Guest Request 32Tim’s final request was set to take place today, involving the newly-minted Luke Bryan. Trevor had made sure he was successfully under Chris’ control before inputting his new assignment, a third fuck session in the arena.To spice up the beginning a little bit, Sam waited, nude, in the center of the arena for Luke. He walked out, clad in his normal everyday clothes, but much tighter. His polo accentuated his biceps, and his super skinny jeans left no imagination to his ball size, let alone cock. He made his way to where Sam was standing, and he stripped the country singer down, kissing every body part he uncovered, and slipping off to his pants, only to continue kneeling and put Luke’s cock in his mouth. This was the first time Luke had ever experienced someone’s mouth touching his mouth, so his innate reaction was quite funny to the crowd. His shock eventually turned into ecstasy, as Sam knew exactly what he was doing. His wide neck lent itself very well for cock-sucking, and he used that to the full advantage, bringing all of Luke’s moderately-sized cock into his mouth repeatedly. Luke continued to moan in pleasure as Sam’s tongue traced every part of his cock. The smallish size of his cock meant Sam could lick the balls as well, and they both had a distinct taste. It was of pleather, surprisingly, but the guests realized that made sense, due to Luke’s real-life fetish for them. There was not a strong stench in the air yet, only a faint whiff of BO coming from Luke, who was stuffed into pleather pants in a very warm climate. He came not much later, not announcing it. He did, however, pull out, and covered Sam’s face in his cum. It wasn’t as milky or viscous as Trevor and the guests would have hoped, but Luke made up for it in quantity. It was a full 45 seconds before the last drop dribbled from his cock head. Sam used the obscene amount of cum dripping from his face as lube for Luke, who had knelt down. Luke had never sucked anyone off before, but it looked like he was a natural. Sam’s cock was substantially bigger, and Luke’s neck a bit smaller, so he couldn’t deep-throat the cock. However, he made up for it with his tongue, reaching all the parts of the cock, including a little dip into the piss-slit. That caused Sam to roar with ecstasy, and continued to moan in pleasure throughout the rest of the sucking. Luke was tasting his cum for the first time, as well as the tangy mixture the cum and Sam’s cock concocted. It was euphoric to him as well, and he only attacked the cock more. The smell of the arena was now faintly of sex, and even the smell machines had a hard time picking it up. The audience could see, however, Sam’s massive ejaculation onto Luke’s face. He had quality to his, shooting out only a few strings of milky and thick cum. Luke had to wipe it from his face before getting ready to fuck a man. He inserted his cock gently, and the audience laughed at the struggle this straight dude was having. Eventually, he decided to ram it in, and the audience got a hoot again as both men screamed, but for entirely different reasons. As Luke was hesitant to thrust in and out, he focused all of his attention on staying inside the ass, and finding Sam’s prostrate. It wasn’t too difficult, and the first carnal moan of the day was let out as Sam had that felt for the first time ever. This was also a very quiet fuck, in the genital department, as Luke’s balls barely hit Sam’s ass. There also wasn’t too much cum on his cock for lube, which was partly the reason for Sam’s scream at the beginning. It was starting to smell like sex, however, with a man going at it, and two loads of cum on their bodies. Luke, in yet another difference to the other men, was actually disgusted by it, a surprising development even for Trevor, who never knew they could be programmed this way. None of that really mattered, though, as Luke did cum in Sam’s ass, completely. Sam was once again wracked with pain as cum barreled through his ass. Luke was moaning in pleasure as Sam’s tight ass helped to get all the excess sperm out. Quite a bit of cum was dripping from his cock when he changed positions with Sam. Sam had a bit of an issue on his hands. Luke’s ass was entirely virgin, and his girth was a bit on the larger size. This fuck session was turning out to be the funniest yet, as Sam opened up Luke’s ass, and tried to maneuver his cock into it, hands-free. He eventually got there, and Luke too yelled in pain as his ass snapped back, but not completely. Sam knew he was stuck in here until he cum, but he decided to create a spectacle for the fans. He intensely thrust, being careful not to pull out. Luke continued to scream out in pain, as in addition to the internal ass torture, Sam’s balls were rattling against his lower ass, causing them to turn all shades of red. The smell of the arena was now distinctly of sex, and unlike Luke, Sam used it as an accelerant, to cause the country singer even more torture. Luke continued to scream throughout the entire session, until Sam finally pulled out. However, it wasn’t over yet, and he felt more streams of cum being unleashed onto his back. They were pretty much the same from just a few minutes again, and there was a loud splash of cum as Luke stood up and started making out with Sam to end the show for today. Requests are open. | Patreon

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