Trevor had flown in to see Dr. Chris, to discuss a peculiar situation that Celebworld was about to encounter. Thankfully, both clients today were in the afternoon, so they let Trevor in in the morning.

“What’s up?”

“We have our first celeb client coming to the island.”

“What does that mean?”

“A non-hypnotized celeb is asking for a request.”


“Kris Bryant, for Rizzo.”

“Oh, he did say those two were fucking around. So, are we going to allow that?”

“That’s why I came to see you in-person. Should we do this, or just leave Celebworld to the normies?”

“Well, considering we all have four of Hollywood’s major Chrises in our grasps, having a celeb expose us wouldn’t really do anything.”

“So, I should accept the request?”

“Fuck yeah! And how much is Kris paying us?”

“Half a billion.”

“Fucking what!? He has that money saved up?”

“I guess so. His accountant sent proof to me on the flight here.”

“Well, then we’re definitely fucking doing it!” Chris laughed, as the two hugged. They then got ready for their first actual client of the day, John Daly, coming in for his Celebworld trip. They had persuaded Trevor to take John with him, as fuel was expensive and a finite resource. To do that, however, John was yet another quickie.

“John, you will no longer remember that you should not be in Celebworld. You will always think that is your home. While you are on the island, you are to remain nude, unless a guest wants you clothed. If a guest does not want you, you will remain in the celebrity village, or there will be dire consequences. You have the right to refuse extreme desires, such as death or self-mutilation. Anything else that would not cause serious or irreversible damage is fair game. Your new sexual identity is polysexual. You will not care who you have sex with. You will also consume pills with your breakfast daily. These pills will stop the spread of most diseases to you. I lock this in with the word, ‘Ylad’. Wake up.”

John did so, and was sent on his way to Trevor’s plane. Due to the crazy schedule today, they only had a short amount of time before Jake Dalton was due to arrive for his session. He knocked on the door as Chris was just finishing putting some stuff away.

“Oh, am I too early?”

“No, Jake, I’m just very busy today. But I just finished. So, what brings you in today?”

“Sam and I were talking, before he moved to Celebworld, about me doing one last hurrah at Tokyo 2020. Now that he’s moved to a new country, that spot automatically opened up to me. But I need to get my mind ready for yet another Olympic run.”

“I see. I believe hypnotherapy will be our best approach here. Are you open to that?”

“I’ll do anything for Sam.”

“Interesting,” Chris thought, before speaking the script. “I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Jake, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.
"5, you are starting to go under.
"4, you’re getting deeper.
"3, I control you now.
"2, no one else matters but me.
"1, I am your master.”

Jake’s eyes fluttered open, and they were green. Psyche! They were orange, of course.

“Jake, you will now feel mentally prepared for anything Olympic related in your gymnastics career.”

“I feel mentally prepared for the Olympics in my gymnastics again.”

“Good. Now strip completely for me.” Chris didn’t do it in sections, as Jake’s case file already had a shirtless photo of him, and these leos were pretty tight. Once Jake slipped out of his jock, Chris got a good look at the body he was still keeping in shape. The cock size was no slouch, either, at a pretty impressive 4.5″ flaccid.

“Masturbate to completion for me,” they then commanded. They wanted to film this hot jock, of course, but they didn’t want to put it out there. Chris enjoyed the Olympics, and if God forbid, no one wanted him by that time, then he could participate. The cock almost doubled in size, to a 8.5″ erect one. Jake’s balls were also pretty massive, and Chris’ sneaking suspicion was confirmed when Jake’s cock erupted in cum. It landed on his head, and the initial blast made it all the way up to the ceiling. 

“Lick yourself clean,” ordered Chris, as they sat back and enjoyed the added spectacle. Once he had cleaned most of himself off, Chris went in for the ending script. 

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Jake did so, and after a blink or two, his conditioning popped into his head. “Thank you so much, Dr. Chris! This truly means a lot to me and Sam.”

“No problem. Just don’t forget to get dressed before you leave!”

“Of course!” Jake wasn’t going to feel sticky, but he would find some more cum in pretty odd spots. Chris continued to do some more paperwork, and had their own task of finding yet another bank to house his lump sum from the Kris Bryant payment. 

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