Hi followers!

So, this is an update on my request post. Requests will now be free, but if the amount gets to be too much, I will hold off on replies and the sort until I am ready to type the request.

The main reason for the post is a signal for my Patreon. I love writing porn and smut for y’all, but it does take up a lot of my time, along with other ancillary tasks I need to do for it. My Patreon is mostly just my requests transferred over, but even at $1 or less a month, that’s only $12 or less, which I presume most can afford. I have Patreon-only stories, involving my own edit posts that peppered the blog before switching gears into Celebworld.

Finally, my first Daz3D pic and story will go up tonight. I am also in the planning stages of a sprawling epic of a story, that will be available exclusively on Patreon. And to end, this is NOT a cash grab. Anything is appreciated, and a little more means a lot more stories coming your way!

Happy fapping,


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