Guest Request 34

Another new guest arrived on the island today, one with a peculiar purpose in mind. @spriallad came to Celebworld to see Justin Bieber being humiliated and abused. However, he wasn’t going to do it. He would watch as Justin went through four rounds of this, and then he would leave the island. Trevor was seeing quite a big payday from this, so he didn’t mind.

First up today was a double dildo fuck for the pop star. He had entered a room with a dildo stuck to the wall, about two feet or so above the ground. There was also another dildo stuck to the ground. The wall dildo was a normal girth, but quite massive. The floor dildo, on the other hand, was absolutely massive, and Spria wasn’t sure Justin’s ass would be able to fit on such a massive object. He was proven wrong when Justin plopped himself down it, without screaming out in pain or anything. 

Once he was sure he was sufficiently on the dildo, he went for the wall one. Getting it into his mouth was not an issue, but getting it all the way down was. He gagged himself for as long as he could before jerking his head back, and allowing his saliva to drip all over him, lubing up his worthless cock. Since there was no clear ending in sight for this task, Justin continued to suck and fuck dildos until Spria rapped his knuckles on the glass, allowing him to get up, as the room was changed for the next part. There was an audible plop as Justin’s ass released the dildo, and it swung back and forth. The wall dildo was covered in saliva, and so was Justin, once he gagged for the last time.

His second torture of the day was also one of the easiest, but the most painful. One of Celebworld’s many guards had taken a seat at the center of the now-bare room, sans the chair. In walked Justin again, and he laid himself over the guard’s legs, and got ready to be spanked. Spria had paid extra for a paddle spank instead of just the hand, so he greatly enjoyed watching the singer wince in pain everytime the wood connected with his body. And since most of the guards were roided-out beasts, the intensity of the spanking was quite severe as well. 

Justin’s ass was a dark shade of black and blue when the guard finally stopped the spanking. True to his word, Spria allowed him to leave and recuperate for a bit, but not before snapping a picture of the superstar’s sore behind. As this break was to be the longest as well, as the medic team needed to check Justin’s ass, Spria asked the guard to do a striptease for him. He complied, as he was on the VIP list for the day, and the guard couldn’t deny a request by them. He had just finished jerking himself off when the team gave Spria the all-clear.

The third set-up was a bit blasé, but it was the one Spria was looking forward to the most. There was a long table set up around the room, with tons of glasses on it, each with a yellow liquid inside. That yellow liquid was piss, and each and every celebrity had a glass on that table. Justin had to drink all of them to move on to the next section. The med team made sure this wouldn’t harm the young man, so Spria could enjoy himself without having to worry about Justin getting sick. 

He picked up the first cup, which happened to be Trevor Knight’s. He tentatively took a sip, and his face revealed what he truly thought about this ordeal.  However, he knew he had to push through, and so chugged the rest of the glass. This continued through the rest of the room, with each celebrity having a unique taste. Using a shot glass provided by the island, Spria took small sips of all the piss as well, just to see what Justin was tasting. Most were tangy and bitter, and some had no taste on them at all. Others had a distinctive flavor, sometimes bordering on the insane, like oranges. Once Justin had drank the last gulp from Luke Bryan’s glass, he breathed a sigh of relief, and left to get ready for his final session.

For the final event of the day, Spria wanted a full-blown fantasy, and Celebworld complied.

Justin woke up in the middle of the night. Hailey was still sleeping, but he could hear footsteps creeping around the house. He jostled his wife awake, only to see the bedroom door open.

“We have you now!” screamed one of the men, who ran over to the bed and grabbed Hailey. Justin fought back, but a quick punch to his face put him out of commission just long enough for the men to transfer Hailey to their team in the car.

“What did you do to her?” asked Justin, recovering from the blow.

“Oh, the lass will be a good score on the underground slave market, Mr. Bieber. But we like have more fun with the guys!” said the same assailant, who, with his buddies, pushed Justin on to the mattress, and held him down as one final man tied his arms and legs to the bedposts, making him spread-eagled.

“We already know what you look like nude, pretty-boy,” taunted one of the men, as they forcibly stripped him, “but never hard!” That was punctuated by the tearing of his briefs, to reveal the cock everyone saw skinny-dipping. 

“Let’s see how big the man can get,” said one of the men, and started to jerk off the celebrity.

“Fuck! I’m going to report you guys to the fucking police!”

“Oh, shut him the fuck up!” said the leader. One of his men found a pair of Justin’s dirty underwear, and duct-taped it inside his mouth. All they could hear was muffled screams now. His cock reached an above-average height, and Justin felt himself about to cum, before the hand pulled away. His muffled screaming did him no good as nipple clamps were put on before continuing to edge him again.

Justin tried to make himself ejaculate earlier than he would liked, but he wasn’t too wily for the men. Once again, there was no final stroke, and he moaned again as his cock subsided for the second time. This time, an electronic dildo was inserted into his ass, and the person who put it in found his prostrate, and made sure it was pressed on as they lowered him back down. This caused Justin to feel like he was going to cum even sooner, but for the third time, his orgasm was ruined. 

He was made to get rock-hard again, but this time, no new sex toys were added. Instead, the men took turns slapping his genitalia, causing him to yelp out in pain. This was actually about to make him cum as well, but one of the eagle-eyed men stopped their revelry before the fun was done. 

“Last one, men. Let’s make it a good one,” said their leader, as Justin watched him strip down to nothing. He was a total stud, but was even more shocked when he plopped himself right down on his dick. Justin stared in horror as the man bounced himself up and down, causing the poor singer to get rock-hard. There was nothing Justin could do to stop himself from erupting into the assailant’s ass, with his cum leaking all over his ass and his bed. The leader then got up and started to untie Justin.

“And don’t think of ratting us out,” he warned, “as we have this all on tape.” He gesticulated to a man in the back, standing on the desk in his room. “Ricky got it all on camera, man, and you don’t want another scandal on your hands.” They left one easy knot to untie before leaving, and left Justin horny and wet from tonight’s misadventure. He untied himself, but just missed them driving away.

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