Dr. Chris had yet another Olympic gymnast on the docket today, Alex Naddour. Unfortunately, they had no Roscoe meeting to keep them entertained for the rest of the day. So, they patiently waited until Alex arrived.

“Oh, did I come early or something?”

“No, I’m just not that busy anymore, Alex. Please, have a seat. What brings you in today?”

“You’re a therapist, right?”

“Hypnotherapist, but yes, I have the same qualifications as a normal talk therapist.”

“And we have doctor-patient confidentially?”

“Of course.”

“Ok. I’ll just come out and say it. Larry Nassar sexually abused me as well.” Chris’ eye bugged out. That was some serious shit, like on Steven’s level.

“Ok. And have you talked about this to anyone from USA Gym?”

“I have not.”

“Well, Alex, this is not my wheelhouse, and I fear you will not the comfort and support you need at this time from me. I have a contact with Simone Biles, who has come forward already. Hopefully, she can help, and if that does not work, I have quite a few ex-gymnasts on my contact list that could help.”

“Thank you, Dr. Chris. I know this is a very touchy subject, especially in the #MeToo era.”

“Alex, it was very brave what you just told me. I am just sorry that I cannot help any further.”

“Thank you.” Chris gave Alex Simone’s number, and then the gymnast left. That was the first time ever that a celeb had come through their office and not been hypnotized. However, Alex’s plight was much more severe than Steven’s or some others that had come to them, so they didn’t feel comfortable even hypnotizing the man.

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