Guest Request 35

John was back with a whole slew of requests, akin to Peter’s fantasy a little while back. However, before they were to go live, he had one fantasy that he wanted to fulfill himself, involving Jake Ryan.


John was taking part in the fantasy today, but he had in the viewing room terraform, so that only he could enjoy it live. He dressed up like a daddy, in a leather harness and chaps. He also grew out his facial hair to look older and more intimidating. Jake then walked, clad in leather. His was in a singlet form, however, and only his ass was exposed to John.

“Fuck, Jake! Looking good!”

“Thank you, Daddy. What do you want me to do next?”

“Flex those big and meaty muscles for me.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Jake flexed, focusing on the biceps especially, but also throwing in some full-body ones as well.

“Good boy, Jake. Daddy needs to piss now. You will be punished depending on how much you miss.”

“Of course, Daddy.” Jake opened his mouth wide, and John started his stream. He was cheating a little bit, not pissing since his flight over. Jake naturally couldn’t keep up, and quite a bit dribbled on to the ground.

“I told there would be some punishment if you messed up!” announced John, who grabbed the football jock and shoved him under his armpit. They were ripe as fuck, as John had not showered since a day before leaving. Even though this was a punishment, Jake still had to keep up the appearance of enjoying it, and breathed it in deeply, much to John’s delight.

“Bounce your pecs for me, boy.”

“Yes, Daddy.” John gave him a break after a punishment, and he greatly enjoyed watching the blonde himbo bounce his pecs, constrained by the tight leather.

“Suck on my toes now, boy.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Jake dropped down and got to sucking. Much like his pits, his feet were ripe as well, but Jake attacked them with the same ferocity he would any other time. John moaned in pleasure as Jake’s tongue went in between his toes and on the bottom of his feet.

“Get into a bridge position. Daddy’s going to fuck you now.”

“Yes, sir.” This was John’s last task for the athlete, but he was going to hold back. He rammed his cock into Jake’s ass. He moaned in pleasure as he felt it expanding to fit Daddy’s monster cock. With that tidbit in mind, John fucked the man even more ferociously, cunting the poor football jock.

“Fuck, Daddy! You feel so fucking good in my ass!”

“Thank you, boy,” got out John, between grunts of passion. Jake’s ass was slowly starting to turn red from the brutal attack, but he didn’t mind. John noticed, however.

“My big-ass balls are causing your ass to turn beet red, boy! How does that fucking feel?”

“Great, Daddy! Pain is pleasure!” John smirked at that reply as he continued his assault. There was nothing John could connect with smell to Jake, but it certainly reeked of sex in the room. John’s strong BO, mixed with Jake’s and all the liquids moving around in Jake’s ass contributed to a delectable aroma, which both of the men enjoyed.

John then couldn’t hold back any longer. “Fuck, boy! I’m about to cum!”

“Yes, Daddy! Inseminate me with your seed!” John did just that, spewing buckets upon buckets of cum into the jock’s ass. Once he was done, he pulled out.

“Lick my fucking cock, boy!”

“Yes, Daddy!” Jake got the taste of his daddy’s thick and creamy cum, as well as his own ass juices in that hot mouth of his.

“How does it fucking taste, boy?”

“Excellent, Daddy! You taste so good!”

“Thank you. I’m done with you now, boy. Leave.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Jake finished out the session by sultrily walking away. John cleaned himself up, and went to his meeting with Trevor to discuss the new multi-part fantasy.

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