Guest Request 30A new guest was making his way to Celebworld for a couple days. Tim had three specific fantasies in mind, all involving pure fucking. Trevor was psyched that the amphitheater was actually being used again, and Tim was just plain excited to see his fantasies come to life. First up was Seth and John.Seth and John walked into the arena, completely naked. Once the two made their way to the middle of the floor, they began to passionately make out. And this was not limited to the lips. They were rubbing each other’s muscled bodies, and John had even let Seth jump up into his arms. After they were finished with their foreplay, the actual sex began. Seth was up first, sucking on John’s massive cock. It fit in his mouth just fine, and there was even some room for John to move it around. He began to thrust back and forth, while Seth pursed his lips and began to suck the wrestler off. He used his tongue to cover every inch of the man’s cock in his saliva, and tasted the bitterness of the cock as well. His mouth made most of the sounds ringing through the arena, either by his sucking or by John’s massive balls hitting Seth in the face. “Fuck! I’m going to cum!” screamed John. Unlike last time, the celebs could cum on each other when they needed to, so the audience roared in applause when Seth’s face was coated with John’s white and milky cum. Some of it dripped on to John’s face as they switched positions. Both of these men had had their cocks revealed to the world before, but they were here to watch the muscle-bound stud of a man, John, suck off another man. And he did not disappoint. The contrast in size was obvious, but it meant Seth could ram his cock down Cena’s throat much easier. The audience was blessed with the sounds of John choking, as Seth held it in there for as long as he could. He also licked all of Seth’s cock, but because of the longer time and more space in the mouth, saliva dribbled out and landed his cock, mixing in with some leftover sperm that had sputtered out. Seth’s balls didn’t contribute to the cacophony of noises in this part, but his own mouth certainly did. He was much more vocal than John, grunting and moaning the whole time. The arena now smelled vaguely of sweat and body odor, as the two men were picking up intensity. After what happened last time, Trevor installed yet another expensive machine that transmitted the smells from the arena to the stands. It worked, to uproarious applause. John, meanwhile, was tasting Seth’s delectable cock as well, with his own bitter quality mixed in with a little bit of sperm that had fallen on to it. Eventually, Seth couldn’t hold out any longer.“I’m gonna fucking cum!” he screamed, and it looked like he was pouring milk out of it. Streams of cum plastered John’s face with the thick and viscous liquid, and he kept his mouth open to allow even more of it to drip into his face. Once Seth had finished making John whiter than he already was, he got down and put his ass up into the air. John got up and inserted his gigantic cock into Seth’s hole. It entered with a satisfying POP! Seth’s, and John’s, holes were pretty loose from all the backstage shenanigans at WWE, but Seth had only taken cocks this size a few times. This lead to both men moaning, as Seth was moaning in pain, while John did so to accentuate his pushes. Seth also yelped in pain and pleasure whenever his prostrate was hit. It was in a pretty awkward spot, even for a male, so it wasn’t hit as often as he would have liked. Those still weren’t the only sounds, however. John’s dick, lubed up with spit and cum, made a very squishy noise inside of Seth’s ass. It was big enough for him to easily pull out and ram it back at well, so the fans were also treated to the sounds of the cock sliding back in, as well as the visual of spit and cum flying around. By this time, after two ejaculations, and a whole lot more effort on John’s part, the lower part of the arena distinctly smelt like sex. It was slowly wafting up towards the top of the arena, and the smell machines were slowly turning off as the real thing went into the people’s nostrils. John also used it as fuel for his fucking, picking up even more intensity. His balls were rattling against Seth’s body again, and he also took the time to slap Seth’s ass with his dick every once in a while. “Shit! I’m cumming!” he announced. It was a surprise even for John, so he didn’t have time to pull out. Seth himself made an O-face when John’s stream of cum rocked his ass this time. It showed no signs of fading, and John’s own cock was covered in his sticky liquid when pulling it out. The two shared some more of his cum before swapping positions. Seth was once again in an awkward position, as John had a much more meatier ass than him. Even ramming his cock down as far as he could came nowhere close to reaching John’s g-spot, so he worked on creating a spectacle for the fans. What he couldn’t do for pleasure, he could do in intensity. He was one of the fastest fuckers Trevor had ever seen on the island, and that related to the loud squishy noises ringing through the air as well. Seth’s balls connected with skin over and over again, and John’s pubic area was actually started to turn red, from all the times the balls hit it. Since John couldn’t really moan in pleasure, Seth took over most of the mouth sounds for this part, with guttural and carnal moans that spread throughout the whole park. Many fans with penises blew their loads after Seth uttered it for the first time. By this time, the stench of sex was overwhelming, and had officially spread to all parts of the amphitheater. Seth also used that as fuel for his fucking, and had quickly changed approaches to one intense thrust every few seconds. To both his and the viewers’ shock, his balls made their way into John’s enormous asshole as well, and came out over covered in ass juices. That caused even more ejaculations in the crowd, and excited the two men on the ground. “I’m about to fucking cum!” Seth screamed, and unlike his counterpart, was able to pull out and coat John’s back with his man juices. They weren’t as intense and milky as John’s were, but it was still a valiant effort, and he made up for it in quantity, with sperm still sputtering out half a minute later. When Seth finally stopped cumming, he tapped John on the ass, and the two began to make out again, sticky bodies and all. The viewers then began to leave, and Trevor issued the ending command once enough had left. This was once again a rousing success on his end.Requests are open. | Patreon

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