Guest Request 38There was a new guest on the island today, for a pair of fantasies involving his favorite celeb, Stephen Amell. Today, Taylor would have him fucking with his himbo cousin, Robbie, and had a very special treat up his sleeve for tomorrow.There was no special walk-in today, but Robbie and Stephen did have their memories restored just enough to know that they were fucking their cousin. And it appeared as though they had done this before, with the initial make-out session turning the two on intensely. Robbie was the first to drop down and start sucking on his cousin’s cock. He attacked the moderately-sized cock, further revealing they had done this. He swallowed it whole, and even got in the balls in his mouth every once in a while.“Oh, yeah, cuz! Do your thing!” screamed out Stephen as Robbie played around with all of his erogenous zones on his cock. His cock was covered in spit when Robbie pulled out to breathe again, and it made a very satisfying noise as Robbie moved the cock around in his mouth to the best of his ability. While the two were not smelly, yet, they both distinctly knew of each other’s natural musk, and Robbie used that as fuel, even though no one in the audience could smell it yet. His cousin’s cock tasted like it normally did, with a slightly bitter taste mixed in with copious amounts of his spit. “I’m gonna fucking cum!” screamed Stephen, who pulled out and covered his cousin’s face in his milky cum. The already slutty-looking Robbie had those features accentuated as he stood up, cum dripping from his face, to allow the older Amell a turn on his cock. Stephen didn’t mind the constant drip of cum coming from his cousin’s face. He was a much more methodical sucker, working his way down the cock, bringing Robbie to the edge and back. The dripping cum provided ample lube as he made his way down the cock, and back again. “Fuck, Stevie! You know that gets me rock hard!”“That’s why I’m doing it,” he replied, as it was much more easier for him to pull out. The sounds of the sucking were getting louder, with the stickiness of Robbie’s cum adding to the various noises Stephen’s tongue and hands made on his cousin’s genitals. It was now starting to smell like sex in the arena, but that didn’t push Stephen, yet. He took his time to cherish the small things, such as the taste of Robbie’s cock, mixed in with some of his own sperm and spit. All three flavors together were delectable, and it was causing him to chub up again before moving on to the third piece.“Fuck, cuz! You’re going make me cum!” announced Robbie, who then pulled out and reciprocated the favor. His cumshot was much more intense than Stephen’s, coating his face in a thick layer of milky cum, that was not as liquidy as before. Stephen had to keep physically wiping it out of his eyes before moving on to the next part of the day: fucking Robbie. He was in the position, and Stephen got ready. Unlike when he sucked people off, he was a vicious fucker, ramming his cock all the way on the first go. Many people were shocked by this, but not Robbie, who had come to expect it after many fucks with his cousin.The intensity caused a loud squishy noise to reverberate throughout the arena. Stephen’s balls also contributed to that, ramming against Robbie’s ass with full force. It was quickly turning red, but neither Amell seemed to care about that. “Ooh, you feel so good in my ass!” cooed Robbie, after Stephen did a particularly intense thrust.“You know it, baby boy. Daddy’s cock always feels fucking nice in your ass!”By this time, the smell of sex was most definitely in the air, and Stephen now took advantage of it. This is what caused the intense thrust that prompted Robbie to speak. It was a medley of different aromas, with cum, spit, and BO all mixed into the air now. Surprisingly, there was still a strong taste element to the fucking as well. The copious amounts of Robbie’s cum on Stephen’s face were still slowly rolling down as he thrashed around, and so he continued to swallow it.“I’m gonna fucking cum on your back, dude!” wailed Stephen as he pulled out for the second time that day and coated his younger cousin in yet another layer of his splooge. There was quite a distinct difference between the two ejaculations, but he made up for it in quantity. Robbie’s back was covered in rivulets of watery cum as he stood up and traded positions with his cousin. He wasn’t usually the top, so he once again did the opposite of Stephen, and slowly made his way into Stephen’s asshole. Once he did, he knew he could do it again, and so thrusted his cock as hard as he could inside the ass.“Fuck, cuz! I never knew you had it in you!”“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, motherfucker!” explained Robbie, as his fucking was picking up intensity. By this time, even the nosebleeds could smell sex in the arena, and Robbie used that to his full advantage. He had always enjoyed that smell growing up, especially when sniffing his cousin’s dirty clothes. This only caused him to fuck harder, and even involved some balls on the ass as well. His face was not as cummy as Stephen’s was, so he didn’t get to taste as much as he did, but the sensation of his cousin’s cum was still in his mouth. “Fuck, Stevie! I’m gonna fuckin’ cum on your back too!” screamed out the younger Amell as he did just that. His quality of cum did not drastically change, and even more globules of thick and milky cum landed on Stephen’s back. He then got up and started to passionately make out with his cousin yet again, as Trevor gave the all-clear for people to leave.Requests are always open. | Patreon

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