Guest Request 37John was back at Celebworld with yet another wild request, but after this one, he would be taking a break and allowing some other guests to shine. This was one of the most complex and multifaceted requests yet, and Trevor was excited to see just how it would turn out.Jake was walking his dog to obedience school. His dog was named Sam Hunt, and that was not a cute pop-culture name. It was actually Sam Hunt, decked out in a puppy mask and tail that wagged while he walked. His dick was coated in a special sheath that made it appear more pink than it normally was, and he had paw booties on. They arrived at the school, where the head trainer, Chris Evans, greeted them.“Hello, Mr. Dalton. How has Sam’s training been going?”“Pretty good. He responds to my basic commands, but still doesn’t tell me when he needs to go to the bathroom.”“We’ll work on that today, then.”“And who else will be here today?”“Steve Cook and Chris Mazdzer, Mr. Dalton. Sam has hung out with these dogs before.”“Noted. Thank you, Chris.” With that, the men exchanged the leash, and Jake walked away. Chris walked Sam in to the big play and training room, and let him go. Steve and Chris M. were already there, and were playing when Sam walked in. They did a butt sniff circle before going off to play for a bit, while Chris E. got some business done. Once he got all that squared away, he walked back into the room and blew his whistle. It was a normal one, as these were still humans, but it was a jarring sound that sent the three front and center. “Sit.” All three sat, knees down and palms on the ground. Chris went through a litany of commands to test where they were at. Sam was just slightly behind the other two, but the ones he missed were more complex ones that both that both other dogs needed to work on. Chris focused on Sam, first, to bring him up to speed. “Play dead,” he commanded, while pushing Sam’s body in to the correct position. After a few more rounds of that, he stopped helping Sam, and was rewarded with a treat every time he did it without being prodded. Unfortunately, once he had successfully passed, in Chris’ opinion, he pissed all over the floor, without any warning. It was thankfully just dirt, but that meant a punishment was in Sam’s future.Chris M. and Steve bounded over as Chris put Sam over his knee. While doing this to a real dog would be reprehensible, Chris found corporal punishment worked well in human-dog hybrids. Pissing inside equated to ten spanks on each cheek, and Sam yelped in pain as Chris’ hand swatted his ass repeatedly. “Bad boy,” he noted. “No going to the bathroom inside.” The pain and the words hopefully helped to sear the message in, and it had worked on some of his previous clients. After his punishment was over, Sam continued his catch-up training, learning how to run after a thrown ball or stick, and return it as well. There were no more incidents until lunch, which was mostly for the humans. Since these were human-dog hybrids, table scraps were suitable, and so that part of their biology was fulfilled. After lunch was finished, specialized training occurred that wouldn’t happen in a regular obedience school, for a variety of many reasons. It was teaching these pups how to fuck their masters. All still had their human cocks, and all three owners had expressed interest in doing so. “Okay, pups. Can you point to your penis for me?” All three did so correctly. “Good!” announced Chris, throwing treats to all. “I’m going to teach you how to fuck your owner. Who wants to go first?” All three dogs were quite excited, but Chris decided to pick Steve.“Ok, you will eventually learn how to mount your owner, but for now, he will assist you.” Chris flipped himself over and lifted his legs. He then motioned for Steve to come over, and positioned his cock right above his asshole. “This is how sex works. Your penis goes into this hole in my butt, okay? Steve, can you do that for me?”“BARK, BARK!” he responded as he rammed his cock into Chris’ hole. “FUCK!” Chris screamed, who wasn’t expecting such an intense thrust. “Good, Steve, but slow it down a bit.”“Ruff,” Steve replied.“Okay, and now repeat what you just did, but much slower.” Chris watched as Steve fucked him, in a full-on pup play get-up. It was hot in a weird and twisted way, but he didn’t realize Steve’s frenzied barking meant he was cumming, until he felt the liquidy cum slosh around his ass. “Okay, and now walk away, slowly, remembering that your cock needs to come out of the ass.” Steve surprisingly understood all of that, and had Chris M. and Sam undergo the same training. All three successfully did so, and as a reward, they got outside play time. This gave time for Chris to clean up and get some more work done before the end of the day, and pick-up. Jake was here first to pick up Sam.“How’d it go today, Mr. Evans?”“Good. Sam successfully learned the next tasks on your list, and remember to practice at home. We also started what we four discussed in the owners’ meeting.”“Ooh! What did they do today?”  “They practiced basic fucking. Sam seemed to get the hang of it, so I would recommend practicing it at home.”“Will do!” said Jake with a huge smile on his face, as the leash exchanged hands back. “Have a good day, Chris.”“You too, Jake.”Requests are open. | Patreon

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