A special Halloween treat for a good friend of mine.

Loki was hatching up another devious plan. He had knowledge of the multiverse, and knew that his three concurrent depictions of himself raked in a lot of readers, and apparently money for this company called Marvel. His brother was down in Midgard, fighting with the Avengers, so he was left to take care of Asgard. He never should has trusted that trickster god, and so Loki cast a spell.

Ben Mudge was walking to the hospital. It was a fairly short walk, and he got some cardio in. He was dressed up as Thor, as part of the pediatric ward’s Superhero Services programs. Unlike some volunteers, he really played the part, as he was a bodybuilder as well. Those muscles were real. On his walk, he suddenly felt weak, and stopped for a second. No one saw, but his eyes flashed a rainbow of colors before returning to its normal color. 

His thoughts were not the same though. “Go to this address, Earthen male. There you will await my orders.”

Meanwhile, in the same town, Chris Jones was snapping pics of his gay pride Thor costume. Thor’s cape was a rainbow, and Mjolnir had rainbow tassels on it. As he was getting the camera into position, he too felt faint. A rainbow of colors flashed in his eyes as well, and he noticed. However, he didn’t think it was too out of the blue, considering all the rainbow in the room already. His thoughts revealed that it was not a trick of the eye, as he got the same commands as Ben. 

The two men dressed up as Thor arrived at the abandoned warehouse that the address indicated. Chris would have pissed that this building hadn’t been repurposed yet, but he had another mission. There was a flash of light, and Loki appeared in the room.

“Hello, Thors! You won’t mind my monologuing, as you’re brain-dead until I work my magic, literally. You see, right now, there are three of me in the public’s eye. This persona, a fellow named Tom Hiddleston, a teenaged version of myself, and another middle-aged version, but in a comic book medium, whatever the fuck that is. You two men will become Thor. All memories of your life on Earth will be erased, and will be replaced with Thor’s memories. It is nice that an Asgardian’s essence can be captured in his sperm. Now, let’s get to the magic part.”

Loki took out a small vial containing a milky substance, actually Thor’s seed. Despite his trickster nature, Thor couldn’t help but fuck him, and even before this plan was set into motion, Loki made a solemn oath to never go too far during sex. The next part consisted of a whole lot of incantations that covered a lot of changes that were to be made. Once that was finished, it was time for the fun part. Loki conjured up two small glasses, and poured exactly half of Thor’s spunk into them. “Drink,” he commanded. The two mindless hunks did so, and the bodily changes started to take effect. 

Ben already had the long hair, but his face took on a more chiseled and older look. The color itself changed to be a bit more blonde than before. His muscles got larger, and the insides changed to become practically indestructible here on Earth. It was a small perk Loki added during the incantation. The costume itself adapted to the comic version of Thor’s costume, but with some slutty adjustments. The shirt was now more of a corset, revealing Ben-as-Thor’s massive meaty pecs and pepperoni-sized nipples. The corset was also skin-tight, highlighting his abs and his v-lines. Loki didn’t play around with the pants too much, only making them tighter, but Thor’s cock changed. Ben’s cock was a bit on the larger side, but he felt it growing while still quite flaccid. Once it stopped, Thor noticed it had started to snaked down his pant leg a fair distance, still flaccid. 

Meanwhile, Chris was undergoing practically the same experience. His hair was not as long, so it took double-duty of growing and changing color. His face also underwent more changes as well, as he was much more baby-faced than when compared to Ben. His muscles also increased in size, slightly more so than Ben’s did, but that’s only because he was the smaller of the two. His costume also switched over to the new erotic version, but it did lose the rainbow colors. Loki had planned for these two versions to be very pansexual, but that change was a bit too drastic, even for this. Chris’ cock, also a bit longer than average, grew and grew down his pant leg. Once the transformation into Thor was complete, Loki had one final thing to say.

“Once I finish the spell, you two Earthen beings will no longer have any memories of Earth. You will always believe that you are Thor. Elastrata cuminatalio!” he announced. The men’s rainbow eyes went away, and they had blank stares for a moment as their brains rebooted. Loki knew it worked when both went in for a hug.

“Brother, it’s so great to see you!” exclaimed Ben-Thor. “But why are we in Midgard? And who is my twin?”

“Yes, Loki, why is there another of me?”

“Well, let’s get back to Asgard, and I’ll explain the whole thing.” Loki used his magic to warp them back home. These two Thors were quickly adopted into continuity, including having one in Marvel’s new no holds barred collection, Dark Crosses. Thor was the first character in this universe to have an explicit sex scene printed, and a gay one at that. Chris-Thor partook in that, with some goading from Loki. Back on Earth, it was like Ben Mudge and Chris Jones never existed. 

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Please note that while the multi-colored spiral eyes will be used in Roscoe stories, the combining of the two edits is a one-time request for a good friend. Combinations will only be an option if we already have a good relationship -C.F.

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