucking boy.” Henderson enjoyed the spectacle of the beefy young adult stripping off his bottoms, and revealing that meaty, tender ass of his. Henderson then rammed his mega-cock into another one of Jake’s holes. He was an anal virgin, so the size of the cock being rammed in there caused him to scream out in agony. Henderson picked up Jake’s jockstrap and shoved it in his mouth.“Just because no one lives on this godforsaken street, it doesn’t give the right to scream bloody murder!”“YEAGHHIR!” came the muffled response from Jake. Henderson then continued his attack on Jake’s ass. Because Jake’s hole wasn’t too adaptive yet, he stayed inside his ass the whole time. This caused Jake both more pain and pleasure, as there was no escaping the cop’s cock, but his prostrate was hit a lot more times than he had experienced before. Henderson was carnally grunting throughout this whole experience, trying to push through a hole that had only opened up minutes ago. The stench of sex was permeating the air, causing Jake to feel more relaxed, and Henderson to fuck even farther.Henderson hit Jake’s g-spot again, and he screamed, “FUCK!” through the jockstrap, an impressive feat. What wasn’t so impressive was the fact he had cum from a guy sticking his dick up his ass. And what was worse was the explosive quality of his cumshot caused it to ricochet back onto his uniform top, the only one he had in his car. And it was painfully obvious that it was sperm on it. He went to lick it off, but Henderson barked, “Not today, boy.” Jake was pissed, but getting out of a ticket was getting less and less worth it. Soon after Jake blew his load, Henderson was ready to do the same. He once again pulled out, and unloaded himself all over Jake’s back. His cum was surprisingly still very white and viscous, so Jake could only stare in more horror as the back of his jersey was covered in sperm as well. Henderson then zipped up his pants. “Now, about that police escort I said I would do.”Jake arrived to practice only a couple minutes late, and Henderson smoothed things over with the head coach. Unfortunately, because of the obvious cum stains on his jersey, he was forced to practice shirtless. The guys got a real hoot from that, considering today was workout day, and Jake was one of the sweatiest guys on the team.

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