Guest Request 33Today’s request was a bit special, and quite unusual for Celebworld. For the first time ever, a celeb was requesting a fellow celeb. John had initially set this up, but the actual request was to just be between Kris Bryant, and his lover, Anthony Rizzo. Trevor met him at the airport, a very rare occurrence.“Hello, Kris. How was your flight?”“Fine. Thank you for asking. So, explain to me again what happened with Tony?”“My machine made the whole world think Anthony always lived here, when in reality, he had a life back home. I had adjusted for the spouses, but apparently not gay lovers.”“So, he’s permanently stuck here?”“Well, you could bring him home, but Celebworld is the only place that has the complex programming software needed to control him. He would perform the basic bodily functions, but that is about it.”“And I can’t have a hold on him indefinitely?”“That would be technically feasible, but with the formula, rates reach into the high trillions after only two weeks, and stopping it for a bit doesn’t reset it.”“Okay. So, I should make the most of it today?”“You should.”“But he does have his old memories back, temporarily, right?”“Yes. He has all of his memories back for the duration of your session.”“Perfect. Thank you, Trevor, for allowing me to do this. It must be a bit awkward.”“Oh, we’ve had many spouses and lovers come through the island. Very few have had enough money to finance what you are doing, though.”The two continued to chat on the way to Kris’ room, but mostly about small talk and baseball. “Here we are. Poke anywhere on his body to activate his programming. He will revert back to his old state when the door opens again, or midnight, whichever comes sooner.” Trevor left the baseball stud, and Kris opened the door. There was Tony, lying on the bed with his oversized Bryant jersey on. His face was a bit rigid, but it relaxed once Kris playfully booped his nose.“Hi, honey! Long time no see!” Kris started crying as he hugged his lover, knowing this was not going to be permanent. “I’ve missed you,” he tearfully got out.“I’ve missed you too. So, what do you want to do first? My additional programming has given me quite a bit experience in the sex department than you!”Kris chuckled, and then replied, “Let’s just snuggle for a bit. We haven’t done that in a long time.” The two lovers then enjoyed a normal afternoon together, watching the game and feeding each other food. At around seven, Kris was ready to switch it over to sex. “Fuck!” he screamed. “I forgot to pack our foreplay clothes!”“Look in the hall closet, honey.” Kris walked over to it, and was greeted by a machine, not a rack of clothes. However, that machine was loaded with every single combination of clothing one could think of, and it was connected to an expansive closet-like basement. Kris decided to pick out the football uniforms, indulging a fantasy the two always shared, but could not really do. He walked back into the bedroom lugging two complete outfits on some hangers.“Kris! You remembered! I can’t wait to try them on!” Both of them stripped out of all their clothes, and changed into the new sport outfit. Their idea of foreplay had always involved exercise beforehand, and Rizzo revealed a massive track around the floor they were on. “Trevor really did think of everything,” Rizzo announced, as the two took off for a run to get all sweaty and gross.Due to the obscene size of the building, the two only could do one lap before they were really tired and super sweaty. They caught their breath, and then moved into the “locker room”, which was actually just their bedroom. The two playfully glanced at each other while stripping out of the gear, and then went to the showers. The room only had one, but it was double-headed, another key part of their fantasy. Kris was done first, due to his less flabby body, and snuck back in to the locker room, to sniff Tony’s jockstrap.Kris had done this countless times before, especially after an intense game, but this was all part of the foreplay they had envisioned. Rizzo then exited the shower, and walked into the locker room, only to find Kris sniffing away on his jock, and jerking off to it.“Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”“Oh, Tony! I didn’t know these were yours!”“They are, you little fag. And you know what else fags like? Cocks up their asses!” He playfully pushed Kris down and flipped him over, and grabbed some lube from the bedstand. After getting it all wet, he rammed it into Kris’ ass.“FUCK!” he screamed, as part of the sexplay. He knew exactly how Tony’s cock would feel in his ass, but it wasn’t that much fun that way. Rizzo had a slasher smile on his face as he fucked his lover, who he pretended was a dirty fucking jocksniffer. The two had always enjoyed water-based lube, so Tony’s cock going in and out and moving around in Kris’ ass sounded like feet moving through water. Kris continued to swear and moan in fake pain, while Tony played up the homophobic jock angle.“I fucking swear, if another faggot touches my jock again, I’m not going to be the only cock up their ass!” The smell the two were giving off was a large part of the fantasy, and something both men greatly enjoyed. The BO smell wasn’t new to them at all, considering they played a professional sport, but the slight twinge of sex that was slowly started to creep into their nostrils was intoxicating to both of them. There was also the sound of Rizzo’s meaty balls slamming against Kris’ ass. Since celebs weren’t allowed to masturbate without orders or a fantasy, quite a bit of Rizzo’s spunk was brewing in there, waiting for a release. “Fuck! I don’t want to cum in a faggot’s ass! Turn around and show me your fucking face!” While staying in character, Kris did actually enjoy getting cummed on, so he had to try pretty hard to look upset as his lover covered him. He licked as much as he could, and Rizzo scraped some off and feed it to him as well. “Fuck,” replied Kris, finally breaking character. “That was fucking hot, honey, but I’m so fucking tired. But I don’t want to fall asleep either. Then I can’t have more hot sex with you!”“Then take this,” Rizzo responded, opening the medicine cabinet and revealing a variety of pills for the guests to use, all safe, of course. He pulled down a small blue tablet. “This will knock you out cold, and nothing will wake you up until your circadian rhythm does it for you.”“Sweet! But why are you telling me this?”“I’ll alternate being sucking and fucking you, and you won’t even feel a thing!”“Are there cameras in here?”“Of course. Night vision ones from all the angles you could possibly think of.”“Oh, I’ll definitely be buying that footage,” Kris said, as he took the pill and went to bed. True to his word, Rizzo fucked and sucked off his lover until midnight, when his programming forced him to leave. Kris woke up the next morning upset that his lover was no longer there, but he immediately went down and bought his room’s footage for the duration of the stay. It was obnoxiously cheap, but considering the cost it took to even get here, he didn’t mind. On the plane ride home, he got to watching the footage. The cameras were top of the line, and illuminated color as best as they could. Kris jerked off on the flight to Tony repeatedly sucking and fucking him. It seemed as though those refractory periods were long enough, as he was still spewing a mountain of cum by the time Rizzo had to leave. He saved the video to his computer, and wondered how to explain the half a billion dollar loss to his accountant.Requests are open. | Patreon

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