Guest Request 36A Day in the Life of Luke EvansIdea provided by @wnedalpahsLuke woke up this morning like clockwork. Part of the intricate processing all celebs went through involved wake-up schedules. His next order of business was to check the screen in his room detailing his itinerary for the day. For a bigwig like JJ or Trout, a complex schedule was laid out, getting them ready for the day’s fantasy. Someone like Luke had a vastly different schedule. If a celeb was not part of the day’s fantasy, or an upcoming one, they were put on SCUT duty, or Sucking Cash Under Table. It was Trevor’s cute way of noting these guys were for the low-paying guests, who had enough money to request a celeb, but nothing else. Luke, along with quite a few other guys, constantly were on SCUT duty. They didn’t care, as their programming entailed they wouldn’t, but Trevor decided to give them the lesser spotlight now. After checking the schedule, Luke went to breakfast. Much like a restaurant, the food varied, but at the end of a table was a massive pill display that all celebs ate from. This was second-nature, but Luke’s limited free will allowed him to pick out a Belgian waffle today. After he finished eating, it was on to the good stuff for the day. First up was gym time, to keep the celebs in peak physical condition. An athlete or fitness model usually ran these sessions, and if for some reason no one was available, Trevor did had DVDs ready to help them train.JJ was their coach today, having recovered from his recent fantasy. He led the group of celebs through a wide variety of physical activities, including push-ups and crunches. Special focus was given to the arms as well, and legs if the celeb was known for those as well. This session usually lasted about an hour or so, and the celebs were given ten minutes of cool-down time before transitioning into the next task of the day. Celebs with a fantasy on the schedule separated from the group, while the SCUTs and the rest of the celebs went in for VR training. Each celeb had their own machine, ostensibly for specific conditioning purposes. Processing had pretty much covered that, so these daily sessions were just to reinforce the hypnosis. Luke pulled the headset down and pressed the start button. “PISSING” flashed before his eyes in bright red letters. Luke and the other celebs learned about piss play, and what not to do, amongst other things. The insanely realistic machine made it appear like someone was actually pissing on them, when in actually, they were not. Most learning sessions were this “hands-on”, especially when it needed to be updated for whatever reason.After it was finished, there was a nice woosh as all the machines went offline, and the celebs got up. Most days, the whole crew undergoing VR then moved on to the next two rooms. The first one was the Fucking Room, not a nice pun. Real-life fuck training took place there, involving a wide arsenal of rotating guards, who spanned every conceivable combination. Trevor popped in from time to time, especially on a more evening-oriented fantasy day, and he was here today. He was Luke’s fucker for the day. Luke, along with the rest of the celebs, got prepared. First up was the insertion of a dildo gag, used to train them in deepthroat. Luke had gotten up to a massive size, considering the fact he was rarely used. It was almost comical the size. He then connected his cock to the milk machine, which was just a glorified penis pump. That connected to a massive box in the center of the room, which collected it. Trevor sold the mixture in the gift shop for $99.99, and he had to expand his bottling services recently to keep up with demand! Finally, it was time to fuck. Unlike most of the day, this was not always set in stone. Some guards rough-fucked the celebs, while others did it slow and sensually. Trevor was somewhere in the middle, and a vocal one as well. That was usually frowned upon, but when you’re the big boss, people let it slide. The fucking did have a time limit, however, and after the hour was up, Trevor and the guards left. The group of celebs then moved on to the final room of the day, usually only losing one or two of them. This room was named the Toy Room, but these weren’t children’s toys. It was filled with every conceivable sex toy known to man. Constant SCUTters were trying out every toy one by one, so they could more easily fulfill a request. The bigwigs rarely made it here, and that was mostly for the specific brand a guest requested. Today Luke was focused on an ass spreader that was also a clip-on chastity cage. It took some finagling to get on, but it was paradoxically comfortable, once it was on. He spent some more time figuring out the idiosyncrasies, and once that was done, he started the work day.Today was thankfully not as labor-intensive as a bunch of mini-sessions were. Luke was on walking around duty, which meant he was at the whim and fancy of most guests. However, he was accompanied by a guard, who strictly enforced time limits and some extra rules, as he was not under one person’s control. Many men got a fuck and quick suck in. It took a master orator to get Luke to cum that quickly, but some men were able to cum in his ass quickly. Some women got their holes filled as well. Luke did this for the rest of the day. The miniscule part of his brain that had any free will left also enjoyed these less active days as well. After he got back to his room, he had to film a promo for the next Kids’ Week, fully dressed as Gaston. It was Disney Week this month, and three of the Chrises were also filming promos as their Marvel characters.Requests are open. | Patreon

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