Guest Request 39Taylor’s second request was much more in-depth, and involved a first for Celebworld. DC actors would now be playing their characters as well, with Stephen stepping into the Green Arrow suit again. Much like before, an extra was brought it to play the part of John Constantine, but that didn’t ruin the fun.“Why is it that I’m always stuck with you on Watchtower duty?” asked Ollie.“You know, mate, I actually put a spell on that old chap, Batman,” replied John.“Does he fucking know about it?”“No, and he never will, you cheeky bugger,” John added, going in for a kiss. “Hey, John. We’re still on duty.”“I’ve got me double monitoring everything. And I can just magic our clothes back on, remember?” Ollie did remember that hilarious mission, so he noted, “Fine, but in my room today.”“Deal.” Meanwhile, another man was floating outside of the Watchtower. He was a human, but had used a spell to be able to breathe up there. “Let’s see if John has any response to what I’m about to throw at him. Huic tu dominaberis Pedicabo, John.” A green spark flew through the air and landed right in John’s head. Neither superhero noticed it. The two, who were passionately making out, were in for a rude awakening once the spell took effect. John pinned down Ollie’s arms as they continued to make out.“I guess you’re topping today.”“I’m going to top everyday, you worthless slug of a man!” John, dropping his accent, grabbed one of Ollie’s dirty jockstraps and shoved it into his mouth. He then magiced up some duct tape, and covered his mouth with it. “That will shut you the fuck up.” He then summoned some rope, and tied the superhero to his bed. “Let’s see what I want to do first. Oh, right. Let me get fucked by you.”Ollie could only watch in terror as John was acting weirdly. Something had come over him, and he had lost his accent. His uniform with his com was too far out of reach, and even if Bruce were to check in, John’s double would cover for him. Meanwhile, John had positioned himself over his ass. “Let’s make it more fun for us,” he snickered, and snapped his fingers. There was no outwardly change, but Ollie felt searing pain once his cock entered John’s hole. “It’s a reverse scraper dildo, you see. My ass is lined with tons of ridges that cause you a fuckton of pain, but no bleeding!” John smiled as he continued to bounce up and down on Ollie’s cock, as the superhero was in intense pain. Thankfully, John didn’t make him cum in the dangerous ass of his, but wasn’t done with today’s activities either. He turned around and started stroking Ollie’s cock. This wasn’t too bad, until Ollie was ready to cum, and John pulled away. “Oi, you didn’t think it was going to be that easy?” he joked, as he watched Ollie’s sad eyes as his cock slowly went flaccid again. John repeated this edging technique four more times, bringing Ollie to the brink of cumming, only to stop before he could ejaculate. He still hadn’t cum by the time John had moved on to the next dominant idea on his twisted list. “Let’s get a dildo up that fine ass of yours.” Another snap, and a dildo appeared. While it was not a scraper dildo, it was fucking massive. It expanded Ollie’s hole to the widest it could be without tearing any muscles or skin, and only caused a slight increase of height while he was positioned on the bed. “And now for my favorite part,” cooed John, who stood up on the bed itself. He then positioned his cock over Ollie’s tied-up body, and let a stream of piss flow freely from his ass. Being a magician, John could keep this going for as long as he would have liked, and he did just that. He covered every inch of exposed skin with a thin layer of his disgusting smelling piss, and even used some more magic to get Ollie to swallow it, and also coat his dirty jock in it as well. John had one final thing in mind. “Ollie, when I snap my fingers one last time, you will become my slave boy. You will do whatever I tell you to. Anything superhero related is allowed, but if we are not fighting crime, I am your Master.” John snapped, and Ollie’s life was irrevocably changed, for better or for worse.The magician cackling outside realized that he could take off the façade he was wearing, and revealed that he was actually Damien Darkh in disguise. “That was easy, getting rid of the two superheroes who know me so well. Now I’m going to use Superman’s weakness to magic to my advantage!” Damien teleported away with another snap, as John was summoning clothes for Ollie to wear as his slave.Requests are always open. | Patreon

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