Guest Request 31In a rare twist, Tim didn’t go to Dr. Chris for the second hypno section. He had caught wind of the tape circulating around, and went directly to its source, Celebworld. There, Trevor tested out yet another new machine, this time using Chris’ vocals to hypnotize them without being there. This wasn’t the new thing they were working on, and it was painfully easy to send a tape of him saying that to Trevor, who then rigged up a machine to amplify it enough. Tim the guest was excited his main star had an extra spectacle, and then the real fun began.In a bit of a counter-intuitive twist to what he just had undergone, his hypnosis was lifted for the duration of the request, only to be locked in again. Tim was tied down to an altar in the middle of the amphitheater, with tight leather cuffs connected to solid metal. He was stuck there for quite a while. Other celebs then entered the arena, namely fellow football jocks. JJ, Joey, Jake, Luke, Jimmy, and Ryan all made a straight line, with their dicks rock-hard. Their morning pills had been laced with Viagara to achieve the desired effect. Tim, the stalwart Christian, then watched in horror as JJ walked over to him, and stuck his fat cock in Tim’s ass. “FUCK!” Tim screamed. He wasn’t gagged, as to better enjoy his humiliation. He screamed out in agony again once JJ positioned himself inside, and began thrusting. Tears started streaming down his face, both from the pain and the fact he was being sodomized. Having his first cock be a monster like JJ’s was not helpful either, and his ass was in loads of pain. He then felt himself chub up from having a man fuck his ass.“NO!” he screamed, but he couldn’t do anything, as his hands couldn’t reach. He was forced to listen to JJ moan and grunt as he fucked his ass, and there was nothing he could do about it. Thankfully, the smell of musk wasn’t that much new to him, or even sex, but with another man, that was too much. After another minute or so of tortuous thrusting, Tim felt something in his ass.“JJ! Fucking pull out!” he screamed, but it was too late. The audience watched as two jocks writhed around, one from ejaculation, and the other from the ejaculation. The good thing, for the other jocks at least, was that his tight hole kept most of the cum in. JJ pulled out, but he wasn’t done just yet. He walked over to Tim’s head, and hopped up onto the altar. He then positioned himself under Tim, so his ass was directly over his face. Joey brought over another stand for JJ to comfortably rest on, and pressed a button that caused Tim’s bonds to tighten. This caused his face to be buried in JJ’s asshole, and he couldn’t escape. He was able to breathe, though. Joey then took his turn ravaging the Christian’s ass. It was still quite tight, but his cock made a literal splash when it finally entered, landing in JJ’s excessive cum. Tim screamed yet again, but it was muffled and unintelligible due to his situation. JJ actually liked the sensation of all that breath on his asshole. With JJ’s cum as lube, Joey’s approach was literally more smoother. Tim wasn’t in as much pain as before, but it was still a virgin asshole, and Joey had started to pull out just enough, before ramming back inside. By this time, the arena distinctly smelled of sex. Tim didn’t mind it, but the fact it came from two men fucking should have deterred him from it. Instead, his cock was getting harder, and he found himself breathing in and tasting JJ’s asshole. He pulled away as much as he could, but the damage was done. With a carnal scream, Joey then ejaculated in Tim’s cum-filled ass, creating an odd sensation, as it got more and more filled with a foreign substance. JJ and Joey didn’t switch places, as that was JJ’s job for the rest of the day. Jake, however, walked over and took his turn. He rammed his cock in Tim’s ass as well, loose enough that it didn’t cause any tears from the act. The speed also caused cum to fly out of the asshole, something the audience got a hoot out of. With the newfound knowledge of a loose-enough asshole, Jake was the first jock to repeatedly go in and out. Tim actually got out an intelligible “FUCK!” from this experience, something that shocked even Trevor. However, it was getting to be painfully clear Tim actually was enjoying it, when the ass cam showed him voluntarily licking JJ’s asshole, before pulling himself away. His cock was getting harder, still not reaching the tops of his abs yet. Tim was also exposed to another kind of pain, one that came from some balls. The previous two needed to be careful in their thrusts, so ball-to-skin action happened rarely. However, with Jake’s intense thrusts that most times went into the ass itself, his balls rattled against Tim’s ass. It was turning beet-red by the time Jake had cum in his ass. He was the last to do so, as his cock was quite a bit more white than usual when he pulled out. The fourth jock to ravage the pious man’s asshole was Luke, who playfully pushed his cock in the first time, before pulling out and ramming in inside. Tim audibly yelped, and JJ then moaned from the rush of breath on his ass. Luke only used that stimulus to fuck even harder.The stench in the arena was getting overwhelmingly musky. It harkened back to the locker room after an intense game. Tim had hoped Smell-O-Vision never came to a locker room, at it would have reeked. He was also usually the first one in there, and got to change his pants quickly, as to hide the erection he had for the nearly-nude men at the coach’s meeting. This showed profusely in his cock, reaching full mast and starting to leak pre-cum, a little ahead of Trevor’s schedule. He also played with JJ’s ass for much longer before “coming to his senses”, and pulling away. Luke also employed the same fucking method Jake did, and his lower ass was now crimson-red when Luke ejaculated. He was the first not to cum in Tim’s ass, but Trevor had a plan for when his ass got too full. Luke pressed a button as he switched with Ryan, creating rows of rivets in the altar, all leading to Tim’s mouth, and JJ’s ass. Trevor was surprised he kept up the Christian image for so long, once he saw Tim going to town on another man’s cum. Ryan then arrived at Tim’s asshole, and just went for it. There was an explosion of cum on this attempt as well, but Tim was too busy turning gay to make any noise. Ryan’s thrusts were more calculating, as his programming for this request was to find Tim’s prostrate. Tim’s eyes bulged once Ryan hit it, for the first time ever. Even anal pleasure was frowned upon in the Tebow household, but that response led to a steady drip of pre-cum leaking from his tip. The smell hadn’t gotten too much stronger, but it was quite the major turn-on for Ryan, who plowed Tim the hardest yet. Surprisingly, the intensity of Ryan’s thrusts didn’t have too much effect on the red spots on Tim’s ass. It had only gotten slightly more darker by the time he was ready to cum. Even more cum dropped down to the altar, including some of Luke’s old stuff, which caused Tim to have an orgasmic look on his face, without doing so just yet. The final stud of the day was Jimmy. He wasn’t as meaty or muscular as the other men Tim had suffered through today, but he made up for it in speed. He was one of the fastest on the island, probably in connection to being Brady’s underdog back in the real world. Whatever the reason was, it showed, as Tim was trying very hard whether to feel pain or pleasure from Jimmy fucking his ass. Eventually, the pleasure won over, as the combination of JJ’s ass smell and tons of delectable cum activated his pleasure centers more. Jimmy also used the very rank smell in the air as fuel, turning Tim’s lower ass black and blue very quickly. Trevor knew that would be a bit difficult to fix, but he was enraptured by the spectacle. Jimmy, armed with the knowledge of his g-spot, repeatedly hit it, and grunted quite a bit, all hoping to get Tim so aroused that they both came at the same time. And they do, to thunderous applause. Jimmy came first, but the sensation of cum on his back for the third time sent him over the edge, and Tim was no longer a straight man, if he were to go back to the real world. Jimmy helped to push most of the cum off Tim, which he lapped up like a dog. Quite a bit of it was his cum, an erotic sight for the sizable number of people still watching. JJ then got up and left, and Jimmy pressed a button that opened his cuffs. It also discreetly injected the fast-acting formula that would turn him back into a mindless husk, awaiting orders. Requests are open. | Patreon  

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